Incarcerated Ohio Father’s Ten-Month Old Son is Violently Abused Yet Children’s Services Refuses to Act

The following is a letter I received from an incarcerated Ohio father:

To whom it may concern,

My name is xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. I am 24 years old and a father who needs help. I’m not sure who exactly to address this letter to or where to begin telling you about my situation. I heard about your organization from a friend who was awarded custody of his two children with the help of your services. This letter is to ask for your help in getting custody of my son.

I have assigned my mother (xxxxx xxxxxxx) my power of attorney. She wants custody of my son while I’m in jail. I’m being told that I have no say in where my son is placed because I am in jail, and that I have no rights since I’m incarcerated. During the time I’ve been in jail my son’s mom (Jane Doe) and I have separated and she has been dating a guy named John Doe.

While in jail, my mom has cared for my son (Jonathan) day and night for 5 or 6 days a week. On Memorial day weekend, Jane picked Jonathan up fpr the weekend. She got Johnathan Saturday and had him till Tuesday around noon. When my mom went to Jane’s, Johnathan was still in his playpen in a dirty diaper because Jane was still asleep.

So mom changed his diaper and dressed him. She noticed he was fussier than usual but she thought he was just hungry because Jane had not fed him.When mom got Johnathan to her house she fed him and started to give him a bath. When she washed his legs he started crying so she dressed him and took him to the hospital.

The doctors x-rayed his legs and found that he had three fractures. Both legs were fractured just below his knees and there was a fracture above one of his ankles. Johnathan was ten months old at the time, so I can think of no way he could have caused those type of injuries to himself. Also, a couple of weeks before that happened, Jane picked Johnathan up, and when she brought him back, he had a big bruise on his forehead, his cheek, and he had a busted lip.

My mom took pictures and called Children’s Services but they did nothing about it. Children’s Services said they were investigating the primary caregivers for the fractures and placed Johnathan in the care of Jane’s parents.

The police and Children’s Services asked if everyone was willing to take a polygraph test to see who knew something about what happened. My mom took the polygraph 3 weeks ago but Jane and her new boyfriend John backed out of taking the test two times, which pretty much tells me they know something. When me or Mom try to get information they won’t tell us anytyhing.

I think Children’s Services is now trying to protect themselves because they didn’t act properly when my mom reported the bruises and busted lip and they now know the fractures could have been stopped if they would have done their job.

Jane has been in trouble with Children’s Services in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and it has been for drugs, neglect and now this. I would like to get Johnathan back in my mothers care before he gets hurt again or worse. PLEASE contact me to let me know if you can help.


An incarcerated Ohio Father

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