Contact Us if You were Wrongfully Labeled a “Deadbeat” on the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Website

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If you have ever been publicly labeled a as “deadbeat” by Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis and had your name and face displayed on Mr. Leis’ “deadbeat parent web site”, please contact Ohio Council for Fathers Rights regarding your right to sue Sheriff Leis in his personal and professional capacities, his office and Hamilton County for libel, slander and defamation of character.

Many claim you cannot prevail in a lawsuit on such grounds, however I beg to differ. The basis for such a suit would be the very definition of “deadbeat” itself. “Deadbeat” implies that you have shirked your parental responsibilities, and that you intentionally avoid paying your child support. Becoming involuntarily unemployed is not intentionally avoiding your child support payments.

A parent has thousands of responsibilities when it comes to raising children. Financial support, is only one parental responsibility out of the thousands. The county Child Support Enforcement Agencies (CSEAs) and the likes of Mr. Leis only focus on the child support because it’s their job to squeeze non-custodial parents (NCPs) for every penny they do and don’t have. This is so they can make a profit off of said payments.

In 2003 alone, the state of Ohio earned $223 million dollars in profits off of Ohio’s 88 county CSEA’s child support collections. If you don’t pay, Ohio makes less money. This upsets our state’s leaders, so they mislabel you as a deadbeat and hunt you down more so than they do rapists, murderers, drug dealers, robbers etc. Do you think I’m kidding? Go to Mr. Leis’ web site and see for yourself. There are over 2,800 civil warrants. A civil warrant is a warrant whereby the defendant has committed no crime whatsoever. If you visit Mr. Leis’ web site here, you will see that the number of outstanding wanted criminals with warrants is 61. Even more disgusting is the fact that one of the sexual offenses occurred on the grounds of a local high school.

If they really cared about the, “best interests of the children” as they claim, then shouldn’t finding a sexual predator who committed his offense on the grounds of a school be a top priority? Shouldn’t the apprehension of murderers, robbers, rapists, thieves, sexual predators and drug dealers be a top priority? Can one argue that it is when Mr. Leis’ Fugitive Warrant Unit is wasting thousands of gallons of gasoline, helicopter fuel and thousands of man hours hunting down Fathers?

Those 2,822 parents with outstanding civil warrants are wanted for an “offense” known as “contempt of court.” Contempt is disobedience to a court order. Not paying child support because you are hospitalized in a coma and paralyzed can cause you to be held in contempt under Ohio law. Contempt can be indirect (unintentional, for instance losing your job, having no income and falling behind in child support payments) or direct (deliberate actions such as violating a civil protection order). You do not have to intentionally violate a court order to be in ‘indirect” contempt. However, the penalties for direct and indirect contempt are the same. A parent who is incarcerated for non-payment of child support is in contempt of court for “refusing” to pay their support while they are incarcerated. They are many times re-indicted during their incarceration under more serious felony charges for refusing to pay their support during their incarceration.

You read that correctly, a parent who is already incarcerated for non-payment of child support can be (and many times are) re-indicted during their incarceration for not paying support while incarcerated. Does this make any sense? Absolutely when you consider that the Child Support Enforcement Agencies are adding penalties and interest during their incarceration. Many times, a “deadbeat” who allegedly owes for instance $30,000 in back support may actually only owe $6,000. The other $24,000 can be interest and penalties that are continuously compounded. Take into account the fact that Hamilton County and the other 87 county CSEAs earn Ohio more federal incentive dollars on accounts that are allegedly, “in arrears.”

What better way is there to keep almost 3,000 people in one county in arrears, then by locking them up? Now consider that there exists 87 other counties across Ohio, many of whom are doing the same thing as Sheriff Leis. If there are more than 3,000 people (I’m counting those already locked up in Sheriff Leis’ current jails) in Hamilton County in need of prison cells and awaiting transfers to one of Ohio’s state prisons to serve the remainder of their sentence, then imagine how many tens of thousands of prison inmates there are statewide who are causing the prison overcrowding conditions seen today. What’s worse is that they will release violent offenders early, so as to make room in jail for the tens of thousands of parents who fell behind in child support.

To those wrongly mislabeled as, “deadbeats”, trust me when I say I know the truth behind their slanderous accusations when they falsely label all who have fallen behind in child support payments as, “deadbeats.” Mr. Leis nor any Hamilton County Official has the right to publicly defame you, slander you, libel you, humiliate you, embarrass you or ruin your reputation because you fell behind in child support payments.

If you or anyone you know has been featured on Simon Leis’ web site, or on the Hamilton County CSEA’s “Deadbeat Parent” poster, and you/they are not “deadbeats”, I implore you to contact us regarding your/their right to sue them for damaging your reputation with libelous and slanderous words and actions.

Mr. Leis, after my release from the Hamilton County “Justice” Center on a civil contempt warrant, I called into question the 3,000 civil warrants for the Hamilton County Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts child support and contempt “charges” you listed on your web site. In a previous blog entry I mentioned that many of those I was incarcerated with in the justice center were in jail for civil charges not criminal.

In fact, I linked that blog entry to your web page that displayed over 3,000 outstanding civil warrants in Hamilton County and mentioned that by your incarceration of said individuals, the Hamilton County “Justice” Center will have been emptied and filled three times to house these, “civil criminals.”

Your web page listing over three thousand outstanding civil warrants suddenly disappeared from your website since I called it into question. Are you hiding the fact that when you clamor for, more jails, the obvious reality is that Hamilton County’s present jails are most likely housing more civil than criminal defendants?

Is this how you keep Hamilton County residents safe, buy locking up Fathers for civil infractions, and releasing violent criminals and drug dealers early and on electronic monitoring to make room in the justice center to house more Fathers who’ve committed no crimes?

I will look for my copy of your web page showing the outstanding 3,000 civil warrants and repost it on my blog as a follow up for our readers who may not be familiar with that to which I speak. It’s seems rather odd to me that I call into question how much helicopter fuel, how much gasoline and how many thousands of man hours it takes for the Hamilton County Fugitive Warrant Unit (those same people who appeared on my roof and pointed a gun at me and knocked the window out of my front door prior to my own arrest for civil contempt) to arrest 3,000 people on civil “charges.”

Mr. Leis, what portion of your budget, currently being funded by the taxpayers of Hamilton County is used to apprehend the thousands of civil defendants annually in Hamilton County? How many thousands of man hours are wasted by the Hamilton County Fugitive Warrant Unit arresting civil defendants such as myself while child molesters, rapists, drug dealers and murders roam our streets as they prey upon their next victims?


Tony Fantetti

Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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