Received Via Email: Currently a Victim of CSEA

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 19:42:25 -0700 [04/04/2011 07:42:25 PM PDT]
To: Tony Fantetti
Subject: Currently a Victim of CSEA

Hello Tony

I am desperate and trying to find help, advice or anything in regards to my Child Support Issue. I have a 2 yr old son name xxxx and currently pay child support through the Trumbull County CSEA. I am also currently in a court battle for joint custody. My son was born out of wedlock. The child support order originally started in xxxxx xxxx. The original amount was $289.68 and I provided full health insurance. I now live in xxxxxx. In August 2010 I hired legal representation and started fighting for joint custody. In October 2010  a re audit was completed after my son’s mother got a job. Prior to this the original judgment was based off my income of $21,000. Her income was “0″. I never recieved any documentation in the mail nor was I informed by phone in regards to the new calculated amount of child support. I did not find out the new support amount until my December hearing. The agency increased the amount to around $830.00 based off incorrect numbers
to this day they can not give me an answer of where they got the numbers from. They did not include my health insurance in the calculation and my son’s mother claimed that daycare cost $9,000 a year which i now know is false. Up to this point I never missed a single child support payment. I have an attorney that seems like he can care less about my case plus I made a horrible mistake in choosing my attorney who is the xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx. As of now my trial date is set for xxxxxxxxx but today I received an invoice from the CSEA calming i owe over $5,000 in support. Over $2,400 compared to what i was told by a supervisor less then a month ago.

I am begging for you help or to please point me in the right direction.
Thank You

Axxxxxx xxxxxxx



I’ll be contacting you via email regarding your current attorney as I may decide to add him to my “Attorneys; Retain or Refrain” category. Additionally, his obvious lack of interest in vigorously representing you may have more to do with him “living off his name” instead of him actually working for a living.

That aside, there’s absolutely NO REASON he can’t address the issues you’ve mentioned via motion. A first year law student should (via discovery, interrogatories, deposition and finally cross examination) be capable of handily demonstrating the fraud behind the mother’s claim of “$9,000 in daycare expenses.”

Where are the receipts, invoices etc? If there is no evidence of such in court, your attorney (especially given his credentials) should be able to easily expose and dispatch that fraud. I traveled down that road for many years, hence the reason for some of my current overpayment.

It’s imperative that your “clownsel” (that seems, as I’m sure you would agree based on what you said, more fitting than “counsel”) motion the court for a CSEA audit, a motion to modify, and ask for a credit for all of the additional “child support” that you paid for the unproven “daycare expenses” that I suspect are the reason your “child support” obligation was raised from $289.68 to ~$830.00 per month.

My own “child support” obligation was raised nearly $600 per month to pay for “daycare expenses” that were never proven in court. No receipts were shown, the claim was merely made, and my “child support” obligation was raised, period, end of story.

Another thing; you should have received a credit for the health insurance you provide (the Trumbull County CSEA earns a profit off of medical support orders as well) towards your monthly “child support” obligation in the amount you pay for health insurance. Another thing you should ask for is a deviation for extraordinary travel expenses.

I at one time lived about 550 miles from my daughter (and still live a considerable distance) and was granted a downward deviation in my obligation as I was (and still do) traveling about 2200 miles per month to “visit” my daughter.

It’s a well-known and often used tactic by child support moms (CSMs) to claim phantom daycare expenses with the sole purpose of having your “child support” raised so they can in turn use those additional “child support” monies you pay for their own benefit.

As far as the CSEA not contacting you, you are required under Ohio Law to notify them of your new address, did you do that?

You can request an audit from the CSEA as you’re entitled to that. However, I’d tell your “clownsel” to motion the court for an audit as well, as the CSEAs are not very responsive to their “clients” whom are fathers.

Moreover, any correspondence you send to the CSEA should be sent by certified mail. Otherwise (and trust me on this one as I hear it from fathers all over Ohio) the Trumbull CSEA will claim they “never received” your request. Anything I send to the CSEA is sent by certified mail, or through my attorney. I will also generally record my conversations with them as well.

Lastly, how much is your “net” take home pay each week after the Trumbull County “Child Support” Agency extorts your “child support” obligation from your paycheck? Under Federal Law, they can’t seize more than 50% of your “net”weekly pay unless you have an arrears, in which case they can seize up to 65% of your “net” weekly pay. If that means you’re only left with $25 per week (net pay) to support yourself, or you end up homeless as a result, rest assured that there’s not one person in the Trumbull County CSEA who cares. In fact, they couldn’t care less.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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2 Responses to Received Via Email: Currently a Victim of CSEA

  1. kathy g says:

    Dear Tony,
    Im not a Father but can sympathize with these men. I have been threw a grulling child support case over and over again in warren co. I was thinking of my child when I had made my decition to let a family member adopt him, as I myself had to get my life together( which I have done) and to make a long story short, the fathers family really did a number on me in every way you can imagine and I am still going threw it after over 18 years. Everyone knows that warren co. is the last place to have to go threw these things, and truthfully, I wished I didnt have to, so, Im on S.S.I and so is the father and we had a hearing saying we dont owe child support anymore about 4 years ago, however, just this past 2 months ago the father and I received paperwork saying we owe money again? I dont understand why they feel the need to constantly send paperwork, even after a decion was made about the case? I for one dont know what is going on anymore, unless theyre now wanting court cost paid, even after we both signed waivers because we couldnt pay them? I am now going threw bancruptcy and am on S.S.I and cant afford to live as it is, ive lost my home and the only thing i havent lost yet is my car. I dont know what to do or what to file at this point but any advice would be very appreiciated? I have lost everything, including the son that was adopted and just like so many fathers that are going threw the same thing like me, I just want PEACE in my life and a realationship with my child that I never was aloud to have because of lies and rumors. this child is now turning 20 years old as of August.
    Where to turn/What to do,

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      There’s only one thing worse than being a noncustodial father; being a noncustodial mother. Noncustodial moms have very few support groups out there to garner strength and support from, so I truly understand how much more difficult things are for those moms.

      It’s not uncommon for the opposite parent’s family to “gang up” on the other parent out of nothing more than unfounded and unwarranted resentment and or hate, and despite “who’s right or who’s wrong.” That as you know, does nothing but add to the stress for everyone involved.

      I’d like to help answer some of your questions, but first I need some things clarified.
      For instance, I’m confused as to why you were even ordered to pay child support if your son was adopted?

      Also, you mentioned that you and the father had a hearing that said you no longer had to pay child support and I have the following questions about that:

      1. Where was that hearing? Was it in court or a CSEA Administrative hearing?
      2. Did a Judge say you didn’t have to pay child support any longer?
      3. Who keeps sending you paperwork after the hearing, the Warren County CSEA?
      4. Were you represented by an attorney at your hearing, or did you represent yourself?
      5. Did you have an existing arrears when you were told you didn’t have to pay support any longer?

      If you can answer those questions Kathy, I can hopefully point you in the right direction.

      Lastly, I certainly understand you wanting to have peace in your life, and a relationship with your child. Additionally, all of us noncustodial parents (NCP) should be entitled to such, barring any unconscionable acts having been committed by the NCP against their children.

      Lies and rumors unfortunately are used by some to alienate a child from one or more 0f his\her parents. However, in many cases, after the child becomes an adult, the parent who was wrongfully alienated by those lies and rumors is reunited with the child after they (the child(ren)) come to realize the falsehoods behind what they were told for so many years.

      That said, are you not able to reach your son to have that relationship with him, or do others have him convinced that he shouldn’t see or talk to you, and he therefore avoids you?