Ohio Council for Fathers Rights Wishes all Loving Dads a Happy Fathers Day

To all loving fathers nationwide, I wish you a very happy and enjoyable Father’s Day today. More specifically, to those who dared to become fathers and who have paid the ultimate price – felony convictions and incarceration through no fault of your own, you are to be commended for your sacrifices.

To those who love your children dearly, but are prevented from seeing them due to a very abusive and incredibly unjust system, please don’t lose hope. In time, change will come and you and your children will be reunited. The day will come when you will no longer suffer from separation due to the contemptuous hatred directed at you by those who are “the system.”

There are many activists and organizations across the nation such as Ohio Council for Fathers Rights (OCFFR) that are communicating, coordinating, and mobilizing their efforts so as to act and speak as one.

We won’t be asking for change, rather we will be forcing and demanding it. We recognize that asking for change is useless when those who are part of the system continually refuse to even acknowledge that it’s broken.

As you hug your children today, please remember those fathers who can’t hug theirs. Why are they not able to? It’s because they are criminals, and they are being forcefully separated from theirs by bars. They are incarcerated for having committing a crime, one that was a felony offense.

Why were they indicted and what crime did they allegedly commit? Their crime was choosing to become a father, and for that, they have been criminalized and punished through incarceration.

On behalf of Ohio Council for Father’s Rights, I sincerely wish you and your children a very happy and fulfilling Father’s Day today.


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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