Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) Shuns Ohio’s Non-Custodial Parents Sinking Financially but Moves to Save Ship

Life as a Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) is difficult at best. Many are bankrupt, without licenses (they were suspended by the CSEAs to “punish” parents who fell behind in child support payments), without jobs, denied public assistance, lacking basic necessities, have no money, losing homes, in and out of court (and jail), and incessantly hounded by creditors. For those who haven’t yet “sunk financially,” they are sending out SOS’s as their ships are sinking fast.

I am not ignorant of the reality that politicians are not in a state of disquietude over the lack of Father’s Rights (and NCPs as a whole) in America today. Likewise, it’s painfully obvious they couldn’t care less about the exploitation and abuse of children incurred during the states wholly unconstitutional and abusive practices utilized in their federally sanctioned nationally conducted child support witch-hunts.

Furthermore, as a Father’s Rights activist it’s expected that I will be relegated by some (those blinded by ignorance) as one who is, “whiny”, “ridiculous” and debating issues using an argument considered to be without merit. I fully accept and understand that, considering we’re all human and the kaleidoscope through which each of us views life is assuredly skewed by our own unique experiences and equally differing perceptions of reality itself.

For those not already aware, I was a hardcore life-long republican prior to my experiences with the “Family” court. The sufferings inflicted upon me were so physically and emotionally painful that despite an engineering degree and fifteen or more years of Information Technology (IT) experience, I had intended to enlist in the Army.

After passing a battery of tests with flying colors, my recruiter advised me that given my degree and professional experiences I could apply for any job the Army offered. I sternly informed my recruiter, “I will not enlist unless you will guarantee me in writing that I will be given an infantry position and immediately deployed to Iraq following basic training.” I was convinced that by manning a .50 caliber and patrolling the streets of Baghdad, I’d find a solution to the endless problems encountered while living the horrendous nightmare induced upon me by a sadistic “Family” court judiciary.

That said, and despite my disenchantment with politics and politicians in general, I hold the Republicans more accountable for the ongoing atrocities that we non-custodial parents (NCPs) live through on a daily basis. I do so because for almost 25 years, I faithfully casted my vote for the GOP candidates. The exception to my loyalty was a former Ohio State Representative named Jerome Luebbers, a Democrat whom I always voted for while living within his district.

Why am I discontented with Ohio’s 21st District Republican Congressman Steve Chabot? My reasons are numerous. Most troubling is that I was naive and foolish enough to believe that he’d reply to the letters of a constituent who for almost a quarter century voted in favor of him. Especially when said voter identifies himself as the President of a Father’s Rights organization whose headquarters is within the confines of Ohio’s 21st district.

On Friday May 9th, 2008 three weeks will have passed since my first letter to Congressman Chabot. On Thursday May 8th2008, one week will have passed since my second letter to him, and with no reply to either one.

Does Congressmen Chabot not care about the plight of Fathers today? Does he not care that an innocent Father named David Rose is incarcerated for criminal felony non-support, and that he was convicted on the perjured testimony of a Darke County Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) employee?

Is Mr. Chabot shamelessly indifferent to those fatherless children as well, whose desperate and hopeless Fathers committed suicide after having been driven to such by the system itself? Is there any concern whatsoever by Congressman Chabot for those Ohio children whose fathers are incarcerated for failure to pay child support after losing their jobs through no fault of their own? Does Congressman Chabot care about those Fathers in Ohio prisons, caught in a perpetual state of incarceration because they continually get re-indicted for felony non-support for not paying their support while they are incarcerated?

In my opinion, the answer to the aforementioned questions is a resounding, “no!” It would appear that Mr. Chabot chose to write a motion to save the Delta Queen rather than to take a stand in defense of Ohio’s Fathers and defenseless children in a reply to me. On April 24, 2008, Congressman Chabot took to the floor to argue in defense of the Delta Queen by offering a motion to recommit H.R. 2830 with supporting testimony as well. He stated:

“This motion is simple. It continues the will of Congress – a will dating as far back as 1968 – to allow the Delta Queen to operate within the inland waters of the United States. It is an exemption that has been granted by Congress on several occasions, most recently in 1996. However, unless it is renewed this year, this national treasure will be forced ashore unnecessarily closing another chapter in our nation’s history.”

What’s simple to me is the ability to see Congressman Chabot’s complete disregard for his constituents concerned with the rights of Ohio’s non-custodial parents. Can we discuss the will of our founding “Fathers” Congressman? Was it their will that we should live under judicial tyranny? It certainly wasn’t Patrick Henry’s will. Ironically, he had the foresight to see more than two centuries into this country’s future and actually prophesied regarding the unchecked judicial abuse that we non-custodial parents live under today.

“We have divided power between three branches of government and erected checks and balances to prevent abuse of power. However, where is the check on the power of the judiciary? If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny.” — Patrick Henry

As Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, I would expect that he’d have some concern over the constitutional rights of a class of people euphemistically known as Non-Custodial Parents. Men and women who are stripped daily of due process, humiliated, demonized, and subjugated by judicial tyrants throughout Ohio’s Family Courts. Patrick Henry would surely be horrified if he were to witness the ongoing atrocities committed by state courts against NCPs today. Even worse, it’s not only federally sanctioned, it is actually rewarded through federal incentive matches using social security funds.

Congressman Chabot recently took the time to visit with and acknowledge the Winton Woods High School Choir. Yet he can’t or won’t acknowledge the continued and unwarranted suffering by the parents of some of those gifted children?

Considering Congressman Chabot has the time to write motions to save ships and will make the time to visit high schools to acknowledge the accomplishments of achieved choirs, I may have found a way to enlist him in my efforts.

Instead of wasting hours writing to him regarding my concerns about Ohio’s Fathers and children, maybe I should petition him to write a motion to be used as an ode. One to be sung by a high school choir in a sad tribute to those children who have lost their Fathers through the ongoing sinking of one of America’s greatest ships analogously known today as, “American Fatherhood.”

Tony Fantetti

Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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