A Recorded Conversation Between Tony Fantetti and Caseworker Hill from The Hamilton County CSEA

This is a recording of a conversation that took place between myself and Caseworker Hill of the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). (Please note that due to hastily editing out private information, a couple of sentences seem to run together and do not make sense as a result. Please accept my apologies.) I called to inquire as to why the CSEA seized what has now totaled $3,200 of my wife’s federal tax refunds and rebates.

As all child-support-paying non-custodial parents (NCPs) should do, I requested that a full audit of my account be sent to me. Listen closely during the recorded time from of 2:37-2:46. Caseworker Hill assures me that Caseworker Richardson will immediately send out an accounting of all payments made to and coming from my account since its inception. She assures me that a record of said payments would be sent to me and would arrive the next day.

However, what I received that next day (yesterday) in lieu of my payment history was a legal threat from Caseworker Richardson. So because I request an audit of my child support account, they threaten me with, “further legal action?” For what, for requesting records that I’m legally entitled to?

Even more humorous to me is that Caseworker Richardson alleges that she has been trying to reach me. Really? That’s odd considering that I haven’t moved, haven’t changed phone numbers (and I do have an answering machine) and have received no phone calls or letters from Richardson prior to her aforementioned legal threat.

I must admit that Caseworker Hill did a fantastic job of standing her ground in her rebuttal of my persistent questions. She came across as very professional and articulated her words in such a manner that implicitly demanded my respect. I on the other hand should have been more careful as to how I spoke. Being Italian, I tend to get emotional. If I’m not careful that emotion can be easily misconstrued as disrespectful. It was not my intent to be disrespectful towards Miss Hill.

Miss Hill is to be commended for her professionalism and mannerisms. She’s the type of employee that any successful Fortune 500 would most assuredly want representing their organization. She is certainly not indicative of the type of CSEA employee that I usually hear about from OCFFR members. Darke County’s Caseworker Mallot certainly didn’t come across as such. I suspect that given the way she behaved and treated Mr. David Rose, she was most likely intellectually challenged and would benefit by taking speaking lessons from Hamilton County’s Miss Hill.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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