Ohio’s Reputation Continues to Publicly Degenerate in a Very Embarrassing National Display of Disgrace

As if Forbes Magazine’s “Top Ten List of America’s Fastest-Dying Cities” wasn’t embarrassing enough for the State of Ohio, the City of Cincinnati came in at number ten in Forbes “Top Ten List of America’s Hardest-Drinking Cities.”

Personally, I myself do not drink. For those who do, that’s their business and I couldn’t care less except for when they drink and drive. Anyone who lives in Cincinnati knows that you had better be diligent so as to avoid being hit by a drunk driver late at night.

I personally followed one drunk and witnessed him hit three vehicles one afternoon last spring. After he slammed into the third car, I got out of mine, approached his, opened his door and attempted to slam him to the pavement, so as to detain him until the police arrived. However, after he “gunned it” while I was trying to remove him from his vehicle, I was forced to let go of him out of fear for my own safety.

I continued pursuing him at a safe distance and speed, as my wife gave the 911 operator a “play-by-play” account of what was transpiring. However, given how far back I stayed from the path of destruction that he was blazing with his car, I eventually lost track of him.

Nevertheless, I only needed to locate the soon-to-be-coming sirens that were wailing as the fire department and paramedics raced to the intersection where his vehicle came to a rest (in someone’s front yard) after he “t-boned” an older couple in their seventies, severely injuring them.

Uncaring about the elderly couple whom he seriously injured, he exited his vehicle, fled on foot, and thereby eluded the Cincinnati Police Department’s desperate attempts to locate and apprehend him. I tried multiple times to explain to the police that I personally witnessed him hit three of the five vehicles he struck that day, and that when I tried to pull him from his vehicle, he reeked of alcohol. However, I gave up and left the scene after the officers began acting rudely towards me.

My guess is that if they ever did locate the driver of that vehicle, he was probably never charged, as the only persons who witnessed him hitting vehicles (my wife and I), and could identify him and put him behind the wheel, were never given the opportunity to make a statement.

The authorities couldn’t charge him with DUI if they couldn’t locate him while he was still drunk, and put him behind the wheel of that car. That didn’t happen because my wife and I left the scene. This, after having repeatedly begged numerous policemen to at least take our names and numbers.

Sadly, I know all to many situations personally, and here in Cincinnati, with numerous Ohio Council for Fathers Rights Members where frightened fathers are desperately trying to gain custody of their children before they are killed in drunk driving accidents with the custodial parent (CP) at the wheel.

I can assure you that Hamilton County’s Child “Protective” Services doesn’t care about custodial parents (CPs) driving drunk. Their idea of “investigating” allegations of drunken driving with children in the vehicle amounts to calling the custodial parent and asking them, “do you drink and drive with the children in the vehicle?” If the CP replies, “no,” it’s case closed.

Shockingly, and even more disgusting, some of these same custodial parents have multiple DUI convictions here in Ohio, and have never served a single day in jail. Not surprisingly, the fathers of these very same children have themselves been jailed for child-support related issues and other unintentional civil infractions.

Yet, Ohio only acts in the “best interests of the children” by jailing these fathers who are so desperately trying to protect their children and keep them out of harms way.

Now tell me that when the State of Ohio argues that their aggressive, abusive and hateful child support collections efforts, efforts whereby they decimate the lives of countless loving fathers, are done out of Ohio’s “concern” for the “best interests of our children.”

Statewide, Ohio’s prisons are filled with fathers who unintentionally fell behind in their child support payments; and statewide, Ohio’s roads are filled with repeatedly-convicted drunk-driving custodial parents who get behind the wheel and drive while intoxicated. Sadly, most of them have never seen the inside of a prison cell.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti@ocffr.org

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