Please Join Us for the Upcoming “Million Father March 2008”

I would like to thank Steve Killpack, Board of Directors, Ohio Practitioner’s Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF) for providing the following information about the upcoming Million Father March.

Please consider joining OPNFF, OCFFR and thousands of other Father’s Rights advocate groups nationwide, by taking your children to their first day of school this upcoming school year.

More information can be found below. You may also visit the Black Star Project’s website, contact them by email at, or you can call them at 773.285.9600 for additional information on the “Million Father March 2008” and other Black Star Project initiatives.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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2 Responses to Please Join Us for the Upcoming “Million Father March 2008”

  1. Shannon van cleve says:

    I too am an ohio father that is dealing with child support issues. I am not a deadbeat father. My x wife works is an an officer in darke county and i moved out of the state to avoid jailtime for bogus charges while living there. While living in another state i was extridited back to ohio on child support charges and my father helped me by paying an getting me out but while in jail i was told that i had to sign over my rights and my daughter was being adopted. I spent 5 years on probation and was told that i wouldnt be paying support any longer. This was 5 years ago . I now live in florida and my fiance and account was seized for non payment and was told that i owed 15,000$ . I have been paying on this for over a year now but my question is why is there an arrearage at all. My wife and i dont have alot of money and we also have a special needs child together. I love my daughter with my x-wife and there isnt a day i dont think about her but i was forced to sign the adoption papers or i wouldnt have ever been released by the jail in the first place. Oh yea, this is the kicker, my x wife also was at the jail watching me and was even allowed into my cell. She also was buddy buddy with the judge.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      I’m not sure what you mean when you say, “I was told I had to sign over my rights and that your daughter was being adopted.” Additionally, how were you “told” you wouldn’t be paying child support any longer? Unless your support order was terminated by a judge, I’m not certain how you’d no longer be obligated to pay support. Although admittedly, I don’t understand why you’d be paying “child support” on a child that was adopted.

      I’m very familiar with Darke County, as well as Joel Schinke, Linda Mallot and Gracie Ratliff of the Darke County CSEA. Darke County in my humble opinion (and from my experiences with it) is replete with lies and corruption. Especially the Darke County CSEA.