My Reply to an OCFFR Member Regarding the Trajectory of my Life

Hello David,

I laughed when I read this, “Hopefully, the trajectory of your life has assumed a more positive course.” You have an artistic way with words.

I have a POD out back that I must load what’s left of belongings into. This, with a bad hernia, and a large splinter lodged in my left middle finger. It completely pierced it, but broke off inside when I attempted to pull it all the way through. I need surgery for both, but being penniless, unemployed, uninsured, and having destroyed credit doesn’t bode well with doctors you are asking for surgery on credit. Go figure…

At 41, and as a married man, I must move in with my oldest sister. How degrading.

My Motion to Modify (to reduce), and that was pending before the court for more than two years was denied. Now there’s a surprise huh? Even more comical, my ex’s (Motion to Modify, and raise of course) was granted under the exact same circumstances.

I filed an 11 page objection to the Magistrate’s decision. This, after spending days (literally) reading through appellate decisions. I absolutely ripped his “Findings of Fact.” This, considering they had nothing to do with the trial that I attended and therefore argued at. I equally shredded his baseless Conclusions of Law, and just stopped short of outright calling him a liar.

What the hell is he going to do to me, rule against me? As if that would be any different than the last 37 of 38 rulings? I’ve actually skipped trials in his court room and started my defense with Objections to the Magistrates Decision. How’s that for advanced trial techniques?

When I came in for a hearing on my pending 60B, I asked the Magistrate for a continuance given his latest decision. I advised him that after more than four years of his discrimination against me, I would be filing a Motion to Recuse very soon.

That said, I told him that if he hears my 60B, I would expect him to continue his discrimination against me and make the same rulings. {redacted}After my ex asked him what that was he said, he thinks that the court is biased against him. I’ve been doing this long enough he probably wants Judge {redacted} and myselfoff of this case.” He then looks at me and says, “Am I correct, you want Judge {redacted} and I to recuse ourselves?” I was shocked when this clown was offended after I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Just you your Honor.{redacted}

I thought he was going to cry. If he denies the motion to recuse, I’ll sue him, then refile. By the time my civil case gets dismissed due to his absolute judicial immunity, I’ll refile and be heard on my 2nd motion to recuse.

He can’t be hearing cases against me if he’s a Defendant in my lawsuit. Rest assured I’ll do my best to have him served at home and at work (in chambers) by the sheriff’s department.

Nevertheless, I truly find humor in your well-intended comment. But considering this black cloud that my life plays out in, I merely roll with the punches and simply laugh.

I “took a few months off” only from addressing the membership. Needed a vacation from the ongoing insanity. {redacted}

Would you mind sending me a copy of your appeal and supporting brief? I’d love to read it.

It was wonderful hearing from you brother, you’ll be hearing from me more. Don’t forget to visit the Blog, I cut loose there once in a while. You might find some humor in that.


Tony Fantetti

Quoting David :

Greetings Tony,

Thank-you for the e-mail; it’s good to know your back up and
swinging. Hopefully, the trajectory of your life has assumed a more
positive course. The *** District has yet to rule on my case, and
I’m beginning to fear that, even though I believe I’ve buried the
other side’s anemic arguments, the jurists of the *** District
(with a single exception, they are all women) are straining to
figure out a way to award my ex child support she’s not entitled to,
but, whatever they do, at least this mess will eventually be over.
In any case, I do hope all is well with you; please be well and take

All the best,

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Subject: Fathers4Justice Activists Atop 100 Foot Crain in Columbus Ohio

Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 18:40:10 -0400 [03:40:10 PM PDT]
From: Robert Pedersen
To: Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

Donald Tenn is a man of conviction. Since the day I met him, one
thing, and one thing alone has guided his every move. Tenn is a Daddy who misses
and worries about his daughter Madison every moment of every day.

Madison and Tenn are victims of Madison’s mother Shannon and the disaster
called the family court system. Shannon illegally abducted Madison from
California to Illinois. When she learned the law would make her return
Madison, she immediately filed false allegations of domestic violence
against Tenn. As I described here and here, not only has Madison’s mother
broken the law, she’s being rewarded for her actions.

Today he took his cause to new heights. Tenn, from California, in a
Spiderman suit and Paul Fisher, from Ohio, in a Batman suit, both
members of Fathers4Justice, are currently atop a 100 foot crane outside the Ohio
Stadium in Columbus. They’ve unfurled a 40 foot banner that says STOP THE

There are at least 100,000 people passing underneath on their way to the
Ohio State football game. Tenn describes at least 100 police, sheriff and
SWAT officers gathering below. He adds that a police helicopter keeps
buzzing very close by.

When asked to comment, John Fowler, National Coordinator for F4J said,
“These fathers have waited years for change. Their pleas have
fallen of deaf ears when all they are asking for is to be able to love a raise their
children. Why should children be denied the right to have two loving

Tenn has spent the last couple of years volunteering as a board member and
California coordinator for Fathers4Justice. Fathers 4 Justice
originated in the UK a few years ago. Founder Matt O’Connor recently announced he
was shutting down his group, again. There are now F4J branches in several
countries including Canada, where family rights activists Rob Robinson
(Batman) and Kris Titus (Wonderwoman) regularly make the news with similar

Describing the phone calls he receives at all hours of the day Tenn says,
“We get dozens of new members every month, just from California.” “Each
parent thinks their case is unique. They don’t realize that I’ve heard the
same story hundreds of times.”

He says he understands that they need to get it off their chests. “And
fathers aren’t the only parents who are victims,” he adds, “mothers and
grandparents call me too.” It’s estimated that by 2010 one quarter of
America’s noncustodial parents will be female.

Tenn says making any parent “noncustodial” is wrong. Unless they’ve been
convicted of a crime or don’t want to be part of their child’s life. He
even says he wants Shannon to have equal access to Madison, after she gets
out of jail.

Shared parenting and shared custody are supported by over 85% of the
population. Why then can’t these parents and legislators get laws
passed to guarantee equal parental rights to all fit parents? The answer is very
simple. There are “protective mother” groups who are financially and
politically supported by feminist and domestic violence organizations.

They often use lies and debunked “facts” to convince legislators that
passing these laws will hurt children. As I described here I watched as
they lied under oath to derail AB1305, the 2005 California shared parenting
bill. Less than 5% of divorces are high conflict. Sixty to eighty percent
of all domestic violence charges are found to be unnecessary or
false. Isn’t it time to have laws that fit the facts?

Most families would benefit from shared parenting. Studies show it actually reduces conflict. When confronted about the controversial nature of the demonstration Mr. Fowler replied “What would you be willing to do if a corrupt court denied you access to your children?”


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council For Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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One Response to My Reply to an OCFFR Member Regarding the Trajectory of my Life

  1. T says:

    I am not speaking to a particular gender. I think each gender has equally failed in marriage and the raising of children. I also think to constantly attacking one gender over another one is completely unhelpful and solves nothing; I am by the way a female.
    I think it’s pretty obvious we live in a very self serving, inconsiderate society. I think we have come to a time in our society when we can no longer make decisions on our own. We have lost the ability to be self serving, independent decision makers. I am obviously speaking on a wide front not on case by case. We turn to the government like children turn to their parents for help. In my opinion one of the biggest mistakes in America (I am sure it’s just as bad worldwide) is the breakdown of the family. In this day of temporary marriages (if there is even a marriage at all) the courts choose what happens to the raising of the children not the parents. Then being the children that we have become spend the rest of that child’s childhood fighting with the other parent. Wow, what a great childhood! The poor kid gets put in the middle of every petty, childish skirmish that takes place. It’s kill or be killed. Win at all cost. You cannot possibly be the bigger person and just let something go. What would your children think of you? Hmm… let’s see maybe that you put their needs above your own. To quote a very famous judge by the name of Judy “you have to love your kids more than you hate each other”. No, we cannot do that because we do not ever look in the mirror and think about what we may be doing wrong.
    Speaking of hating the other parent, it just blows my mind the extent people hate their ex’s. Now, I know there are dead beat parents out there but why would you have them thrown in jail. I just do not understand this line of thinking. Number one what are they going to accomplish in jail. What are there now jobs in jail that they can use to pay their support? This is your stupid government way of thinking. Hey, let’s take this guy or gal who isn’t paying their support like they should, and throw them in jail so they really cannot pay their support. Even better if they are a professional let’s take their license away so they cannot work in that field. How crazy is that? It doesn’t even make logical sense. I just cannot imagine having the father of my children thrown in jail even if I hated the ground they walked on. I think people use the courts as a form of revenge not to have an outcome that is in the best interest of their children.
    I am not just making a judgmental statement. I am divorced. I could have taken my ex to the cleaners. I could have made it so he did not have a penny to his name. By the laws in my state I was entitled to alimony (I was a stay at home mom), child support and I could have made him pay for my college degree. Oh, I was also entitled to half of his military retirement. I am not saying I am a saint but I cannot hate like that. Just because one is “entitled” to something does not make it right. I am a Christian (yes I just used the “C” word) and my riches are in heaven not on earth. It is far more important to me to build treasures in heaven than here on earth. It is also far more important how I appear in my children’s eyes. I figure my children’s world (even though they were almost teenagers) was already being rocked enough. They really did not need more drama. I hate drama! I not saying this to make you think I am some great person, I am just saying stop and think. Think of your children. Think of how you are behaving. I am speaking to those who have some class about them and personal dignity. There are some people who have none and will never get it. They thrive on hate and drama.