Please Consider Assisting Us so that We May Assist Others

We do not charge to assist others. Many have received tremendous help from us. For some thousands of dollars in unjust, unwarranted and false child support arrears have been forgiven as a direct result of our involvement with their cases. Sadly, very few have offered to assist us in return.

As many of our regular readers are aware, I was terminated from job in December 2007. This, after the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Fugitive Warrant Unit appeared at former place of employment to arrest me on an outstanding “civil” warrant.

In retrospect, I do not fault the judge or magistrate overseeing my case. I fault the State of Ohio for its hateful statutes that punish and criminalize loving and caring fathers such as myself.

They didn’t write the statutes, they enforce them. It is we and our children who “pay” the price of Ohio’s anti-father statutes.

Nevertheless, I personally am not exempt from the destruction and devastation that financially crippling and unbearable child support orders deliver into the lives of Ohio’s 1,000,000 non-custodial parents (NCPs).

I too have gone bankrupt, lost my job, have had my home foreclosed on, and have essentially lost everything of material value. Thankfully though, I’m blessed that I am fortunate enough to have my wonderful and beautiful daughter fifty percent of the time.

As I’ve previously blogged, I do receive $422 per week in unemployment compensation benefits. Originally, the Hamilton County CSEA was seizing $211 of those weekly checks to satisfy my current child support order. However, they have since raised the amount seized to pay for an “arrears” that does not exist.

It’s rather ironic that I have been successful in having improper, unwarranted and outright false arrears completely erased for others, while I myself am a victim of the same lie.

As explained in a previous blog entry, the Hamilton County CSEA has seized my current wife’s tax refunds and rebate checks (I have letters from the United States Treasury as proof) in amounts totaling in excess of $3,200. However, they refuse to credit my account for said seizures. Why? They have an internal policy that allows them to hold onto the monies, collect and retain the interest on said funds; Or they borrow and spend the funds (for six months) interest free, and until payment is made to the obligee.

Regrettably, and with shame and embarrassment I’ve learned that our phone was disconnected today due to our failure to pay an overdue balance.

It’s disheartening enough for my daughter’s sake. Sadly, this will affect the many who rely upon us for moral support. Those such as despondent fathers and noncustodial mothers as well. Some, who are on the verge of suicide.

I’ve talked to many fathers over the phone who were crying, reaching out for help, and searching for a reason not to end their lives.For those of you who haven’t “been there” you cannot even begin to fathom how overwhelming, is the sense of helplessness, despair, and the pain of losing the right to see your children.

Add to that a bankruptcy, foreclosure, a dire and overwhelming financial situation, and you have a recipe for personal disaster. One that quite sadly, culminates with another forlorn Ohio father committing suicide, and another Ohio child without a father.

To have the phone service reconnected requires a payment of a few hundred dollars. Please consider that one day, it could be your brother, or uncle, or son, or father on the other end of that phone. This applies to our international readers as well.

I implore you to visit our sister site and make a donation through the PayPal button at the bottom of the left column. No amount is to small. I recognize that many of you are in financial dire straits as well.


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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