Democrats Overwhelmingly Support the Continued Attack on Fathers by Supporting H.R. 1386

For a list of politicians who support the destruction of Fathers as well as the lives of the children they so dearly love for financial gain, open Child Support Co-Sponsors.

The following contains more information about the “Child Support Protection Act” aka H.R. 1386

For those unaware of the driving force behind the national child support witch-hunt whereby non-custodial Fathers and Mothers alike suffer relentless and severe punitive measures at the hands of the Child Support Enforcement Agencies, H.R. 1386 explains the “why” of it all.

Falsely referred to as the “Child Support Protection Act”, H.R. 1386 is the more aptly labeled as the “Childhood Destruction Act” considering all 50 states are incentivized through Title-IV and federal incentive matches to maximize child support collections through outrageously high support orders to enable the states to compete for the largest share of the “federal incentive pie.”

For a further understanding of how each state profits of off child support collections, please visit our original site at (Note: site to be restored at a later date 1/20/11). As noted in the previous URL, “The HHS Administration for Children and Families divided $450 million in incentives among all states and territories for federal fiscal year 2002. If my memory serves me correctly, in 2002 Ohio’s share of the $450 million “federal pie” was $223 million dollars. Is it any wonder the state of Ohio has the most aggressive child support collection efforts nationwide?

Federal law mandates that all matches may only be used to further child support collection efforts. Simply stated, all federal matching funds may only be used in the Child Support Enforcement Agencies (CSEA’s) budgets. However, what’s happening in Ohio is the federal funds are illegally being funneled down to the counties and used to pave roads, fund Ohio’s Heat Assistance Program and to fund other county level expenditures.

The federal government recently considered performing regular audits of the state’s federal incentive matches to assure that federal funds were only being used to fund the CSEAs. The state of Ohio vehemently argued against said audits and for good reason, funneling federal incentive dollars into county budgets is against federal law.

H.R. 1386 has nothing to do with the “best interest of our children” and everything to do with the best financial interest of Ohio and the other 49 states at the expense of our children.

In Ohio’s quest for federal funds they bankrupt fathers, incarcerate them, ruin their credit, seize property and bank accounts, suspend drivers and professional licenses, take up to 65% of their net pay, drive them to homelessness and suicide all while claiming to “protect” Ohio’s children.

How do any of the aforementioned actions help our children? How is it in David Rose’s children’s best interests that their father is in 24 hour lockdown at the Orient Inmate Reception Center for failing to pay child support when he was wrongly convicted on the perjured testimony of a Darke County CSEA case worker?

How is it in our children’s best interests when this nations jails are being inundated with indigent Fathers who in many cases couldn’t possibly pay child support orders that in many cases actually exceed their net monthly income? Is America the world’s number one incarcerator of not only prisoners, but Fathers as well?

How can a Father who is incarcerated pay his child support? How can a truck driver, doctor, attorney, dentist, professional engineer, accountant, surveyor etc pay their support after the CSEA has suspended their professional and drivers licenses? How is it in the best interests of the children when Ohio actually prevents Fathers from earning a living, then incarcerates them for not paying their child support after they were prevented from working by the state itself in the first place?

In closing, I had stated in a prior post that I although I had been a life long Republican prior to my exposure to the “Family” courts, I was going to vote for Obama in 2008, but only as a vote against Republicans.  But I digress, as I can’t bring myself to vote for any of those politicians who condone the extortion of a non-custodial parents income to such degree it financially devastates them and makes them destitute for 18 plus years. In 2008, for the first time in over 20 years I will not participate in a presidential election.

In 2012, I hope to be 1 of 35 million or more non-custodial parents nationwide who sends a message to politicians at county, state and federal levels when we vote those miscreants (who support the destruction of families) out of office once and for all.

When the Mafia collects money through threats and force it is a felony criminal offense known as extortion. When the state of Ohio collects money through the threat of incarceration, license suspensions, property seizures, liens, and negative credit bureau reporting it is called child support collections. The organized crime behind this legalized extortion is known as the Child Support Extortion Agency.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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