A Short but Hateful Email I Received from Susan B.

To: tony.fantetti@ocffr.org
From: bxxxxx.susan@xxxxx.net
xxxxxx.susan@xxxxxx.net wrote:

I hope your daughter does not suffer from the pollution you so eloquently dump on this already broken system.
The energy you exude surely can be better used to create a better life for your own blood than to adjust some other man’s bottom line.

Let me just say to you, please stop the proliferation of this crap.

Ms. Bxxxxx,

Your ignorance of how the system is utilized to destroy the lives of innocents is rather obvious, when considering that you describe my factually documented and wholly truthful horrific and unwarranted abuses of the system as “crap.”

Do you suggest that I emanate my “redirected” energies from my new home in a tent living by the river, or, from under an overpass after my house is auctioned off?

I’ll openly debate anyone about the injustices of the system, however please offer something more than your baseless opinion and hateful comments in your futile attempt to refute what I say, lest you waste more of our time.

I do appreciate you describing my style as eloquent. However, that which I speak about is truth, not “pollution” and “crap” as you falsely claim. The pollution that truly exists is as follows; It’s a wholesale lie that’s gladly accepted by an ignorant and naive populace and is being espoused by the State of Ohio. It’s the one that claims that the decimation of the lives of thousands of innocents and for a financial profit at that is actually in “the best interests of the children.”

I don’t mean to be disrespectful towards you in saying this, but I suspect you’ve been scorned and seek vengeance, or you yourself profit off of this madness, lest you wouldn’t defend such a despicable and diabolical system.

Lastly, since you argue that I could “surely” exude my energy in creating a better life for my blood, I must ask you, “what must I do to follow you advice, and can it be done from a prison cell?”

Despite losing my father at the age of 10, being abused as a child, spending two years in an orphanage, being shuffled from one foster home to another and being beyond poor in a family of 8 children, I put myself through college, graduated with a 3.4 GPA in engineering, taught myself how to build and network computers, trained myself in networking, and became accredited as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

I built up a portfolio of investments and real estate that would have been worth between $1.5 and $2 million between the ages of 55 and 60 as I maintained a perfect credit history for 37 years.

Today I’ve lost everything in a material sense, including my job and will be without a home in a few short months. After I pay my monthly child support obligation for my wonderful daughter with whom I’m blessed enough to have 50% of the time, I’m left with between $600 and $800 per month to support a family of five.

Considering that I’ve taken the hand life dealt me and played it without complaining to the best of my ability and without the help of others, and have lost everything through no fault of my own in the process; I will listen to what you have to say by exuding my energies to “surely” create a better life for my blood as soon as you instruct me as to how I must implement your foolproof plan to do so.

I’m listening Ms. Bxxxxx, and I sincerely request a reply from you as to how I can better my family after having lost everything that was acquired through a lifetime of hard work and affliction, and without the help of any other. Surely you have more to offer to me than only your criticism and hateful comments?


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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