In Support of Amy Alkon the Syndicated Advice Columnist Journalist and Blogger

As reported on her website, Amy Alkon a well-known and syndicated Advice Columnist, Journalist and Blogger continues to be attacked by “progressive” liberal fascists from SimplyNo! for her comments in a recent blog article. Amy often-times uses very colorful and straightforward words to rebuke unacceptable behavior and inappropriate decisions by specific single mothers. Amy is a brilliant, highly-intelligent, articulate writer who speaks the truth with an uncanny and artistic style.

Amy’s website as well as that of the world-renowned father’s rights advocate Glenn Sacks were repeatedly attacked and nearly overwhelmed by attackers employing spam attacks (most-likely using spambots) this past weekend. Amy’s site for her comments (misquoted and taken out of context), Glenn’s site for offering his support of his friend Amy.

I admire Amy for her defense of father’s and children’s rights. Moreover, I have tremendous respect for her highly regarded opinions and advice. Amy has offered me much-needed encouragement and advice on numerous occasions.

Following, is a copy of a letter I posted on Amy’s site to offer my support on behalf of Ohio Council for Fathers Rights


The attacks against you by the “progressives” and others are a sure sign that your ideals are not only correct, but incontrovertible truths as well.

It’s further indication that your career as a Syndicated Advice Columnist, Journalist and Blogger has reached a new and laudable level.

A level that will command even more respect, notoriety, credibility, and of course more vile and hateful attacks.

I’ve read through many of the comments in recent posts, and was surprised that more people didn’t comment on the “intelligence” of these “progressives.”

I believe that you mentioned something about it (however I cannot locate your comment) in passing.

The lack of intelligence in most of those who attack you at “SadlyNothing” isn’t the least bit funny. Rather, it’s downright frightening.

Many of the simple-minded people who denigrate and attack you do so not just because they disagree with you, but also because they simply cannot intellectualize and thereby comprehend the extreme seriousness of what you say.

As you know, many of those who regularly post here are very intelligent people. They engage in spirited debate that’s not only highly intellectual, but very productive as well.

On the other hand, your detractors are without the necessary mental faculties to engage yourself and others here in debate. Debates whereby a normal and reasonably intelligent person defends their position using facts and logic, not with irrationally based ignorant arguments formulated by raging and out-of-control emotions.

Out of utter frustration from being unable to defend and justify their misguided beliefs against an opposing viewpoint, one they can’t intellectualize to begin with, they attack not only your persona, but you as a person.

These liberal fascists deploy their usual tactics. Tactics, that includes making false accusations against those who disagree with them. Accusations, which in reality, are the foundations of hateful ideologies that they themselves espouse, support and represent.

Why did I state in a preceding paragraph that their lack of intelligence is frightening? It’s because these people such as those at “SadlySo” are actually afforded credibility and integrity.

While the global decimation of fatherhood continues, the mainstream media doesn’t just ignore the carnage; they contribute to its destruction out of “political correctness.”

Contrary to the name of the organization I founded (Ohio Council for Fathers Rights) (OCFFR) implying we are confined to Ohio, we receive international requests for assistance from desperate fathers as well. Pleas such as this email received only hours ago:

Please help me. I have a son who is now 7 years of age and lives with his mother in Ohio USA. I haven’t been allowed contact with him since 2003 which is when I last saw him. His mother kept changing her number just so I would loose contact with him. Friends and family have tried to help but all efforts go in vain. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I live in UK and I’m not very familar with the legal system in the States. Please assist me. I’m not asking for much. I just want to have contact with my son. I want to be able to see him and spend time with him.

Thank you in anticipation.

A French father (Ivan) recently petitioned us for help regarding his twin boys. They were internationally abducted from France to Ohio. His ex-wife was provided an illegal safe haven for her deplorable act by Warren County’s Judge Oliver. Numerous US judges and magistrates refused to honor a French Court’s order to return the boys to France.

As explained on our blog, Ivan has staged a hunger strike and refuses to take food until he can see those two boys he so desperately loves. I have pleaded with him not to starve himself to death, as his body (evidenced by pictures on our blog) is seriously distressed from lack of food.

Please understand that I’m not a misogynist and that I believe in equal rights. However, given the nature of OCFFR, I am only involved in “horror stories”. Stories involving fathers whose lives (and the lives of many of their children as well) are forever ruined by those abnormal types of “mothers” that Amy rightfully rebukes for their behaviors.

These same mothers are often times sanctified and victimized by the mainstream media after suffering from the consequences of their reckless decisions. They are offered sympathy and support for their repeated and often times destructive decisions that are without any regard for the best interests and welfare of their children.

What I described does not pertain to most loving and caring mothers. It pertains to those that Amy often times writes about and reprimands. Likewise it pertains to those whose destruction and carnage in the lives of fathers and children is mitigated by the many father’s rights, children’s rights, non-custodial parent’s rights advocates and organizations.

Finally, it also pertains to those same mothers whose very existence is refused acknowledgment by the feminists, misandrists, and fascists such as SimplyNo.

Keep up the great work Amy! Your tireless efforts on behalf of fathers and children are commendable and appreciated more than you will ever know.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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2 Responses to In Support of Amy Alkon the Syndicated Advice Columnist Journalist and Blogger

  1. Joyce says:

    How did this country get to the position of the Government controlling our personal life? I can answer that question. Too many on welfare so the government went after the dead beat fathers. It used to be that the more children you had the more welfare money and benefits you could receive.

    Not all fathers are deadbeats but are treated like deadbeats. I believe in taking care of your children but custody and child support has gotten out of control. All states should have no child support (my ex and I shared everything). Each state should have 50/50 custody – period. My ex and I had a place to live so the other did not need to reimburse for housing. We both provided food when the child was with us so we did not need to reimburse, etc. etc. Other bills we shared and shared alike and it didn’t make any difference what each of the salaries were. Parents need to be responsible for raising a child not the government or courts. You made the decision to have the children and you made the decision to have them with the other parent.

    I’m actually in Missouri and we need a blog like yours!!!!!

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      As you know Joyce, anytime one asks the Government to step in and control some aspect of their life, the trade off is them acquiescing some of their liberties for the assistance given. Or perhaps in the case of “child support,” the assistance stolen using the strong arm of the Court..

      The mythological “deadbeat dad” is just that; a myth, and one that was created by State Government (more so than Federal) so as to turn the public’s attention away from the profiteering off their annual statewide child support collections. And that, to the tune of “hundreds of millions” annually. Truth be told, and statistically speaking (when comparing as a group the number of noncustodial (NC) fathers that default on CS orders versus the number of NC mothers) more mothers (by percentage) than fathers actually default. Said otherwise, more dads default in terms of sheer numbers because a higher number of them pay CS. But when speaking in terms of percentages, a higher percentage of the mothers (a much smaller group of Obligors) default on their orders than do the dads.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that this would be a much better country if there were more mothers like you out there, but understand that doing what you did after you split up (parenting equally in terms of both finances and emotions) requires a certain set of morals that most single moms don’t possess. Additionally, it requires loving your children more than money aka “child support” dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there are some cases where reasonable amounts of child support are warranted, but with more women than men now graduating college, things are quite different from the 70’s when no-fault divorce was instituted.

      I for the most part don’t differentiate between “child support” and welfare as they’re one in the same in the sense that someone is taking a handout that they aren’t entitled to in most cases. They’re different in the sense that “child support” is extorted from an unwilling participant (the noncustodial parent), and under the threat of arrest, incarceration, and debtor’s prison. Regarding what you said here, “It used to be that the more children you had the more welfare money and benefits you could receive,” that hasn’t changed one bit. The only thing that’s changed there is who pays for the those “benefits”, and it’s the noncustodial fathers in most cases.

      There really are what I all “career child support moms.” They are women who intentionally get pregnant (often times by deceiving the father) by numerous men (the more money they earn the better) so she can collect thousands of dollars of tax free money a month known as “child support.” Said tax-free income stream will be paid to them for up to 25 years and longer depending on how their pregnancies were spaced. Amy Alkon wrote about those women who she said had “litters of children.” Hence the reason she was wrongfully attacked (verbally) and maligned as viciously as she was. Amy simple spoke the truth in writing what she did, but because she wasn’t being politically correct, she was targeted as she was.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment here as well as the compliment you paid to me in your last sentence as I truly appreciate that.