Update: The Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency Seizes $920 More from an Innocent Mother

My wife just informed me that $920 of her, tax rebate check authorized by President Bush has been seized by the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) and is to be given to my former wife to satisfy my child support arrears.

All total, approximately $3,120 of my current wife’s money has been seized by the Hamilton County CSEA so as to be given to my last wife.

This, while we are without the means to support our present family and have lost our home. Considering that my wife is a full-time student, and that after the Hamilton County CSEA seizes most of my unemployment check, we are left with only $520 per month in unemployment benefits to support ourselves and our three children.

We live far below the poverty line for a family of five (with a $520 per month income), yet we do not qualify for any public assistance. Therefore, while the children in our home go without, we are told that Ohio is acting in the best interest of my daughter while she and her two step-brothers are deprived of fun, entertainment and basic necessities as we struggle to live on the $520 left of my monthly unemployment compensation checks. The $520 is what’s left after the Hamilton County CSEA seizes the rest to satisfy my $1080 per month child support payment.

After I lost my last job through no fault of my own, and with no monthly income in our household whatsoever, the Hamilton County CSEA raised my monthly child support obligation from $900 per month to $1080 per month despite the fact that I have my daughter 50% of the time.

I ask, by whose authority does the Hamilton County CSEA seize $3,120 of my current wife’s assets?

How is it in our daughter’s best interest that she will be deprived of all entertainment this summer and must experience the eviction from our home that was lost along with everything else when her Father was bankrupted by an astronomically high child support order? This, despite the fact that she spends 50% of the time with her father.

The Hamilton County CSEA is ultimately responsible for the loss of my job. As previously explained, I was indigent due to my unconscionably high child support order. Being indigent, I couldn’t pay court costs associated with my divorce as ordered by the court.

I was then fired by my previous employer when sheriff’s deputies showed up at my former place of employment to arrest me on a civil contempt warrant. Is this a good reason to cost a Father his job?

Even more despicable is that my daughter was scheduled to have heart surgery at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital to repair a birth defect. When I was terminated from my job, I lost my health insurance. I was carrying my daughter on my medical insurance plan. Due to being fired from my job through no fault of my own, along with the ensuing loss of medical insurance, my daughter’s required and much needed scheduled heart surgery was canceled.

At almost 8 years of age, my daughter weighs a mere 36 pounds. Her growth has been stunted by her heart defect.

I challenge anyone to defend the position that my bankruptcy, the loss of my job, the loss of my medical insurance, the cancellation of my daughter’s much needed heart surgery, the loss of my home, the seizure of my wife’s $3,120 in tax refunds and rebates, and the seizure of all but $520 per month of my unemployment compensation benefits, all as a result of a unconscionably high child support order is in the best interest of my daughter.

Furthermore, my daughter is in need of braces. What portion of the $520 per month that’s left of my unemployment compensation benefits (after the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency seizes the rest to satisfy my newly raised $1020 per month child support obligation) that I’m left with to support a family of five, could I use to pay for my daughter’s braces?

Contrary to what Ohio’s CSEAs regularly espouse, my story is not an aberration, it’s the norm. Untold thousands across Ohio live under the same harsh conditions of poverty that I just described. Why? Ohio profits in excess of two hundred million dollars per year off of their statewide child support collections.

The only way Ohio can make such excessive profits is by seizing the assets of innocent people such as my wife (so those seized dollars can be labeled as, “child support collections”) and by keeping as many child support orders as possible artificially high. If you are hesitant to believe me, then please post a rebuttal to explain why the CSEA raised my support order from $900 per month to $1080 per month knowing that I was unemployed.

Reason being, their Title-IV federal incentive matches that are paid annually are directly proportional to the amount of child support dollars collected statewide. Furthermore, Ohio collects a higher federal incentive match on all child support dollars that are said to be in, “arrears.” Ohio figured out years ago that by increasing the child support orders of those who lost their jobs they could collect even more in child support payments by seizing up to 65% (the maximum allowed under Ohio law) of their monthly “gross” unemployment compensation benefits.

The payee of the unemployment compensation receives what’s left of their benefits, which in my case is $520 per month.

I cannot emphasize enough that what is happening to me is, “normal.” Untold thousands across Ohio have had their lives decimated by Ohio’s hateful and contemptuous CSEA’s. How is my daughter benefiting by losing her home, going without braces and having her required heart surgery canceled? How is she benefiting by being in a family of five who are forced to live on $520 per month? Do you really think a child enjoys eating ramen pride noodles and rice day in and day out?

What a sick, demented, cruel and heartless society we live in when states such as Ohio put their financial profits made from their Title-IV child support collections above the living conditions and medical needs of the innocent children such as my 7-year-old daughter who are caught in lies and deception of a maniacal system known as the , “child ‘support’ system.”

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti@ocffr.org

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One Response to Update: The Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency Seizes $920 More from an Innocent Mother

  1. MAMADOU SENE says:

    I feel all the pain that family is in. My ordeal is just beginning! I am on the process of divorvcing. Even before I get my first hearing, the court has applied Spousal support of 200 dollars a month on me. I work in a sanitation departement of a food company earning 10.19 an hour. So I have to pack overtimes( 7 days a week) to make more than 350 dollars a week. I am paying 86 dollars/week for my health insurance and my soon be ex wife. I am just one week paycheck from homelessness. My ex wife has decided to stay unemployed and is receiving child support from her exs, unemployement benefits from the governement and now spousal support! Why would she work?
    I am soon going to be bankrupted. Fortunately have no children, which would have take me sooner to homelessness.
    I am a guy from Senegal, not even a citizen, not even received my green card that immigration seem not willing to send me. I have been here just 7 years. My Americain dream is that! Ruin hard working individual and families for people who play the system well!
    Good job this legal system which is at the base of alll this mess!