My Response to the Darke County CSEA’s Indictment of a Father with a Broken Neck

Dear Ms. Ratliff and Mr. Schinke:

Ohio Council for Fathers Rights has been petitioned by Mr. Michael Sxxxxx to intervene on his behalf in the matter of his child support order originating in Darke County Ohio, and that is currently being enforced by the Darke County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA).

A support order, whereby the jurisdiction of enforcement of said order falls within the realm of the Darke County Child Support Enforcement Agency’s responsibilities, and more specifically, the individual responsibilities of Caseworker Linda Mallot.

Mr. Sxxxxx advises me that he recently suffered from a broken neck and numerous other simultaneous and serious life-threatening medical conditions.

As a direct result of suffering from said serious medical afflictions, Mr. Sxxxxx was physically unable to work. Therefore, his support order went into arrears as a direct result of his inability to produce income to comply with his child support obligation, much less to support even himself.

Ensuing his medically documented disabilities and associated loss of income due to his inability to participate in work, Mr. Sxxxxx found himself under concurrent felony indictment for criminal nonsupport in Ohio’s Lucas and Darke Counties.

Shortly after coming to an understanding regarding Mr. Sxxxxx’s circumstances that included his broken neck, the Lucas County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) rightfully dropped their felony criminal nonsupport indictment of Mr. Sxxxxx and rightfully ceased persecuting him altogether.

However, and quite frankly how sad it is, that the Darke County CSEA’s own Caseworker Mallot refused to accept Mr. Sxxxxx’s broken-neck as an adequate excuse for a temporary loss of income that directly resulted in his missed child support payments.

Nevertheless, Caseworker Mallot refused to drop the felony indictment that she secured against a Father who narrowly escaped paralysis after having broken his neck and continued persecuting him according to Mr. Sxxxxx. Sadly, Caseworker Mallot’s inhumane and abusive treatment of Mr. Sxxxxx directly resulted in his being convicted of felony criminal nonsupport and incarcerated for six months.

That said, if the allegations Mr. Sxxxxx makes to me against Ms. Mallot are true; then in what can only be described as an horrific and sadistically twisted and demented miscarriage of hateful justice, Caseworker Mallot’s actions have caused another innocent Father, this one, with a broken neck, to be convicted of a felony crime and thereby incarcerated.

In consideration of the described, Mr. Sxxxxx has petitioned me to investigate the specifics of his Darke County child support order as he feels he was wrongly and falsely indicted and imprisoned by Caseworker Mallot’s abusive tactics.

I would appreciate a return reply by email and at your earliest convenience. One that includes a release of information to be signed by Mr. Sxxxxx whereby granting all Darke County Child Support Enforcement Agency Employees permission to openly discuss Mr. Sxxxxx’s case with all representatives of Ohio Council for Fathers Rights.


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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