Child Support Enforcement Agency Attorney Labels Ohio Council for Fathers Rights as Scandalous

I was recently summoned into an impromptu meeting at the request of a county judge. Present were the judge himself, his magistrate, a county CSEA attorney and myself. I will refrain from naming the county out of respect and professional courtesy for the judge.At issue was a motion being filed by another OCFFR member. I know this member’s case very well, but hadn’t read the particular motion at hand. Prior to this meeting, I had never been introduced to any who were in attendance. That said, I like the others (with the exception of the CSEA attorney) were most likely forming first opinions.

The judge was very professional, courteous, respectful and well-mannered. Quite frankly, he was considerably more humble than most others I’ve met. His demeanor and mannerisms were such that I was left with the impression that he was a man of integrity and character. If his honor were indeed who he appeared to be, one could safely assume that his court truly was one of equity and justice.

Despite not having said much, the magistrate also seemed to be genuine as well. Obviously our perceptions of others are less than complete and accurate after only one meeting. However, my discernment is such that I can somewhat accurately gauge the trustworthiness of another after only a, “first encounter.”

That said the CSEA attorney who was present left quite a different impression on me. Personally, I think her behavior was very unprofessional, combative and completely inappropriate given that she personally attacked me through snide remarks.

Considering the four of us were meeting for the first time, I refused to respond to her hateful comments. She had “home field” advantage in personally knowing the judge and magistrate and took full advantage of it by insulting Ohio Council for Fathers Rights and myself as one who, “runs scandalous websites” and, “says bad things.”

One must assume that since she accuses me of running “scandalous websites”, logic would dictate that she reads our blogs. I would certainly hope that as an attorney she would only be interested in facts? That said, she most certainly wouldn’t take gossip she’s heard from co-workers about OCFFR, accept it as fact, label me based on the words of others and present her, “findings” to the judge as fact so as to bias him against me, OCFFR or its members? Or, was that the sole intent behind her insults?

“Scandalous” is an adjective defined as follows:

1. disgraceful; shameful or shocking; improper: scandalous behavior in public.

2. defamatory or libelous, as a speech or writing.

3. attracted to or preoccupied with scandal, as a person: a scandalous, vicious gossip.

Counselor, I live my life in the open for good reason. That being, when unprincipled persons such as yourself cannot defend the contemptuous, illegal and hateful actions of your agency, I know that you will resort to name calling and personal attacks out of mere frustration and anger. Simply stated, I only speak the truth. I investigate the claims of those on whose cases I intervene and search for the truth. I will not place my reputation or that of Ohio Council for Fathers Rights in jeopardy by defending others unless I believe that what they speak is in truth.

This blog is an open forum Counselor. If you wish to accuse me of operating “scandalous” websites by publishing the atrocities committed against fathers and their children at the hands of Ohio’s Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) then please log on and do so in a public forum (where I can respond) using facts to rebut my position.

These websites represent my opinions based upon many facts and are my version of the truth based upon personal experiences as well as those of my members, all of which are documented and of public record. That said, you label this information as “scandalous?” I find it appalling that as a CSEA attorney you consider the truth to be a scandalous matter, yet accept the despicable practices of your agency as morally conscionable and socially acceptable mores within our society.

With all due respect ma’am there is a scandal within in your county, and your agency (the CSEA) is the very heartbeat of it. Rest assured that I do not have the resources to intervene on behalf of all who requests OCFFR’s assistance. I must decide which cases represent the most appalling displays of injustice, deceit, and judicial abuse and intervene in those. Hence the very reason OCFFR is working within your county.

You are correct in ascertaining there is ongoing scandalous behavior Counselor. However your identification of the perpetrators as well as the location of the scandal itself is totally incorrect. The location is your county, and one of the perpetrators can be found hiding in your mirror.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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