Email Submission: My Ex is Withholding Visitation what can I do?


I could write a book as an answer to “What can I do?” Regardless, the outcome in each and every situation could possibly be the same, nothing changes.

Nevertheless, you are in the exact same situation as **** ** ** **** *** **** ***** *** ****** **** ***.

Document the dates and times she withholds visitation. Note the dates and times of your calls to her. Since she will call you a liar (in court) I would have the cell phone bills with me (I would call from a cell phone and leave voice mails so as to have a record as proof) of the dates and times and call duration

I would call the police ( I don’t know if ****** police will assist, but in Cincinnati they do) and request a police escort to pick your children up. I would go regardless of whether or not I thought she was there, if that’s where you are supposed to pick up your children. By having a Police escort, you have an unbiased witness. I assume she’s hit you with false Domestic Violence (DV) allegations considering that you mentioned a restraining order. If she’s vindictive and hateful enough to keep her children from their father, she’ll falsely accuse you of DV. Therefore, I would also buy a digital voice recorder and have it recording whenever you must interact, it could save you from another false DV charge. Been there, done that.

I’d subpoena the Police Officers to my contempt hearing and instruct them to bring their duty sheets (3 copies) in the subpoena.

If it were me, I’d file a Motion for Contempt for violating the “visitation” schedule (It’s amazing that we fathers are regarded as nothing more than paying visitors (through child support) of our own children) and a supplemental motion to Define (or Redefine) Visitation. Since the court will most likely cringe at actually sanctioning a mother for her unconscionable child abuse whereby she withholds visitation out of her self-serving hatred of the father, and with no regard for how she’s emotionally damaging her own children, expect the contempt motion to go nowhere.

If you don’t know how to represent yourself in court and you don’t have an endless stream of money, I’d start teaching myself law if I were you. If you have money I can recommend an excellent attorney out of Maineville. He doesn’t pull punches, and his admirable and highly respected reputation is known down into Florida.

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Tony Fantetti
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comments = I need an aggressive attorney so that I can see my kids. My X is with-holding visitation and all she has to do is say that I can get them if I just call when we go to court and they don’t do anything to help. It’s not in my decree that I have to call because I had a restraining order at the time and because she harasses me whenever I do call and then doesn’t show up with the kids. What can I do?

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