14 Year Old Boy Raped by 20 Year Old Woman is Ordered to Pay his Rapist Child Support

This story was first reported a few days ago, and aside from the anger it causes me right now, I can only say it really doesn’t surprise me.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the fact that they AREN’T naming the female rapist who raped Olivas when he was only a child at the age of 14. So once again, we see how men and women are treated differently by the media, the police, prosecutors and the entire judicial system. They also name the victim of a sexual assault, and in this case, a statutory rape; Nick Olivas, but they don’t name the woman who raped him? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE??? WAKE UP MEN, and PARTICULARLY YOU FATHERS!!!

Additionally, Why aren’t they prosecuting this woman for the rape that she’s committed? Normally, I’d say “allegedly” but since she has named Olivas as the father of her daughter whom was conceived when Olivas was only 14 or 15 at most, shouldn’t she now be arrested for statutory rape? I suspect that Arizona’s criminal statutes allow for the prosecution of a rape six years after the fact assuming that the state has enough evidence to bring forth a case. And a child is very strong, irrefutable and incontrovertible evidence of such a crime so shouldn’t criminal charges now be brought forth against the unnamed female perpetrator?

We have an unnamed woman, who presumably has signed a sworn affidavit under oath that names a 14 year old boy (at he time of the rape) as the father of her child, and this woman now has the audacity and unmitigated gall, as a sexual predator, to demand child support from the victim of her crime and the State of Arizona obliges her INSTEAD of indicting her for rape?

My God, where is the outrage in this? Those talking heads in the media discuss this and defend the statutes and the state’s case instead of demanding that Olivas’ rapist be named and brought forth on criminal charges rather than financially rewarding her for her sexually deviant crime via child support? Even more disgusting, is that some of those media idiots are deflecting blame from the woman who raped Olivas by saying there’s an innocent child (Olivas’ daughter) that’s a victim in this because she isn’t getting “child support.”

Really? What about that innocent child named Nick Olivas who was statutorily raped at the age of 14 by a 20 year old woman, isn’t he a victim? Nope, not to the State of Arizona nor most of the ignorant talking heads in the media discussing this. In fact, it’s quite to the contrary, Olivas is now considered to be a criminal deadbeat! And yet, I hear crickets. The silence is deafening.

To those who are so ignorant and blinded and whom believe that child support actually goes to the child and is spent on the child; PLEASE…PLEASE wake up and cease in your ignorance and acting as the other sheep. That’s NOT the case in the majority of child support situations. Such monies are shown to enhance the lifestyle of the custodial parent in MOST cases.

To those of you reading this, the day will come for many of you where you, or a son, a brother, uncle, nephew, brother-in-law or some other male who is close to you will be affected by yours and most people’s lack of action when one of the aforementioned gets ensnared in the “child support” system.

Moreover, look at which “crime” the State of Arizona is more concerned about, is it the crime of not paying child support, or the crime of statutory rape of a 14 year old child, a boy, by a 20 year old woman? Why the crime of not paying child support of course. That is beyond despicable and is both reprehensible and misandrous, as there’s no concern for the rape victim given he’s just that, “a he.” This clearly shows that the State of Arizona and most states couldn’t care less about the “bests interests of a child” (Olivas was a child when he was raped), and that they only care about their own best financial interest. For the unknowing in that regard, every state earns a profit off of child support payments. And it’s the quest for that very profit that has driven the State of Arizona to order Olivas, a victim of a rape as a child, to pay his rapist child support.

Can you imagine the outrage if the sexes were reversed here and a 20 year old man had raped a 14 year old girl and then she (the victim of a statutory rape) was ordered to pay him child support? NOW and every other feminist and misandrous organization from coast to coast would not only be demanding the immediate prosecution of the rapist, they would also be demanding that the Director of the Arizona Department of Security, which oversees child support in Arizona, resign for having dared to bring a child support case against a rape victim as they’ve done here.

There are more details in this article, to which I’d like to point out the following; 1. This is NOT and aberration, and I can guarantee that we will see many more cases such as this in the future, and 2. despite being the victim of a statutory rape, Nick Olivas is representative of what MOST fathers are; good and loving dads who want to play a meaningful role in their children’s lives.

Another thing that truly makes me irate is that a rapist has custody of a child that was the product of a statutory rape, and that’s reprehensible. Again, that would never be the case if a man was the rapist and the woman the victim.

In closing, ask yourself these three things; 1. Why is Nick Olivas being ordered to not only pay child support, but also interest to his rapist? 2. Why have they publicly identified Nick Olivas who was the victim of a sexual assault in the media, but they have not identified his female rapist? 3. Why has there not been a criminal indictment handed down against the sick and perverted 20 year old female rapist who statutorily raped Nick Olivas when he was only a child at the age of 14? Note that most, if not all, media organizations have a written policy against identifying the victim of a sexual crime, yet everyone discussing this case identifies Olivas and yet none identify the woman who raped him. So once again, we see a double-standard where privacy is only applicable to female victims of sexual crimes and not male victims. I’m, not saying that so in every case, but it clearly is here.

Now, after asking yourself questions 1-3 in the proceeding paragraph, if you are not in some way angry, disturbed or upset, then your own attitude is part of the problem regarding why men and particularly fathers, are so openly, brazenly and disgustingly discriminated against in our society.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony(dot)fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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