Another Warren County Father Commits Suicide

Recently, a noncustodial father who was being harassed by the Warren County Ohio “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA) and who hadn’t seen his children in years, committed suicide.

Given that he only recently sought help for his accompanying mental illness, his case file wasn’t replete with the specifics surrounding his harassment at the hands of the Warren County CSEA nor just how troubled he was by not being able to see his children.

Nonetheless, I can assure you that the harassment he received from the Warren County CSEA and his inability to see his children (that will tear any loving mom or dad down to nothing) absolutely and without a doubt contributed to his decision to take his own life.

But how you ask, can I make such a claim without ever having such confirmed by him? “Easily and confidently” is my reply. I’ve been down that road after having been subjugated, humiliated, bankrupted and abused by the Hamilton County “Child Support” Enforcement (aka Extortion) agency as well as the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court.

Trust me when I say that my current wife did not for years believe the horrific stories I told her about the Hamilton County CSEA nor the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court. She had at one time admitted that she thought I was exaggerating when I’d explain the torment I’d endure at the hands of both.

I was driven to the edge to such an extent by both, that I met with a National Guard Recruiter and despite my Engineering Degree and my career at that time being IT, I was going to enlist in an Infantry position.

I told my recruiter that he would have to put in writing that the Army would guarantee me an infantry position that upon my completion of basic training,  would ensure that I’d be shipped to Iraq and patrolling the streets of Baghdad.

When the shooting started, I wasn’t ducking; and if I was going to go out, at least it would be in a dignified manner, and while taking as many terrorists as I could with me. My daughter would then would grow up thinking and believing that her father died a war hero.

The night before I was to drive with the recruiter to sign the papers in Columbus OH, I called him and told him, “I’m sorry, but I’ve changed my mind. There’s a five year old girl who needs her daddy.” “I understand,” he said. And I never heard from him again.

Anyone who knows anything about recruiters knows this; they NEVER give up. This one did because he knew; he knew something was wrong, and he knew that an infantry position wasn’t the best match for me, so he therefore kept trying to get me to accept an engineering type job. I’m not sure why, and given that he was a recruiter, but I truly felt that he didn’t want any part in what neither of us never openly acknowledged nor discussed, but we both surely knew; that I was looking for a one-way ticket.

I wanted to meet my maker (and for the first time in my life) because the Hamilton County CSEA along with Ohio’s “Family Court” (aka Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court) nearly destroyed me emotionally through their HORRIFIC abuse that they continually  inflicted upon me.

I (and more importantly my daughter Maria) were fortunate as I “came out the other side.” It’s because I did, that I decided to start Ohio Council for Fathers Rights and began helping others. Especially those caught in the dual snare of the CSEAs and “Family Court” who as a direct result of such, were contemplating taking their own precious lives.

Knowing first hand the extent of the unconscionable and unspeakable albeit very purposeful damage (emotional, financial, mental and otherwise) those two evil entities gleefully and proudly inflict upon noncustodial mothers, noncustodial fathers and the children thereof; I am inexplicably and overwhelmingly compelled to expose the ‘why’ behind the unspeakable carnage they leave behind in their quest. A quest that is solely and wholly driven by  a sum of money known as a profit.”

A profit that Ohio’s CSEAs earn at the expense of Ohio’s innocent and precious children by extorting Ohio’s noncustodial parents through a governmental and a court-sanctioned theft known as a “payroll deduction” that’s euphemistically referred to as “child support.”

The State of Ohio, through Title IV Part D of the Social Security Act, is actually paid a profit by us, the taxpayer (through the Social Security payroll taxes that we pay) every time a noncustodial parent is forced to pay “child support.”

That’s the very reason why Ohio’s CSEAs (and Ohio’s Statutes) state that all “child support” payments (even 18 years worth and with canceled checks proving them) made directly from the noncustodial parent (aka “child support” paying-the father in 83% of cases nationwide)  to the custodial parent are considered ‘gifts;’ because the CSEA cannot take their cut if the monies weren’t paid through (extorted by) their agency.

So don’t kid yourself, they don’t step in to “help mom;” they couldn’t care less about mom or the children involved. They step in and play the middle-man because that’s the ONLY way they can profit off of a “child support” payment.

And it’s the absolutely hateful, contemptuous, punitive, unjust and abusive manner in which they collect their profit, that some fathers ultimately decide to kill themselves as a ‘way out’ after they determine they can no longer be subjugated , humiliated and abused by Ohio’s CSEAs.

You are so beaten down; so subjugated, humiliated, despondent and hopeless due to the abuse and financial destruction of an unbearable “child support” order, that suicide looks to be not just your only way out, but a welcoming and comforting one as well. Freedom, is only one ‘last breath’ away.

I know that, because I personally have “been to the edge,” and was driven there by Ohio’s CSEA whose anti-father war hammer was and is Ohio’s “Family” Courts.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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4 Responses to Another Warren County Father Commits Suicide

  1. Me and my husband have been battaling for 3 long exhausting years…. Let me explain why…. My husband has three wonderful kids from a previous marraige, well three years ago his EX knocked on our door claiming that ” she couldnt handle nor did she want there son”. We openly took him in and have had him since. Now here comes the crazy part. Mot only did she file for child support on ALL three of our kids, she ended up giving us my husbands daughters too!! KNOW that the legal gaurdian is still my husbands EX. which means we cant enroll them into school, sports, boy scouts, ect… but yet shes collecting on them! Here recently she sent our youngest daughter to CALIFORNIA and because we dont have any custodial rights, (no custody) theres nothing they can do about it, now my husband has lost his licsence, caught a charge for contributing to a minor for not enrolling them into school ALTHOUGH WE TRIED NUMEROUS TIMES BUT WE DIDNT HAVE LEGAL CUSTODY THEY REFUSED TO PUT THEM IN SCHOOL!!!!!! the judge said since we have ” physical custody of them ” is why he was charged although the law states any child whos legal gaurdian or custodial parent is responsiable for them! we cant afford a lawyer, no one will help us what do we do? Talk about fathers rights, Where is my husbands rights and our childrens as well?? Thier mother hasnt seen them in god knows when but we are the ones getting punished???!!! HELP US!!!!!!!!!!! thanks MISTY AND WILLIAM T.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      When it comes to paying “child support”, it doesn’t matter where there children are physically living. Although that matters is who Ohio’s CSEA (Child Support Extortion Agency) or the court designates the obligor (payor) and obligee (payee) of the “child support” order. Your case is a PERFECT example that proves neither Ohio’s “Child Support” Enforcement Agency nor the State of Ohio cares one bit about “the best interests of the children.” All they care about is that “profit” they make off of those “child support” payments that you and your husband are making to his ex while the children live under your roof.

      What needs to happen is you need to file a motion for a Change of Custody and go thereby go through a Custody Investigation ( you need a “full” custody investigation) and a then a Custody Trial. Personally, I’d file an Emergency Temporary Change of Custody and argue in the motion that the children have been abandoned by the mother, but wouldn’t expect a ruling in your favor with the “emergency” motion, but think it’s worth a try. Some Ohio Domestic Relation Courts don’t grant them, but defer such to Juvenile Division.

      I would love for anyone who supports Ohio’s “Child Support” system to log in and write a post that supports how what’s going on in your home is “in the best interest of the children” and further explain how your “child support” payments are helping the children. The won’t (and can’t) argue such a preposterous position, so the Ohio’s “child support” juggernaut just ignores it and moves on…In the best interest of the children of course.

  2. Misty & William T says:

    Thanks for the advice but maybe i should have told you a LITTLE bit more… By the law of OHIO CSEA AND WELFARE if you claim welfare on a child and there is an “absent parent” the government automatically makes the absent parent the one to pay child support. I have all of my 5 kids on welfare (including my husbands kids) and theyve been on welfare for a while but yet they wont file a case against her for fraud or to switch the obligor (sp).. My husband hasnt worked in three years due to an injury. I’m 22 AND FULLY SUPPORT MY FAMILY (on tips and tips only) i havnt had a day off in about a year i literally work every day to provide for my family plus the state of ohio for child support, and to be honest i quit paying!!! Was we in the wrong? Well Montgomery county straight told us that they misplaced our appeal and review papers, not once not twice but three times! But if they had it in the system and know we turned it in so many times why not proceed anyway???? Its not our fault thier system is full of decite and hatred towards familys who are struggiling to feed our kids because thier bleeding us dry! And to top it off with a cherry, ive tried taking this issue with our kids custody in front of a judge ive called numerous lawyers and nothing ever comes out of ANY OF IT TONY! Im at my wits end here and im serious… My kids deserve the best and dragging this threw the mud for 3 years isnt doing anything… we desperatly need your help… Please call me and william if you are able to help in any way shape or form xxx-xxx-xxxx, if you can not help we understand… P.S> Theres much much more to tell you but after telling it so many times to different people i feel it unnessesary to burden any one else unless they ask.. Thank you, MISTY and WILLIAM T.

  3. Tony Fantetti says:


    Thanks for the clarification, although what I said still applies, and whether or not the case involves welfare; Ohio nor the Ohio CSEA cares if the children are living with the obligor (the “child support”) paying parent while the obligee (the recipient of those payments) collects each and every “child support” check. But thanks for providing the additional details.

    You said,

    “…and to be honest i quit paying!!! Was we in the wrong?”

    That’s a question that begs of an answer from both a legal and moral standpoint. On the legal issue, the State of Ohio and the Ohio CSEA would say, “you’re wrong.”

    From a moral standpoint, and in my own personal opinion, I don’t think you’re wrong. I think (actually I know) that Ohio’s entire “Child Support” system is nothing more than a money-making, profiteering enterprise for the State. In short, it’s a total sham that essentially “financially prostitutes” Ohio’s children so the State can profit. Now THAT is wrong.

    However, and that aside, you do not want to get yourself into a situation with an arrears as in many cases, the penalties and interests from doing so will enslave some to a “child support” order to such an extent that they’ll be paying “child support” for the rest of their life.

    That’s why so many fathers with arrears go on the lam; they see the hopelessness of the situations (and they know their alleged arrears amount is nothing more than a CSEA lie) and they run. After all, what do they have to lose? They’ve got or are facing a felony indictment, there’s a warrant out for their arrest, they have nothing, they can’t drive (the State of Ohio suspended their license), they’re facing lengthy incarceration, they can’t work and they’re going to jail. So why not run? The end result (if the are caught) will be the same-they’re going to jail.

    You also said,

    “Well Montgomery county straight told us that they misplaced our appeal and review papers, not once not twice but three times! But if they had it in the system and know we turned it in so many times why not proceed anyway????”

    and I can’t say this enough; ANY contact with the CSEA needs to be recorded (check the laws in the state where you’re calling from before doing so) or through certified mail only.

    The Montgomery County CSEA is no different from the other 87 Ohio CSEAs; if you don’t send your paperwork in via certified mail, there’s a good chance they’ll say “they never got it.” I’m shocked they told you they misplaced it, but when I’m told “misplaced,” I hear “threw it away.”

    I hear the same thing from non-custodial parents all over Ohio, “I sent my papers in to the CSEA requesting an Administrative Review etc and they say they lost it.” You know first hand how corrupt this system is. Therefore, proof of contact with them is always necessary.

    Sometimes (not that the outcome will be much different in many of the cases) I’m of the opinion it’s best to go through the court for a “Child Support” modification.

    “Im at my wits end here and im serious… My kids deserve the best and dragging this threw the mud for 3 years isnt doing anything… we desperatly need your help…”

    Please trust me when I say, “I know how you feel.” I’ve been there myself. And until one understands just how much money the State of Ohio makes off the backs of our children, it doesn’t make any sense. In fact it only gets more and more maddening.

    I’ve been in one hearing after another where I sat and didn’t wonder, but KNEW that not a word I was saying was being heard by the judge or magistrate. In my own most recent custody trial, and with the feeling that the judge was going to rule in my favor, he had ordered a continuance before issuing a final order. We re-appeared as ordered, and I was was observing the judge from my seat and I noticed something as he frantically shuffled through the papers on the bench.

    It was about that time that my heart sank because I knew; I knew he was completely oblivious as to what happened during the custody trial and more importantly, how he was going to rule. He then looked up in bewilderment and said to all, “why are we even here today?”

    I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut my a mule and wanted to cry. This was the same judge who regularly nodded off on the bench during the custody trial. A trial, that’s the most important of any child’s life.

    Why did I tell you that? It’s simple Misty, you stated that your kids deserve the best, and I agree with you 100% and then some. But rest assured that as sure the sun rises each and every day, neither the courts, nor most judges, nor the State of Ohio and especially Ohio’s CSEAs care one bit about your children or their “best interest.” They care about one thing and one alone; that profit they’re going to make off your “child support” payments.

    That said, it’s up to us as parents to steer our children through the house-of-horrors known as Ohio’s Domestic (aka “Family”) Court system and protect them from as much of the damage and ugly carnage as we possibly can.