The Darke County Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency Wrongfully Incarcerated this Innocent Child’s Father

The Darke County Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) whose Director is Gracie Ratliff, wrongfully assisted in the conviction of Dustin Rose’s Father,  David Rose,  of criminal felony non-support through a CSEA employee’s false testimony. As a result of the Darke County CSEA’s hateful actions, Mr. Rose is serving 6 months in prison and has been under 24 hour “lock down” since March 24, 2008.

The Darke County Court ordered Mr. Rose to stay away from Dustin and have absolutely no contact with him for fifteen months. Will Dustin be told that his Father abandon him and that he is a deadbeat like most of the Fathers the state of Ohio falsely labels and prosecutes?

I know that’s not Mr. Rose’s character because I know Mr. Rose personally and know that he loves Dustin and wants the best for his son. I attended Mr. Rose’s sentencing trial in Darke County Judge Jonathan Hine’s courtroom and saw Mr. Rose taken into custody. When Mr. Rose’s possessions were seized by a Darke County Sheriff’s deputy and given to me, this picture was with Mr. Rose. After seeing this picture of Dustin, Mr. Rose began crying.
Although I too was overcome with emotion knowing this Father’s love for his son, I wouldn’t allow myself to cry in front of Mr. Rose as I felt it was my duty to be strong for him. Therefore, on my drive back to Cincinnati, I too cried and repeatedly asked, “why?”

The Darke County Child Support Enforcement Agency maintains that they are acting only in Dustin’s best interest, do you agree with them?

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