Protecting and Provisioning for Children as the End of “The Age of America” Dawns

Despite having been aware of the possibility (for quite some time) of “The Age of America” coming to an end, I’m still somewhat surprised to see this being reported by the media. Additionally, and since I saved this post to a draft days ago, other stories foretelling the same, have come out as well.

I generally refrain from discussing politics (as both Republicans and Democrats with respect to their policy are both very anti-father); nonetheless, I felt that what’s discussed in the aforementioned link is worth discussing here.

First, and to you naysayers and those with their heads in the sand, I say “good luck, because I believe at this point that you’re really going to need it.” That aside, there’s a much bigger issue at stake that’s exponentially more important; that being, how will this affect the children of “fatherless” families. More specifically, families where the father has been kicked out of the children’s lives by their “single mom by choice”  mothers utilizing their strong-arm tactics otherwise known as the “Family Courts.”

It’s no secret that more and more people are living in RV parks, are homeless and even living in shanty towns similar to those erected during the Great Depression. So when the US economy crashes as a result of the US Dollar being replaced as the world’s reserve currency (some put this even five years out, but I believe we’ll possibly experience this in 2012 or 2013 at the latest), the fallout from said scenario will be very swift, and very ugly. In short I suspect that there will be complete pandemonium and to a lesser extent anarchy as a direct result. That, at least until the IMF steps in to “stabilize” the situation.

After that occurs, we’ll be left with rebuilding what once was, but perhaps to a lesser degree as a country as a whole. Said otherwise, I doubt (at least in my lifetime) that America will ever be again what it once was. Admittedly, I’m not an Economist, but I at one time was a very active (and quite successful) investor. To such an extent that if I still had the assets I once did, I’m certain that I would’ve made a considerable amount of money since this “recession” began and would thereby be looking forward to retirement, but on account of the reality of what’s described herein.

That said, it’s my humble opinion that after America’s credit rating is downgraded (our debt already has been) and the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency, we’ll experience various degrees of anarchy that I believe will be driven in part by a lack of food and basic necessities. And that, is where the protection and provisioning of a father will surely be missed, and to a greater extent desired by the children of the so many mothers who in many cases and for self-serving and utterly selfish reasons only, unilaterally decided that “their” children would grow up without a loving father who’d otherwise have been actively (and with unfettered access) engaged in their lives.

In a sense, but not without true regret and a heartfelt regard for how terrible things may end up getting for the children involved, I suspect that many fathers would welcome such a scenario, albeit with a highly ambivalent sense of deliverance. One that’s driven by an insatiable desire for justice, and that for the many wrongs and injustices that for years have been committed against them by those “mothers” who while wielding their “Family Court” war-hammers, forcefully ejected said fathers out of their children’s lives.

To get more to my point, when and if there are gangs of unchallenged and out-of-control street-roving thugs who through threats and acts of violence take what’s not theirs, and when and if food is in short supply, who’ll be there to protect and provide for the children?

Is mom going to do it? This is not a question of desire, as I believe that 99.9% of moms would sacrifice their lives (as would dads) in a heartbeat for their children.  But rather, this is a question of “can” they protect and provide for their children as could a father in such a scenario? My answer to that question is a very emphatic “NO!”

Do I state such because I’m a misogynist? Absolutely not; I speak that for what it is, and despite what were told by the media and father-hating feminists. It’s so simply because it’s because of how God wired us as the polar opposites that we are, and it’s therefore and incontrovertible fact in my humble opinion.

Men/fathers by design can kill, protect and provide in ways that most women can’t and would find repulsive, and save for those ladies who’re the exceptions to that rule, most men discharge said duties more effectively and efficiently than do most women. Do I also recognize that women/moms contribute equally unique skills and abilities and discharge those attributes to much better degree than do men/fathers? Of course I do.

I saw a very interesting study within the last year that delved into how men and women respond to an immediate physical threat. I wish I had it to link to, but was only able to find what appeared to be the feminist driven crap that says they, “respond the same” or “women respond better.” That aside, said study looked at how men and women responded to a situation whereby there’s an immediate threat of physical harm.

I believe the study indicated that the female response geared more towards exiting the situation as quickly as possible and thereby escaping the threat, while the male response was to the contrary, and was geared towards him immediately assessing the situation to determine how fast he should neutralize the threat. Both of course are very reasonable and equally valid responses, albeit they’re obviously very different in nature. In such a scenario, I’d say that most men can successfully effect either response. However, most women could not, as they simply do not possess the required necessary physical attributes to neutralize a threat should the situation require that it be done through physical strength alone.

Taking that a step further, and I suspect that criminal convictions and present jail populations would confirm this; a man is more likely to discharge deadly force than is a woman. Be that his reasons were justified or not is moot, as the fact remains that a man will kill much quicker, more often and in various situations than will a woman. Don’t believe me without statistics to back that up? Then just ask any feminist or the head of any Domestic Violence organization as they’ll satiate you with how “evil, hateful and equally dangerous “all” men are.”

In closing, and if the end of “The Age of America” indeed comes upon us in the manner I’ve described herein. And if mass anarchy in fact comes to life whereby protection and provisioning will only come to those who are willing and able to physically seize it; then please tell me who, and with so many court-ordered absent fathers in this country, will be there to defend and provide for the children if indeed the dawn of the end of “The Age of America” cracks in utter anarchy?


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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