The Hamilton County CSEA Seizes $4200 in Tax Returns but Refuses to Credit my Support Obligation

I was involuntarily separated from my employer in December 2007. From January 2008 through May 2008, I had no income and therefore could not pay my $900.00/mo child support obligation; A monthly obligation that I am ordered to pay despite being fortunate enough to have my daughter exactly 50% of the time.

In May 2008, I prevailed while representing myself in a state-level unemployment compensation hearing and was therefore authorized to receive unemployment compensation benefits of $422 per week. Of that, $211 per week is seized by the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) to satisfy my “child support” obligation. I am therefore left with $211 per week to support a family of five.

Supporting a family of five on $211.00 per week is going so well that my home was auctioned of last week due to my recent foreclosure. I have 30 days to find a place for my belongings before the Sheriff’s Department throws what’s left of them to the curb.

From December 2007 through May 7, 2008, my child support arrears totaled approximately $4,500. From May 8, 2008 to date, I have been paying my child support regularly by having half of my weekly unemployment compensation seized by the Hamilton County CSEA. During the same period, nearly $4,200 of my current wife’s tax return and rebate were seized by the Hamilton County CSEA as well.

My child support payments from May 2008 to present are as follows: $2,400 has been paid from my unemployment benefits and approximately $4,200 of my wife’s tax returns and rebate have been seized for my “arrears.” Simple addition says that I have paid $6,600 in child support from May through July 2008. The total amount “owed” by me from December 14, 2007 through July 2008 is $6,700. To arrive at $6,700, I multiplied $900 (my monthly child support obligation) by 7 (for the months of January through July 2008) plus $450 for the period of December 14 through December 31, 2007.

Nevertheless, the Hamilton County CSEA maintains that I am $4,075.07 in arrears as of July 2008. Even worse, despite them seizing nearly $4,200 of my current wifes tax return and rebate, the Hamilton County CSEA claims they only seized $2,200 of my wife’s money. Two thousand dollars unaccounted for and what are my remedies? Nothing. This same scenario plays out time and time again statewide.

Following is what they allege I owe: “As of today, your arrears stands at $4,075.07 (including what is owed for the month of July, 2008). Remember that remedies (collection efforts) are cumulative, which means that a CSEA pursues all collection avenues.”

So, despite my total obligation from December 15, 2007 through July 2008 being $6,700, and despite them seizing $4,200 of “my wifes” money, and despite them seizing $2,400 of my unemployment benefits, they claim I still owe $4,075.07.

So what do I do? I simply wait for my felony indictment, just like many others who have gone before me. For those not familiar with “the system”, arguing with the CSEA is pointless. I will however file a lawsuit against them after raising the $225.00 filing fee so as to argue my case in court, and to expose this insanity to the public.
That’s not to say I’ll take this lying down. I fully intend to subpoena my entire CSEA case file. Furthermore, I will file various motions with the court to force the CSEA into accountability.

There’s something seriously wrong with our society, when a governmental agency (the Hamilton County CSEA) steals my wife’s tax refund and rebate, and then gives her money to my ex-wife to pay for a debt she’s not responsible for. If that’s not bad enough, the Hamilton County CSEA denies taking $2,000 of said monies!

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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One Response to The Hamilton County CSEA Seizes $4200 in Tax Returns but Refuses to Credit my Support Obligation

  1. Michael Farrell says:

    CSEA did that to my stepsons wife.They took half of her tax return($3500) to give to a welfare moma.