Darke County Ohio CSEA Indicts Father with Broken Neck for Criminal Felony Non-Support

David Rose, the innocent Ohio Council for Fathers Rights member wrongly incarcerated after being convicted by the perjured testimony of a Darke County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) employee wrote in a recent letter to me:

“There’s another Father imprisoned here who was indicted twice by the Darke County CSEA and incarcerated by Judge Jonathan Hine for felony non-support after he broke his neck and couldn’t work!”

What Mr. Rose and I would like to know is if this Father’s Darke County CSEA caseworker was Ms. Linda Mallot. Furthermore, I’d like to know if Darke County Administrator Joel Schinke and Darke County Judge Jonathan Hine were smirking and smiling back and forth at that Father’s trial as I witnessed them doing at Mr. Rose’s trial? Do they find it funny to imprison Fathers and separate them from their children? Is this how Ohio’s CSEA’s act in the best interest of the innocent children, by laughing as they imprison their Fathers?

In all fairness to Darke County’s CSEA and to maintain our credibility, I have not spoken with the Father making this allegation. Therefore I obviously have not corroborated this story but fully intend to do so. I would ask him to sign a release of information to enable me to discuss his case with Darke County, but Mr. Joel Schinke has ignored my repeated requests to provide a release regarding Mr. Rose’s case. Given Mr. Rose is now under 24 hour lock down at Orient’s Correctional Inmate Reception Center and has been since March 24, 2008, it would be difficult to draft our own release.

Am I being irresponsible by blogging this allegation without having verified it’s authenticity? I think not. My reasoning is such that based on the Ohio CSEA atrocities that I know to be true, coupled with the Darke County CSEA’s ongoing stonewalling and lack of interest in the truth regarding Mr. Rose’s case, my intuition tells me there exists a distinct possibility said allegation is completely with merit. Should I learn otherwise, this post will be edited and/or deleted.

Lastly, another reason I find the aforementioned allegation believable is because of how Ohio’s child support statutes are presently written. Ohio does not have any provisions within its statutes whereby unwillingly falling behind in one’s child support payments is “excusable.” For example, a Non-Custodial Mom or Dad who is hospitalized in a coma due to a car accident, or unable to work due to receiving chemotherapy for cancer, or bedridden due to some other injury or diseased can be indicted and convicted for felony non-support by a sadistic prosecutors.

Considering Ohio is riddled with detestable prosecutors in the likes of Darke County’s Jesse Greene who shows a jury pay stubs so they mistakenly believe a Father has earned an annual income he has never made, and they withhold exculpatory evidence such as the ruling of a competent state tribunal that says a Father lost his job through no fault of his own, anyone with any medical condition can be indicted by demented and inhumane prosecutors. There exists a very good reason why 22 out of 88 (25%) of Ohio’s county prosecutors refuse to indict non-custodial parents (NCP’s) for criminal felony non-support. It’s unjust and morally reprehensible in a civilized society to treat people who have fallen upon hard times with such contemptuous hatred.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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3 Responses to Darke County Ohio CSEA Indicts Father with Broken Neck for Criminal Felony Non-Support

  1. Michael Pearcy says:

    I have been in the Darke County Child Support “System” in one way or another since I was a child. My childhood was a disaster. I currently have a child that I pay support on, but do not get to see. The payment comes out of my military retirement pay. While I was in the Army, stationed in Georgia, I recieve a call that my son was with children services because the mother was arrested for selling Oxycontin. I was told that I could get my son. After checking, she had been released and he was returned to her until after the trial.

    Then another call comes that she has been arrested again, same charges. I was able to get “temporary custody”. I have a great deal more that I can tell and documentation to show that a county does not want to lose its funding ….not even for one child in there county. I have 2 other sons that do not even know there brother because of the system that is in place. This is not a beefed up story just so someone will listen, its all true. If someone is reading this and can tell me where to put the full story so it may help in the future you can reach me at infinitewood@bright.net

    Child support is a good thing, if it is managed correctly. If not every is considered a “deadbeat dad” in the Eyes of the women behind the glass as you are trying to make payments. It is amazing to me how we are ever going to get out of the stigmata that all men are in the same category if we keep people in positions that they should not be in due to there prejudice towards the uncustodial parent.

    Hope to hear from anyone!

  2. Michael S Whetstone says:

    I have custody of my daughter out of Darke County, Ohio. When my ex-wife was more than 26+ weeks behind (Definition of Felony Non-Support) Darke County CSEA refused to prosecute her and said instead they would have a hearing for Civil Contempt. Now I see they have jailed a MALE with a broken neck for non payment. Are you kidding me ?? A MALE with a broken neck goes to jail and A WOMAN who is perfectly capable of working gets a CIVIL slap on the hand ?? I do not blame the Darke County Courts, they have no clue unless the Darke County CSEA presents it to the Grand Jury for an indictment !! The Darke County CSEA need to learn the law is meant to be the same for males AND females. This is a perfect example of people being treated differently at the Darke County CSEA !!!

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      The administration in Darke County, as it relates to the enforcement of “child support” is very corrupt in my humble opinion. I’ve been there, spoke to people “in the system” and sat through David Rose’s trail before Judge Jonathan Hine, and that man is vile. Consider contacting the Darke County prosecutor’s office and ask them why they aren’t prosecuting her. If you decide to do so, please let me know what their response is. I may be interested in getting this one out there myself. I’ve made a lot of contacts over the years that including people in the media, producers for talk shows and others.