What Ohio Doesn’t want the Public to Know about its “Child Support” Collections Efforts

The pleas we receive for help are incessant. The voice mails fill up all available memory, the emails requesting assistance are endless. Some cries for help entail pages of very disturbing and intimate details about the person’s situation; Others are very matter-of-fact and very simple, such as this request for help we received today:

“My husband is a victim of the child support system. He was homeless when I met him. He has been jailed and is being treated as a criminal for not being able to pay support.”

Of all the emails I’ve read, and of all the crying I’ve listened to in voice mails and telephone conversations, what you just read is the most powerful of anything I’ve ever seen or heard.

It’s simple, it’s short, but it’s an absolutely perfect descriptor of what the state of Ohio does to a child’s father who can no longer pay an outrageously high child support order, and through no fault of his own. An order whereby it was never shown he even had the ability to pay it to begin with.

Ohio abuses, mistreats and criminalizes all fathers who have fallen behind in their child support payments, regardless of their reasons for not being able to pay.

I know Ohio fathers who have had heart attacks, suffered from cancer, broke their necks, were in nursing homes because of strokes and had suffered from other misfortune; Yet, the State of Ohio seized their assets, their bank accounts, put liens on their property and jailed some of them. Even worse is that some of these fathers we re-indicted under more serious felony non-support charges for refusing to pay their child support during their incarceration. Under existing Ohio statutes, incarceration is considered “voluntary underemployment,” therefore you must continue paying your child support after Ohio jailed you for not being able to pay it to begin with!

The most sickening instance of abuse that I’ve seen is the Dayton Ohio father who was convicted of felony criminal non-support of a minor child. He was incarcerated for more than eighteen months for failing to pay support on his deceased daughter, not once, but twice! Twice, Ohio’s Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) indicted this father for failing to support his deceased daughter!

You don’t believe that either? Outrageous and impossible you say? Not at all, when you understand how Ohio’s CSEA’a operate. Keep in mind that the CSEA’s are tasked with maximizing Ohio’s share of the “Federal Incentive-Match Pie” that’s funded through our social security tax dollars (if only the leaders of the AARP read our blog.) More information about the “Federal Incentive Match” can be found by visiting this link, as well as this one at our sister-site http://www.ohiofathersrights.com.

For those who don’t can’t afford to retain an attorney so as to file a motion requesting a downward deviation in child support after a loss of job, loss of income, heart-attack, hospitalization, cancer, death of child; and for those who do not understand law well enough to file said motion Pro Se, may God help you. Either you continue paying your outdated child support order amount until the child turns eighteen (or twenty-one), or you go to jail. For some, this may mean paying $100,000 or more in unwarranted child support. Support they wouldn’t otherwise have to pay if they could only afford to retain an attorney so as to request a reduction in their “current” support order.

When you fall behind in your child support order because it’s outdated and no longer applicable, there exist no “net” for you. There is no one to help you free of charge. The CSEA will represent the Obligee of your order and appoint them an attorney, if you can’t afford private counsel, there will be no one to defend you. There will only be those to persecute you for being a “deadbeat.”

What a disgusting state we live in, when Ohio’s relentless quest for its hundreds of millions of dollars in annual profits (a profit that’s reaped from Title-IV Social Security-funded matching federal incentive dollars for merely collecting child-support payments) actually drives Ohio fathers into homelessness, bankruptcy and even suicide.

Most sickening of it all, is the fact that Ohio continuously lies to the public in claiming that their aggressive child support collection efforts are only done out of “the best interests of Ohio’s children.” It’s in the best interests of children when their fathers live under overpasses or in the homeless camps that line the banks of the Ohio river?

How do I know that what this person (at the top of this post) claims is true? It’s simple. I too was forced into bankruptcy and lost my home for the same reason. I have less than two weeks to remove what’s left of my belongings from “my home” before the sheriff’s department throws what’s left of my belongings to the curb. I must also find a place to live.

My house was foreclosed on and finally sold at the sheriff’s sale (at auction) two weeks ago after I lost my job, and coincidentally, because of the system itself. We have been holding yard sales to keep the utilities on and to put food on the table. Sales where we’ve sold valuable possessions for pennies on the dollar.

I lost my job and had my career destroyed by the system itself. I was unemployed through no fault of my own. I was approved to receive $422/wk in unemployment compensation. At the time of my job loss, my child support order was set at $900 per month despite me being fortunate enough to have my wonderful daughter exactly 50% of the time.

Despite going without heat during the winter and being left with $211 per week to support a family of five (this after the Hamilton County CSEA seizes exactly half of my $422 weekly unemployment check) and not being able to afford medications, doctor visits and more, my family is refused any type of assistance. Why? Because I am allegedly in arrears with my child support payments.

Immediately following the approval of my unemployment compensation of $422/wk, the Hamilton County CSEA raised my support order to $1080/month, so as to collect on my “arrears.” An arrears that does not exist. After seizing over $4200 of my current wife’s tax refunds to satisfy my “arrears”, they refuse to credit me for the monies. Why? They have an internal policy that dictates that I cannot be credited for the tax refunds and rebates that were seized until after six months have passed.

That said, they continue to penalize me and have since attached a lien to all of my “assets” in the state of Ohio for an arrears that doesn’t exist. They can and may indict me for felony criminal non-support. Despite my having letters from the United States Department of the Treasury stating that our tax refund and rebate monies were seized and turned over to the Hamilton County CSEA, the Hamilton County CSEA maintains they only seized $2200, despite $4200 being taken.

It’s bad enough that the Hamilton County CSEA seized my current wife’s tax rebate/return, it’s worse that they lie about doing so. This is precisely why there are so many innocent Ohio fathers such as Dave Rose who have been convicted of criminal felony non-support and sent to prison. Ohio’s CSEA’s routinely seize funds and then deny doing so. Moreover, they regularly make “bookkeeping-errors” that cause innocent fathers to be incarcerated.

The lies must stop. The State of Ohio is prostituting Ohio’s children through statewide child support orders, and is driving fathers into bankruptcy, to suicide and incarcerating them for a sum of money known as a profit.

To date, the State of Ohio has quite possibly profited more than $2 billion by destroying the lives of Ohio’s fathers through outrageously high child support orders. In doing so, they are destroying the lives of Ohio’s children as well.

There’s an old saying that explains everything.

To Cynthia Brown, the Director of the Butler County Child Support Agency, you were quoted by a Cincinnati Reporter as saying, “Fathers are purposely absent from their children.” I have a question for you Ms. Brown, was the homeless father whose wife petitioned me for help at the beginning of this article purposefully absent after your agency caused him to be homeless? It appears to me that your agency purposely made him absent after it drove him into homelessness.

Ms. Brown, are those innocent fathers that your office and my own brother (under your direction) prosecute in Butler County Ohio, and therefore cause to be incarcerated, purposely absent from their children during their incarceration? After all Ms. Brown, as you are well aware, the child of any fathers who are incarcerated in the State of Ohio for non-payment of child support are prohibited by law from visiting their own fathers in prison. Yet your agency maintains that’s in the best interest of the child?

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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34 Responses to What Ohio Doesn’t want the Public to Know about its “Child Support” Collections Efforts

  1. jeremy cornett says:

    i pay support myself on two boys and the state of ohio has put me through pure hell! there have been many times that i wished for death but kept fighting because of the way my christian mother raised me! I hope that 1 day there will be some kind of justice for all victims of ohio’s bullshit laws that only benefit the state!

  2. Jeremy,

    As one who has lost everything as a direct result of a “child support” order, I can empathize with what you’ve expressed here.

    All three of the homes I once owned went into foreclosure, and what I had left was eventually taken from me as described herein. I was on the verge of homelessness and had explained to my wife at one point that “we’ll probably have to live in a tent in the woods somewhere” after I lost my job through no fault of my own.

    I lost the three homes I once owned and immediately went bankrupt after the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) under the guise of “acting in the best interests of my daughter” began confiscating about $,1200 per month from my net pay for “child support.”

    After a lifetime of perfect credit and after having built up an investment portfolio that included three homes and nearly $100,000 in securities, I filed for bankruptcy about four months after I was ordered to pay about $1,2000 per month (cash) in “child support” payments.

    After that paycheck “deduction,” I could no longer afford to pay the mortgage on my principal residence. It was therefore foreclosed on, and we were evicted by a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy while we were still trying to pack what was left of our belongings. We had sold much of what we had at yards sales (for pennies on the dollar) just to put food on the table after the Hamilton County Ohio CSEA seized $211 of my $422 per week unemployment check. I was left with about $844/mo to support my family when gasoline was over $4 per gallon.

    Many of my daughter’s belongings (including her most sentimental and prized items) were left behind in that house because we HAD to leave shortly after the deputy arrived, or we’d face arrest.

    Keep in mind, that this was all in the best interest of my daughter. How do I make that correlation? Easily; the State of Ohio argues that they seized $1,200 per month of my net pay for “child support” because it was “in the best interest” of my daughter Maria that said monies be seized from me, and turned over to her mother to “support her.” Now given that that very seizure caused me to lose my home and most of my daughter’s possessions, it was obviously in her best interest using the State of Ohio’s “best interest” reasoning, or they never would have set my “child support” order so high that it bankrupted me right?

    My freedom was lost; that, right after I was wrongfully incarcerated, strapped into a chair, and then violently beaten by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputies at the Hamilton County Justice Center after being taken into custody at gunpoint one day on a civil contempt warrant . A warrant that was issued (by the same court that bankrupted me through my child support order) because I couldn’t make a $65/month court ordered (but non-child support related) payment. I couldn’t pay that or much else because they were seizing much of my net monthly income for “child support.”

    I couldn’t pay the $65 per month as ordered for the same reason I couldn’t pay my mortgage or pay my utility bills or buy food to put on the table; they were seizing about half of my net monthly income to pay my “child support” obligation. The court’s response to my foreclosure notice that included a demand for the roughly $4,500 that I was behind in my mortgage and being demanded by the bank, as well as the checking account statement that showed I was more than $600 overdrawn? I was sentenced to 60 days incarceration. I presented the aforementioned documents in my own defense at my contempt hearing as evidence of my financial distress while foolishly believing that the court would have leniency. I couldn’t have been more wrong or any more naive.

    One afternoon I noticed a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy (standing on my first floor roof) pointing a gun at me. I saw him when I turned to look over my left shoulder after a red dot from his laser scope hit the wall to my right as I was walking down a hall towards my kitchen. He stood on my roof pointing his gun at me through an open window. Not coincidentally, the night before, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s helicopter was hovering directly above my home for a considerable amount of time. Now I know why.

    Isn’t that just a little extreme, as well as an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars to go through all of that to arrest a father on a civil contempt warrant because a judge ordered him to 60 days incarceration because he “couldn’t” afford to pay a court ordered $65/month payment related to his divorce? But I digress, as it only gets better, read on.

    I lost my job, and through no fault of my own. A former employer terminated me after two plain clothes Deputies from the Hamilton County “Fugitive Warrant Unit” (the same ones who were later on my roof) went to my place of employment to arrest me on that same civil warrant related to this madness. I was later apprehended as previously explained and jailed for being indigent and nothing more.

    The absolute madness in all this is that the very same judge that caused me to be indigent when he ordered me to $1,200/mo in “child support” payments, literally caused me to get fired from my job when he signed that “writ of bodily attachment” for my arrest on the aforementioned contempt.

    So now I’ve lost my job and my homes and was incarcerated (because I didn’t have the money to pay a non-child support related albeit court ordered expense) due to that same $1,200 per month “child support” order that the Hamilton County CSEA and the State of Ohio says was “in the best interest of my daughter.”

    Then, and after that same system that only acts in the best interest of my daughter caused me to get fired from my job, I was awarded $422 per week in unemployment compensation. Shortly thereafter, the Hamilton County CSEA raised my monthly “child support” obligation for an arrears that didn’t exist. They then began seizing $211 of my $422 per week unemployment benefits and left me with a paltry $844 per month to support a family of five.

    Just to eat, we regularly went “garbage picking” at night ( I took my daughter with me on the nights I had her) so we’d have more items to sell at our yard sales so we could splurge and buy food. I am not in any way ashamed of that and I would do it again. As a father, I would and will do anything for my wonderful and precious daughter Maria.

    Am I trying to be funny in what I’ve explained here? I think perhaps that cynical best describes it. What I went through (and still do) is sheer lunacy and it gets worse. I am overpaid nearly $8,000 in my “child support” obligation and the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency not only refuses to return my money, they still deduct my “child support” obligation out of my every paycheck.

    When I asked why they keep deducting money out of every paycheck instead of ceasing the deductions until my $8,000 overpayment is at zero, you know what they told me? “We can’t do that! We have to keep deducting your support obligation out of your check because there’s an order that says to do so.”

    They further explained that “I should contact them again when my daughter is close to eighteen (in about 8 years) so they can “seize” the “child support” payments I’m making to my daughter’s mother and return them to me after my daughter is eighteen. Really? What happens if there’s a change of custody tomorrow, next week or next year? Then I’ll be out the nearly $8,000, end of story.

    Don’t laugh, there’s a VERY good reason they do that and it has NOTHING to do with the “court order” as they falsely claim, because they could get that order modified on their own, if they wanted to. But, they choose NOT to and following is why; the reason they’ll make me pay that $8,000 to them again so I can “get it back” is twofold:

    1. The Hamilton County CSEA acting on behalf of the Ohio Department of Jobs and “Family Services” (ODJFS) Office of Child Support Administration (OCSA) collects a “poundage fee” on each and every “child support” payment made in Ohio. Today, that amounts to a 4% surcharge that’s added to our “child support” obligation. In eight years, when my daughter is 18, that poundage fee could be 10% or more if Ohio decides to gouge fathers more by raising it, and I expect that they will given their history and their recent failed attempt at raising “child support” on Ohio’s non-custodial parents in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

    To explain; multiplying $8,000 by .04% (poundage fee) equals $320 that “I” must pay to the Hamilton County CSEA and thereby, the State of Ohio to get “my” own money back. How do you like that? Talk about racketeering, they make me pay them to get my own money back. Remember, for them to “profit” off of “child support” payments, those monies must pass through the ODJFS OCS CSEAs (Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, Office of Child Support, “Child Support Enforcement Agency), hands to “earn” that “profit” known as the “Federal Incentive Match.” And that’s precisely why the CSEA refuses to cease collections until my $8,000 overpayment balance is at $0. If they just stop deducting my “child support” obligation from my paycheck, they’ll lose all of the money as I explain below.

    Also, where’s my “statutory interest” on my $8,000? I’d have to pay Ohio’s statutory interest on an arrears if I had one, so shouldn’t I get that same interest on my overpayment? on an arrears if I had one? There’s none, zero, no interest for me. Not only must I pay the State of Ohio $320 to get my own money back, they’ll use my money interest free in the process before they give it back to me ONLY after I pay them to give it back. Consider this, lets assume that I could have earned 6% interest compounded annually on that $8,000 over the 10 years that I’ll be out that money, assuming I ever see it again.

    That would put my balance (with said interest) after 10 years (the time I’ll be out that money) at $14,326.78. So not only do I have to pay the CSEA $320 (poundage fee) to get my own money back, I’m losing $6,326.78 that I could have earned in interest. I believe that 6% is close to Ohio’s statutory interest.

    So for what reason am I being punished? What did I do that was so wrong and is causing me to lose $6,326.78? I overpaid (and not by my choice) my “child support.” If you had any doubts whatsoever about the truthfulness of my claims about Ohio only caring only about the profit it “earns” on “child support” payments, and that “child support” collections has absolutely nothing to do with the “best interest of the children,” then what I’ve explained here should make it crystal clear to you now.

    2. The State of Ohio “earns” a profit of about .67 cents on the dollar for “every” child support dollar it collects statewide. That “profit” is known as a “Federal Incentive Match” under Title IV D of the Social Security Act That money is paid by us, the taxpayer, through our social security payroll taxes. That in and of itself is another scam I won’t get into here, but just ask any politician for the account number of the Social Security Trust Fund and you’ll never get an answer because it doesn’t (and has never) exist.

    Multiplying $8,000 by .67%, and you get $5,360. That’s $5,360 more in “profit” that Ohio “earns” by charging me to get my $8,000 back without any interest. As I said, the Hamilton County Ohio CSEA refuses to return my nearly $8,000 “child support” overpayment to me because they will “earn” $5,680 ($5,360 + $320) by charging me to get back my own money that was essentially stolen from me. They’ll earn that on “my” money while I’ll simultaneously lose $6,326.78 (as explained) on “my” money. How’s that for equity, fairness, and justice? Also, please note that the money really isn’t what matters to me. It’s the principal of the matter that must be considered.

    I’ve lost everything once and learned a very valuable lesson from that; money is here today, and it’s gone tomorrow. So from that perspective, it means nothing to me and isn’t worth worrying about. What does anger me though, is what I could do for my daughter with that. I could buy her a violin (she loves strings), buy her a computer, take her to Disney World, start a college savings account for her etc etc. So ultimately, she suffers as a result, and that’s what angers me.

    I sincerely apologize for this lengthy response and for explaining what seems to be the same thing over and over. However, when the State of Ohio and the Hamilton County “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA; perhaps the Hamilton County Child Support Extortion Agency would be more fitting, the same acronym would still apply?) routinely lies by falsely claiming to only be acting in the “best interest of the children”; and when they proudly and arrogantly decimate the lives of loving fathers like us, I’ll never tire of exposing their lies, hypocrisy, and corruption. They engage in draconian, unconstitutional, and abusive collections efforts whereby they financially, but most importantly,they emotionally destroy the lives of millions of Ohio’s fathers as well those of their precious and innocent children.

    It was forced to pick garbage with my daughter so I could have money just to buy food to put on the table; and I was forced to do that because I was financially decimated after they bankrupted me (and thereby my daughter) by the very “child support” order that the State of Ohio and the Hamilton County CSEA clamors was issued because it’s “in the best interest of my daughter.” Really?? How is it in her best interests to sit in my unheated home (no money to pay utility bills, so they’re disconnected) during a brutally cold Ohio winter?

    How is it in my daughter’s “best interest” to lose her most cherished and most sentimental possessions because I had to leave them behind in my foreclosed home. A home where a Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy was sent to use force as needed to evict us?

    How is it in my daughter’s “best interest” to sit in my home wearing a hat, gloves, a coat and while shivering in my unheated Ohio home (I had no money for luxuries like utilities) in winter while asking me through the fog of her breath, “Daddy, why is it always cold over here?”

    I’ll tell you how, it’s not in her best interest or any child’s for that matter. What it is in, is Ohio’s best “financial” interest (at the expense of the children) to force such financially unbearably high “child support” orders on fathers. Orders that bankrupt them only so Ohio can “maximize” the profit she “earns” as I’ve described herein. Profits through “poundage fees”, the Federal Incentive Match, and by forcing fathers like me to pay the State of Ohio a fee to have my own money returned to me while they “earned” the interest from the very money that’s essentially been stolen from me.

    Thanks for reading Jeremy, but most importantly, thanks for taking the time to post your own very valuable story, as it’s those like us who speak out, that will ultimately force the much needed change to Ohio’s very corrupt and morally bankrupted “child support” system. A horrific system whereby the State prostitutes the lives of as many innocent Ohio children as it can, and only so it maximize its “profit” on its statewide “child support” collections. A profit that’s “earned” at the expense of Ohio’s families.

    Lastly, and as you and I both know, there’s a good reason that many fathers who are caught up in this madness don’t just wish for death, but sadly, they take their own precious and valuable lives directly because of it. And you know what? Ohio couldn’t care less that as a result, more Ohio children are left without a father. Is that what they mean by “purposefully absent fathers?”


    Tony Fantetti
    Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
    Email: tony.fantetti(atsymbol)ocffr(dot)org

  3. Sean Brady says:

    My name is Sean,
    I am 22 yrs old and have been paying child support since I was 19 yrs old. On average I have made about 300/wk and I am ordered to pay 100/wk in child support. I live on my own and pay all of my bills on my own while the mother lives with her parents rent and bill free. The mother also cut back the amount that I see my daughter just for the sake of her “case” for child support. I have stayed current with my cs payments the whole time, yet the mother insists I am behind and constantly threatens that my wages will be garnished and that she I can be arrested for felony failure to pay cs. This system does nothing but cause unbearable stress to good fathers and our side of the story does not matter at all. It is simply a mathematical formula to decide what us fathers have to pay. At the time of my cs hearing, the mother and I had an apartment we both signed for and she left leaving me with full rent and full bills yet they took none of that into consideration. They just simply looked at my paychecks and hers and typed away on their calculator and that’s what I have to pay. There needs to be a fathers rights movement or something because this is just simply unjust.

  4. Kirk D. Turns says:

    Hi, my name is Kirk

    I am currently dealing with a child support case in Franklin County Ohio where my son who is now of age and suffers from Autism. Franklin County convicted me of a felony Non Support knowing that there was no Title IV-D application attached to the case. I currently have a civil suit pending in the common pleas court against the CSEA, County Commissoners, Judge Daniel T. Hogan, various employees of the CSEA, County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, assistant prosecutor Elza Little which is to include my sons mother for fraud, fraud upon the court, tampering with records and interfering with civil rights. My sons mother for many years has been collecting child support payments from me without reporting income she was receiving from SSI disability to the CSEA. At the same time, My son’s mother was receiving public assistance benefits for her second child who is not my child. My sons mother mislead the CSEA in to thinking that she was still receiving public assistance benefits for my son who is now an adult. The CSEA lost jurisdiction in the case when all the parties nmed in my civil suit, failed to produce the Title IV-D application. I even received a letter from County Prosecutor Ron Obrien that the Title IV-d Application “does not exist and never did exist.” The Child Support System is systematicly destroying families by not properly investigating the custodial parnts in these cases. I am not an advocate of parents not taking care of their children, but I am an advocate that is against parents being railroaded by lies , deceit & untrustworthy public officials using a “sham process” to destroy families and using our constitutional rights against us as parents.

  5. Lisa Tackett says:

    Hi all,

    My husband pays child support as well. Last year he lost his job and was put of work about a month. Unemployment didn’t even get to start before he found another job. CSEA of Franklin County took his license over $440. He called to make payment arrangements and was not allowed. 2 weeks later we received paperwork in the mail from them. I opened the mail and found 4 checks that totalled $396. We had over paid the previous year. Now today I open the mail to see that they are now trying to with hold from his second job. We could not afford with him working one fulltime job after child support. He is working 2 fulltime jobs to survive and now their going after the second job. Doubling the amount of support.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      The State of Ohio claims that suspending a father’s license is a “measure of last resort.” I’ve spoken out against that very thing for years, and called them what they were with regard to the license suspensions; “liars.”

      I’ve talked to enough fathers to know that Ohio suspends drivers licenses as a measure of first resort in many counties, and despite their claims to the contrary.

      Additionally, the CSEAs doubling the amount of “child-support” by withholding from two jobs is another common tactic that I don’t believe is accidental either as it allows them to earn more in profits off that support.

      So here’s what I suggest, as I’ve done this myself, and it usually clears the matter up rather quickly; “child support” orders are a two-way street. By that I mean that the obligor is required to pay, and the CSEA is required to withhold….the PROPER amount. Any amount withheld that’s not the court-ordered amount is contempt of a court.

      Therefore, I’d have an attorney send a letter to Ms. Susan Brown, Director, Franklin County CSEA advising her that you’ll be filing a motion to have her held in contempt for withholding the improper amount of “child support” through the current double wage deductions that she’s authorized through her office. I’d also make as part of that letter, a demand that all improperly withheld monies along with the poundage fee also be refunded.

      If you can’t afford to have an attorney send the letter, have your husband send one via certified mail. Be sure he advises Ms. Brown that he’ll be retaining counsel for the matter and requesting that the court award him his attorney’s fees in accordance with Ohio’s statutes.



  6. anonymous says:

    boyfriend is wanted for back child support if he starts trying to send them a little money here and there will they take him off of the wanted list? also if not how can we pay them without giving them our address?I truely hope that you all can help because i think its very unfair because both the children became adults years ago and have their own children.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      I wouldn’t expect the CSEA to take his name off the wanted list just because he’s making payments, especially considering that there are fathers and men on that list who don’t even have an arrears! I spoke to one father years ago who NEVER in his life was in arrears, yet his name appeared on the “wanted list.” Under Ohio law, and Obligor is required to notify the CSEA of their current address.

  7. rita says:

    It’s sad that fathers who do pay regularly but fall behind, get penalized more than fathers who never pay anything. My childs father owes over $40,000 and has just recently started paying $20-100.00 dollars of the $420.00 he’s suppose. To pay monthly. I cry everyday for my two childre ages 13 and 8. Now, i will say a prayer for those that try to do the best for their children but still face scrutiny

  8. Kell Lynn says:

    All of these stories are very sad and heart breaking. As a mother and having to deal with CSEA’s (Franklin and Licking County) for over 20 years now, I must say that I can see both sides. It is a shame for those good fathers that do or try to (if job loss or illness etc.) do right by their children and get pulled into this never ending devastating whirlwind. I do believe once you fall behind it is really difficult to get back on track when a new job is found etc. because of the cyclical affect the punishment the CSEA enacts. With that said, I am on the opposite side of the turmoil. While I know there are a lot of good fathers out there, there are a lot of fathers that choose not to help pay the cost of raising a child. My ex voluntarily quit his $150K + /year job, obtained another 6 figure/year job but didn’t disclose to me or CSEA. I was forced to figure out on my own where he had moved to with his new girlfriend and do surveillance to figure out where he was working. Two and half months after reporting this information to CSEA I finally got 1 payment and the day after CSEA took out this 1st payment, he quit. He continued his job hopping tactics for several years.

    Meanwhile we were in and out of court, he was found in contempt, sentenced to 30 days in jail but they were suspended so he could work and start paying. He then changed his tactics to work only part time delivering pizza’s which is the place of employment he reported but secretly had a good paying 2nd job that he never disclosed. Four years later, he went back to the job hopping and stopped paying. He was found in contempt for the second time and sentenced 30 days in jail, again suspended because the week before the court date, he disclosed to CSEA his employer and the court suspended it to give him time to start paying again. His Drivers Licenses were suspended once, but he drove anyways. He eventually made consecutive payments to get his DL back. He made 1 more payment and then stopped again. While all this was going on all these years, because of his nonpayment, my children and I lost our home (foreclosure). We stayed in hotels, slept in our car at times, and stayed with friends and family here and there trying to find new housing with bad credit now due to the foreclosure and my children were missing school because we didn’t live in the district anymore where they were enrolled. I tried to enroll them somewhere else but couldn’t show proof of residency.

    My ex living his life spending tons of money going to sporting events (thousands of dollars on season tickets), golf outings, and vacations etc. was totally getting away with no accountability to his child. Yes, he did pick up our son and take him to all these fun games and exciting places but could care less if he had a stable home or food to eat. My ex would always laugh and say to me that I should get a job and I thought that would be great too if our son wasn’t so ill. Our son was on a feeding tube for years, has a lung disease, had seizures and needed to be on more then 10 medicines a day. When he was born sick, I had no choice but to give up my career and stay home to care for him. He misses on average 40 days of school a year due to illness. His father is now more than $100k behind in CS. His father finally started paying about half of the CS amount and did so for nearly a year but is now back to his old ways of job hopping. Our son just turned 9 and because his father stopped paying again, we are looking at being homeless again. I know there may be some people who are going to say that his father should not have to pay 100% of the support and for them I will clear that up. When CS was calculated, they imputed me an income even though I was not working. My oldest child in his 20’s has had to move in with us to help pay to keep us in our rental home but now that the CS has stopped again we can’t afford to stay. Our son is a 3rd grader has been in 3 elementary schools so far and his dad well, he has a brand new car, lives rent free, still going to 40 Blue Jackets games a season and often takes weekend trips to Detroit and other places to see hockey games or other sporting events.

    Sorry so long but wanted to get all the facts out so the picture is clear. I would love to know what counties actually enforce CS and actually put someone in jail? In Licking County that has not been my experience at all. They say it, they even put it in writing but simply suspended it and nothing happens. Over the years I have met several wonderful fathers doing everything they should and more and still get screwed by CSEA. As for the comments about CSEA making money on the poundage (processing fee) etc. I believe is totally true. In my case, CSEA says the fee obligation to them is $535.17 monthly. The numbers don’t add up at all. With the current CS amount and additional CS Arrears amount is $2258.43 a month. I was told 2% is the fee amount which would be $45.17 a month. I told my ex this as well as CSEA and asked them to audit our case because $535.17 was clearly wrong and they agreed that didn’t seem right. I received a letter from CSEA that an audit was conducted and the amount was correct. Even though this money didn’t benefit me any, I wanted it corrected because I felt like they were taking money that my ex could have spent on or doing things with our child. Feels like theft to me but nobody seems to care.

    The bottom line: No matter what side of CSEA you are on, the only consistent winner here is CSEA! I’m sure what was once designed with good intentions to try to get absent parents to help the other parent financially with there child has turned into a money maker for the CSEA and while it may help some, it leaves way too many devastated and destitute. I hope some day it gets back to really being about the children.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      I’m truly sorry that due to a deadbeat, you find yourself in the situation your in. I do see your points, and although we may not see eye to eye on everything, and I only say that because I don’t agree with the concept of “child support” in its present form on many fronts, however I DO believe that both parents are obligated to financially support their children equally, and those that don’t should be held accountable.

      However, I don’t believe that because a father (or child support paying mother) who is well off, that they should be ordered to pay copious amounts of child support to the custodial parent because of that. Please know that my intent is not to be rude, insensitive or crass with what I’m about to say, but the truth is that the day is long past due when child support orders are set in such a way that each parent pays exactly half of the expenses in raising a child.

      To that point; your situation is heartbreaking to say the least. And if what you’ve said is true, then your ex is a financial deadbeat for dodging his responsibility to your son. But I ask you, what is more fair than each parent paying 50% of the actual costs of raising their children? Do you really believe that because someone earns a six figure salary that they should have to pay thousands per month in “child support” when it doesn’t cost thousands a month to raise a child?

      Again Kell, I want to emphasize that I’m not being argumentative or insensitive to your situation. Nor am I excusing the behavior of a deadbeat. However, it’s conversations such as this, that more people need to have, and that politicians and policymakers need to take into account so that the financial destruction in the form of “child support” that is rained downed upon the lives tens of millions fathers and which destroys the lives of many of the same, is brought to an end.

      No longer can fathers (and mothers in the cases of child support paying moms) be expected and forced under the threat of arrest and incarceration, to support two households because of divorce or out of wedlock children. Rent and mortgages are mostly mutually exclusive of “child support.” Housing is not dependent upon children. In other words, housing is a requirement for all whether children or involved or not. Could an argument be made that housing costs are increased somewhat when children are present? Of course. But how much should a non custodial parent be held financially responsible for the housing of a child that they didn’t willingly give up custody of? In my opinion, little to nothing. I didn’t ask, nor did I ever agree to be separated from my daughter, so why should I then be financially fleeced for having her taken away from me?

      But that’s not reality. Reality is that I’m forced to pay for something that wasn’t good for her or me, and that’s the case in EVERY situation where a father or mother didn’t agree to having their children taken away from them. So in cases where a fit and loving parent has their parental rights stripped away from them by the courts for no good reason, then I believe NO child support is warranted, as it only encourages more single parenting at the emotional and financial expense of the children involved.

      But in cases where a noncustodial parent willingly walks away from their children, then I believe that child support is warranted. But even in those cases, the amount should NEVER be dependent upon how financially successful the noncustodial parent is, it should only be limited to half of the actual cost of raising a child. But under today’s child support statutes, it’s currently a “lottery system” and it’s wrong. The more the noncustodial parent makes, the more they are forced to pay and that’s not right. What that is is an excuse to wrongfully steal another person’s income under the guise of “child support.”

      I’d like to address your point about your income being imputed. You said, “When CS was calculated, they imputed me an income even though I was not working.” I can tell you without even knowing how much the court imputed that it had a very minimal impact on the amount of support that he was ordered to pay. And the reason that’s so is due to how “child support” is calculated. With the current formula, is mostly calculated off of the noncustodial parent’s income only. In other words, unless the court imputed a significant amount of money for your income, its affect on how much he was ordered to is negligible. You can run the numbers yourself through one of the many online calculators.

      In fact, if he was earning $125k annually, and the court imputed your income at $125k, he’d still be ordered to pay more than $600 per month, and there’s something wrong with that. So as much as I commiserate with your situation, as I’ve been exactly where you are because of my “child support” order, I see no moral justification as to why your ex should have to pay your rent or mortgage because of the simple fact that he’s your ex. That would imply financial separation.

      Should he be paying half of the actual costs of raising your son? My opinion is that if he willingly walked away, then yes. Do I believe that he should be forced to pay what he was ordered to based on his $150,000 annual salary? Absolutely not. I don’t have to see his “child support” order to know that he’s been ordered to pay above and beyond the actual monthly costs of raising your son.

      I’m confused by your statement that he didn’t disclose a secret (well-paying) job that he held while delivering pizzas part time, and that you had to hire a private investigator to learn of that job. Reason being, whenever someone starts employment at a new company, their social security number is run through a national child support database. And through that database, the CSEA will within about 2 months of someone starting that job, issue a wage garnishment order to the employer. Therefore, the CSEA should have acted on their own and started the garnishment.

      Finally, the poundage fee is set at 2%, and if the CSEA is taking $535.17 as you said, then they are over collecting that poundage fee far and wide, and you should put a stop to that.

      Tony Fantetti

      • Dave says:

        What about “deadbeat” mothers? I have one, and I have friends who have them as well.
        My mother’s never been arrested, never had her taxes seized, never had liens placed upon her “assets” by CSEA and the state of Ohio. And she’s never paid a dime in the way of supporting me and my brother. Despite the fact she even collected benefits from job and family services for me and my brother when she didn’t have custody, and didn’t even exercise visitation with my brother and I. Something which I found out, when I as an adult went to apply for help for myself, and was told I couldn’t until the money she’d taken fraudulently was repaid. As if I, the child am (and at the time it was done a minor of six years old) responsible for HER fraud. The fact that there exists such a double standard at CSEA is in and of itself proof if you ask me, that there is a definitive anti-father, anti-male gender attitude amongst the PTB at CSEA. I for one don’t know why, some father out there hasn’t filed suit in federal court, not only to challenge this anti-male gender bias, but to also challenge the fact that there do exist certain programs a single father cannot avail themselves of, for no other reason than that of their gender. (A violation of the equal protection clause as defined by SCOTUS)

  9. Eric says:

    Unfortunately I’m involved in the same corrupt system as all these other people mine is through the Butler County CSEA. I could sit here and tell the same story we’ve all read already but what good will that do. Personally I believe they (CSEA) are in the business to make money and that’s exactly what they are (CSEA) doing. Also while my sons mother takes lavish vacations every year Vegas,Florida ect. I sit and get drove into this state of depression because i don’t have the money to do the same for my son due to living paycheck to paycheck. Having said that I did file for joint custody and was denied and as a result of that was forced to pay a ridiculous amount in support due to her lies in court. She stated in court she paid 4,250 dollars in daycare expenses I went through an attorney to get the payment history for that year it totaled 400 dollars was I surprised absolutely not. Back to the Magistrate we go

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      You can get those monies back for the false daycare expenses if you have a good attorney. Also, your attorney should bring up the possibility of perjury charges as I presume that she lied under oath about her alleged daycare costs.

      Tony Fantetti

  10. Eric says:

    Unfortunately I’m involved in the same corrupt system as all these other people mine is through the Butler County CSEA. I could sit here and tell the same story we’ve all read already but what good will that do. Personally I believe they (CSEA) are in the business to make money and that’s exactly what they are (CSEA) doing. Also while my sons mother takes lavish vacations every year Vegas,Florida etc. I sit and get drove into this state of depression because i don’t have the money to do the same for my son due to living paycheck to paycheck. Having said that I did file for joint custody and was denied and as a result of that was forced to pay a ridiculous amount in support due to her lies in court. She stated in court she paid 4,250 dollars in daycare expenses I went through an attorney to get the payment history for that year it totaled 400 dollars was I surprised absolutely not. Back to the Magistrate we go

  11. grandma says:

    here is the bottom line

    stop making babies with people you can’t live with. simply put sex is a lifetime promise not a sport.

    • Kimmie says:

      Oh that would be great. Except I was married when we had our children. We wanted our children and then he wanted a younger gf/wife. Your statement is pointless and invalid

      • Tony Fantetti says:


        You are 100% correct, “grandma’s” comment is pointless and invalid. And it’s ignorance such as hers that perpetuates the very hateful and abusive “child support” system.

        I suspect that she incorrectly believes that pointless and ignorant comments such as hers are actually true and “helpful” in the sense that it’s wise advice.

        However, reality is such that her incredible ignorance is put on display for the entire world to see. And as much as comments such as hers annoy me, I leave them up because I don’t delete comments because I disagree with the author. Additionally, they’re a shining example of why the system remains broken; unfettered, unadulterated ignorance of the masses.

        Tony Fantetti

  12. Tony Fantetti says:

    In response to “Grandma’s” comment above:

    That’s the “bottom line?” To whom are you speaking “grandma”, and is there anything of intellectual substance that you actually capable of thinking up, or is that it? Sadly, I suspect that the depth of your entire intellect is displayed within the confines of your remark.

    Add some more substance to your childish rambling, or I may be forced to delete your comment as fools are banned here. There’s nothing I detest more than an intellectually void and completely mindless comment such as yours. Direct attacks on me don’t bother me one bit, but idiots do, and very much so. You are clearly a Philistine, especially when it comes to this subject, and as such, you are trespassing on my domain.

    Therefore “grandma”,and assuming you’re even remotely capable of such, post an astute comment, or your unknowing and immature comment gets removed and I ban your IP address from this site and perhaps notify your employer of your use of your work email address and perhaps posting and browsing this site on company time? Or do I expose that name you’re living off of? Is that also JE’s opinion of fathers who’ve been abused by the “child support” system. C’mon “grandma”, please show me some salaciousness via a logically constructed rebuttal to my accusations.

    And why is it I’ve responded to you so harshly? It’s because I have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for those like you who are also so far removed from reality, that their (in this case your) ignorance is incontrovertibly evidenced in their false proclamations. Your declarations aren’t merely just unknowing, you’re totally oblivious to the utter and vile hatefulness that you exude towards good and loving fathers. Those same fathers who are wholly undeserving of your hateful ignorance. I presume that you, as a child support mom yourself, have no sons?

    Your hatefulness is brought forth out of your blinding stupidity, as well as an even greater arrogance (albeit a moronic one) whereby you foolishly believe yourself to be superior to those fathers that you attempted to lecture through your comment. More specifically, single, noncustodial fathers. Or stated otherwise, loving dads who didn’t ask nor agree to being kicked out of their children’s lives.

    Warm regards, Carol is it?

    Tony Fantetti

  13. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    I would like to submit to all those that have posted comments and their experiences with CSEA and the State of Ohio that the issue is not one that should be considered exclusive to “Fathers.” My wife was a single mother of two wonderful boys and their father chose to kick them all, including the boys grandmother out of their shared residence, take control of all their funds and he had ensure all the credit cards were in her name. He created a situation whereas he could force her to “voluntarily” give up her children after suffering from 9-10 years of his abuse and use of her as a means only for additional income that went into his pocket. When he was done with her and ready to move up to his next target, a woman with additional assets, he arranged for the perfect conditions that left my wife with nothing and no where to live. He then hired the very best attorney’s in Cleveland, known for their brutal and questionable techniques to convince the court to provide him with custody without EVER allowing any of her evidence into court – not one single artifact allowed over a two year period and multiple motions, affidavits, etc. The court always found a way, even though she had representation (the lower budget type), to exclude her evidence and her witnesses. On the other hand, he had NO evidence against her for any wrong doing or evidence that should have warranted a wholesale change in custody from the 50% to 0% but, that’s what happened. This set off a two year appeal period for the most obvious reasons one could imagine – just being allowed to present her case/evidence and for the higher court to review the lopsided and biased rulings on nothing more than the opposing attorney’s unsubstantiated claims of poor mothering when even their own witnesses testified that she was a good mother. During this period, they withheld visitation from her hoping this would force her to just drop the appeal because heaven forbid a higher court should actually review the case file and be forced to agree that they she had been denied her most basic Constitutional Rights. Now, after two years of limited 2-4 hour visits (only in the second year), they add insult to injury by awarding the Father child support back-dated two years ago and at the rate of the one job she had in the past 10 years – not adjusted because she’s currently going to college so she can actually get a job (which the judge had discussed in court using the minimum wage of VA as the basis), not adjusted because she left the state when I took a new job to support my parents and had to move to Virginia, not defined as a start date of the award but the father’s filing date two years ago. This even though she had taken care of the children’s financial welfare for the first 7-8 years and when she had filed for child support the first year of the custody case, was told they could NOT back-date the child support to the date of filing – only set it on the date it was awarded. So, a young Asian lady is taken at the young age of 21 from her family under the guise of a traditional marriage. He does not marry her and instead uses her for added income and to bear his two children. He does not even pay for the births and care of his two sons and requires she leave his name off the birth certificates so welfare will pay for the births. He then decides it’s time to trade up to someone with more assets and kicks her out, takes her $10-15K in reserves, leaves her with the credit card debt, piles on with the heaviest and hardest hitting attorney’s in Cleveland, wins the custody case, files for back child support and an bogus over-payment claim and the court actually sides with him on every count while 100% of the evidence considered relevant to the case (both cases) is on her side but never allowed into court. Even when she objected to the CSEA ruling on the overpayment, the court claimed, once in court to discuss it, that they had never received her objection. This is just a few examples of this terrible tragedy known as the Cuyahoga County Justice System. You have an unemployed 34 Asian single mother (he never married her so she did not have the same rights as a married mother) that racked up legal debt close to $40K over the past four years (despite my assistance nearly every month), a new court order demanding she pay two years in back-child support for an order that was ruled on only last month and based on an annual compensation level she was receiving over two years ago despite having to give up that job to join me in Virginia and having to return to college to get a job that will pay the same or higher amount as a job she had for 2-3 years. The rest of the 10 years, she had been a single mom on welfare and working for free to support her boyfriends rental property business and bookkeeping business (although she did make $2-3K a year sometimes working in retail). Imagine having your two sons taken from you under these conditions, having the court constantly find ways NOT to consider your evidence, having a man like this actually awarded child support and back child support at a rate not associated with you for two years while you also try to complete your education so you actually can get a good job to help you support the children. And, now, with an order for two years of back child support and another likely order to pay the ridiculous over-payment claim of $16K, she’ll surely be positioned for jail time as she cannot afford any of this and has just be beat up for the past four straight years by a system that just refuses to follow their own laws and procedures. This is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, the father struts around Cleveland bragging how all it takes to win in America is money. Everything I’ve listed here is an understatement regarding the actual facts and evidence associated with the custody and child support cases. If I posted it all, most would think it was completely contrived by crazy people. But, unfortunately, it’s all true and worse.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      To be frank, I was torn between deleting your comment and responding to it, and please believe me when I state that I’m NOT the type of person to delete something I don’t agree with or simply because it bothers me, as I detest censorship and those who try to silence opposing and or differing opinions. However, I have to be honest and state that your comment really irritates me for many reasons, and with the main one being the fact that time and again, I have defended noncustodial mothers (NCMs) as well over the years on this site and have cited the case of an NCM as one of the worst abuses of process that I’ve ever seen.

      That said, it’s very clear to me that based on your post, you’ve read VERY LITTLE on this blog and therefore made and assumption that I and others presume that only fathers are affected by this madness and that couldn’t be further from the truth. And I can say that with confidence because had you done so, you most likely wouldn’t have posted the “slap in the face” comment that you did. Time and again, I’ve stated on this website that, “the only thing worse than being a noncustodial father is being a noncustodial mother,” yet you feel the need to post what you did an I presume to thereby “correct” the thinking of myself and others.

      Nowhere on this blog have I or anyone stated that this madness is exclusive to fathers, NOWHERE. So for you to state the obvious is a slap in the face to myself and the many fathers who are, who have, lived this nightmare and have killed themselves as a result of living it.

      You are absolutely correct that it’s not exclusive to fathers, however nationwide, it’s fathers in 86% of cases who are living this nightmare. Said otherwise, fathers are the custodial parents in only 14% of contested cases nationwide. So for every woman affected by this, there are 6.14 fathers who are, that’s a 6:1 ratio.

      So what you need to take away from this are two things; 1. Don’t ever insult fathers again as you have with your comment as it’s very disrespectful given that in the majority of cases, a 6:1 ratio, or in 86% of contested custody cases nationwide, it’s a FATHER who is being abused by the system, not a mother. Although it’s just as despicable when it’s a mother who’s on the receiving end of such abuse. 2. Read and understand the spirit of a website before you post such and ignorant and insensitive comment. Again, NO ONE, myself included, has ever stated on this blog that only fathers are affected by this. However, your comment assumes that such is the case because you were too lazy to read more than a few comments.

      If you feel so strongly about defending your wife, then I suggest that you spend thousands of your own dollars and thousands of your own hours to do what I’m doing here rather than to trespass upon my domain and insult both me and those whom have posted here. In other words, feel free to start Ohio Council for Mother’s rights. However, I would caution you that with regard to the sheer number of fathers abused by the “child support” system relative to mothers, you won’t find anywhere near the amount of aggrieved mothers as fathers as they simply don’t exist.

      Additionally, and contrary to mothers, fathers inherently have NO RIGHTS to their own children. Mothers on the other hand not only do, they maintain ALL of the rights over “their” children by default and until a court strips them of the same. Fathers however have NO RIGHTS to their children by default, such they must have some conferred upon them by a court to have any whatsoever.

      In closing Jeffery, I hope you now have at least enough decency to recognize just how out of line and incredibly insulting your comment was to all noncustodial fathers. Many have taken their own lives after having been subjugated and emotionally destroyed by this very hateful system. And that’s a fact that you’ve intentionally and hatefully made light of, and shame on you for doing so.

  14. Elaine says:

    The whole system is crazy. I pay back support on my adult children in darke county and support on my 10 yr old daughter thru Hamilton county. She lives in Florida. Hamilton co won’t give me unsupervised visits with her but gave me permanent custody of my friends two children this past August.i was working two jobs. I quit one so i could parent my two new children. My last check for 2 weeks was $70.72. The paperwork alone takes forever. Then I have to wait on a court date. I admit I put myself in this situation of paying support. I’ve been in recovery for some time now and work hard to make a good honest living so my children are proud of me.my oldest daughter father owed me over $7,000. In back support. I settled in court for less money if he paid me off by the end of the year. Im hoping that the person I owe arrears to will allow me the same privilege. I have no faith in the system,it’s failed me too many times. I will just keep praying and keep on keeping on.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      “Hamilton co won’t give me unsupervised visits with her but gave me permanent custody of my friends two children this past August”

      That’s a perfect example of just how ridiculously stupid Ohio’s “child support” and “family court” systems are Elaine.
      Congratulations on your recovery, may you have many many more days of sobriety one day at a time as you keep on keeping on. Also, I too will pray that the person to whom you owe the arrears is kind and has mercy on you with regard to your arrears.


      Tony Fantetti

  15. LaTashia Harris Jones says:

    [LaTashia Harris Jones ] Good morning Mr Fanetti,

    My name is LaTashia Harris Jones. My husband is William Jones. I am contacting you for assistance with my husbands child support issues. Our child support battle has been nothing but hell. My husband and I were together for about 8 months before his last 2 sons mother abandoned the children with her sister(one with one shoe – the other with none)- and the sister in turn, dropped the children to him, to us. He had been out of prison for 10 months with no income and no real place to stay. We had those children for 2 years straight. No communication from mom – not on birthdays, Christmas – nothing. During this time – the oldest boy became eligible to go to school. In order for us to enroll him in school – we had to have custody. Once she found out we filed for custody – she came back and took the children. Even after I called the police, and explained how long we had them – and what was going on – she was still able to take the children. She has been a mad women ever since then. She has had my husband arrested for a bogus domestic violence charges, he has been arrested and served 30 days, and is currently serving 60 days for contempt of court – child support. He has no guaranteed income- but he does odd jobs to help out in our household with his daughter. The child support order they have set is impossible for him to adhere to. Even when he reported he had no job- he still was held to this ridiculous amount. For the 2 years that the children were in our care – he was still being charged child support. He is not allowed to see the children – even though there is a visitation order, the mom refuses to adhere to it. She doesn’t even allow the boys – now 12 and 13 to even call or have any contact with them. We came across them in a store recently and the boys were scared to speak for fear of retaliation from there mother. But when we handed her $200 for their shoes – he was allowed to hug them. She is using those children to hurt him and for financial gain. From what I am hearing – the children don’t even live with her. If she does not want them – my husband and I do! Can you help? If not, do you have any suggestions on what we can do? Its like we are puppets in a game that is set up for us and him and his kids to lose..

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Please note my comments between the lines of yours:
      She has had my husband arrested for a bogus domestic violence charges, he has been arrested and served 30 days,
      [***I strongly suggest that he NEVER again speak to her by phone, in person, or by any other means without having a witness or at least a DVR (Digital Vice Recorder), but preferably both, as she will continue to lie and have him falsely arrested and incarcerated as many times as he allows her to . I used to have a DVR connected to my cell phone and my landline for the same reason, and it saved me from being arrested and incarcerated on false accusations many times. I was jailed once for a lie, and it never happened again after I bought the DVR. Adding insult to injury, no more than a year before I was arrested for her false allegation of domestic violence, a police officer advised me to buy a DVR but I ignored him and I paid the price.***]
      and is currently serving 60 days for contempt of court – child support. He has no guaranteed income- but he does odd jobs to help out in our household with his daughter. The child support order they have set is impossible for him to adhere to. Even when he reported he had no job- he still was held to this ridiculous amount.
      [***How much has he been ordered to pay and at what income did they base his support order on?***]
      For the 2 years that the children were in our care – he was still being charged child support. He is not allowed to see the children – even though there is a visitation order, the mom refuses to adhere to it. She doesn’t even allow the boys – now 12 and 13 to even call or have any contact with them. We came across them in a store recently and the boys were scared to speak for fear of retaliation from there mother. But when we handed her $200 for their shoes – he was allowed to hug them.
      [***I would never give her money directly for multiple reasons; 1. It’s highly unlikely that she’ll spend ANY of it on the boys for the reason you point out, and which you already know; she’s using the boys for financial gain only. Additionally, any money given directly to the custodial parent (and not paid to the CSEA first) is considered a “gift” under Ohio law, and will therefore not be considered “child support.” ***]
      She is using those children to hurt him and for financial gain. From what I am hearing – the children don’t even live with her. If she does not want them – my husband and I do! Can you help? If not, do you have any suggestions on what we can do? Its like we are puppets in a game that is set up for us and him and his kids to lose..

      For varying reasons, I don’t involve myself with peoples cases like I did years ago. I’m not an attorney, but I’m self-taught in Ohio’s statutes pertaining to “child support”, custody, visitation and other family law matters. I had to learn the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure when I started representing myself as a prose litigant. When one acts prose, they must also adhere to the “Local Rules of Court” which most jurisdictions have, and all other rules etc that attorneys must follow. This Supreme Court of Ohio website contains many other useful legal links. I also have also paid for legal advise from my personal attorney to pass on to others who were without counsel. But unfortunately, that was expensive, especially after he raised his rates, so I stopped doing that also.

      With that having been said Latashia, I will assist you as much as I can. You both seem like two very good people with loving hearts. And William, like many other good and loving fathers, is being prevented from seeing his two precious sons by a very evil, hateful, greedy deadbeat woman who unfortunately is the mother of his two boys. And it’s women like her that I despise, who remind of my own case as well as are the reason I founded Ohio Council for Fathers Rights. Sadly, the organization didn’t grow into what I wanted to be for two reasons; 1. People and 2. Money.

      If it were within my financial ability, I would happily pay for those like you and William to have representation, but unfortunately that’s not possible. Hopefully, and God willing, one day I’ll be in a financial position to help others as I’ve always wanted to. Until then, I will continue to help people as I have been. Hopefully, I’ll once again be able to get more involved in peoples cases on a personal level as time passes.

      It’s both sickening and disgusting how she (the mother) uses the boys for financial gain. Many other mothers do the exact same thing and it’s pure evil. Additionally, those same types also enjoy using the children as pawns and weapons to hurt those who love them like their father, his new wife or girlfriend, as well as his family and friends.

      There are things you can do, but some require that he go to court, is he willing? With regard to his “child support” order, he can request that an Administrative Review be done by the CSEA to reassess his “child support” order. Keep in mind however that there are rules that govern that process too. For example how long it has been since the support order was last reviewed among other things.

      He can also file a Motion for Contempt for her refusal to allow him to see the boys given there’s a visitation schedule. He could file a motion to modify the existing visitation schedule and ask the court to order scheduled “phone calls” or “internet visitation” by camera etc. He could also request a custody trial. I realize that some of those options may sound impossible or overwhelming, but it’s not as difficult as many make it seem to represent yourself if one is committed to doing so.

      This really is a terrible situation, especially considering the boy’s ages. There are countless studies that emphasize the need for fathers in a child’s life, especially for boys. And yet his ex, who clearly doesn’t love those boys and out of nothing more than pure diabolical hatred and evil, is doing all she can to ruin them by keeping William out of their lives. Above all else, William must not lose hope and should be patient, especially given their ages as sooner rather than later, they are going to assert their right to be with their father like they should be, especially in this case.


      Tony Fantetti

  16. Dan says:

    I have been divorced and have been paying a court ordered child support for over a year now. They set my child support at $1,300 a month for my two children. The question I wanted to ask you is what are you doing and is there anything I can do as well to help our system understand it needs overhauled to be calculated much more fair on both sides. I have been paying 60% of my net pay since the court order and have already had my taxes seized, and upon checking the web portal to make sure my balance is coming down appropriately I am discovering these hefty fees that are NOT getting disbursed to my childrens’ mother. Of my taxes that were seized, 30% went to family, 30% went toward arrears, the other 40% wasn’t itemized like they just kept that for themselves??!! I can’t even believe the things I have read on here and yet I am actually still a little skeptical about it but I am now panicking as it has almost taken me a year and a half to pay off my attorney and court fees. Still not quite caught up yet on my credit card (attorney), or child support because they aren’t applying everything that I’m paying them or even close to what they should be. I get a 2 % processing fee even though I disagree with it. But the amount of monies that I am tracking that I have paid and are not going to my childrens’ mother is Ludacris!

  17. Tony Fantetti says:

    In reference to this, “..is there anything I can do as well to help our system understand it needs overhauled to be calculated much more fair on both sides. I have been paying 60% of my net pay since the court order and have already had my taxes seized,…”

    It’s very important that you understand 1. they know full well that it’s unfair, 2. they aren’t interested in overhauling the system as they don’t believe it’s broken, other than the fact that in their eyes, they don’t think enough money is being taken from you or any other noncustodial parent for that matter, and 3. If memory serves me correctly, under federal law I believe that they can take up to 65% of your pay, so there’s still room for them to take even more from you.

    Rest assured that within one more year, you won’t be skeptical about anything that you read on this site as “the system” will make it all very real to you. I only hope for you and your child(ren)’s sake, that your “ride” is a short one. I haven’t lied about anything I’ve written on this site, absolutely nothing.

    Good luck Dan, I truly wish you the best!


    Tony Fantetti

  18. Steve says:

    Hey tony new here but have been reading some of the questions and well i’ve been looking for some answers. I’ve paid support to my amazing son and his amazing mother for 20 years now he has grown into our fine young man with both myself and his mother always putting him first and raising him together even though we were never together exept in high school when we had him. Ok well since he turned 18 i have been payng on arrears well he about to be 22 soon and recently discovered that his mom has stopped getting support for at least 5 months now and it’s all going to processing fees. I have always paid 116.00 per week with a 10.00 process fee so i guess im wondering how its possible to still owe them when she is paid off and why are they still taking 116.00 every week instead of the 10.00 wich it is clearly broken down to in my support papers. Does any of this sound familiar to you or even legal? Don’t get me wrong i have never had any problems with paying support to my son because i knew it waa going towards a great cause and his mom is a good woman but paying for back fees just doesn’t sound right. Hope to hear from you man thanks for listening!

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      My response is that I would suggest that you ask for an audit of your account and request that it be sent to you. You, and every other obligor is entitled to request one audit annually. I’ve never heard of this occurring and it makes no sense that they are still withholding $116 weekly with none of it going to his mother. If you are paying that kind of money towards “arrears” then the mother should be getting that money. As you noted, if you were behind in the processing fee, then that’s what they should be deducting for, not the $116.

      After you request your audit, please follow up as this may assist someone else down the road.


      Tony Fantetti

  19. Curious says:

    Not to be offensive, but I noticed that you mentioned you don’t feel that child support amounts should be reflective of the obligees income. I’m wondering why that is? If a father (or mother) ordered to make support payments makes 120k/yr and child support is 25% (not sure how much but that seems appropriate ) then 31250 would go to the child a year, 2604 monthly. Likewise is an obligee only makes 12k/yr it would break down to 3125 a year, 260 monthly. While it may take less or more than the mentioned figures to raise a child it should be based on what a parent can offer their child.
    If you make more why be unwilling to adequately give to your child. Why would someone making 6 figures feel it’s okay to only give their child 200 a month. Those making more money usually don’t hesitate to look to live in nicer neighborhoods or drive nicer cars but make it seem like torture to support their children.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      First and foremost, with the exception of someone abandoning their kids I don’t believe in paying “child support.” Especially in cases where the father (or noncustodial mother which is rare) did not asked to be kicked out of their children’s lives, nor did they ask nor agree to being deemed an ATM machine as the noncustodial parent. Why should anyone be forced to pay for the fleecing of their own child?

      And using your numbers, saying “31250” would go to the child. Sorry, but the studies don’t support that. There have been many studies that show at best, perhaps about 30% of child support dollars are actually spent supporting the child(ren) of the order. The rest goes towards enhancing the custodial parent’s lifestyle. Again, that’s only in about 30% of cases. In the other 70%, all of the “child support” dollars are used to support the custodial parent and in some cases enhance their lifestyle. Search for the studies yourself and you’ll see.

      In the cases of professional sports players, who many unscrupulous women chase with the hopes of conceiving a child with in order to win the “child support lottery,” why should anyone be paid tens of thousands of dollars a month in “child support,” which is what those orders are often set at? And how does one honestly claim they need tens of thousands a month to support a child? They don’t, they just use the child to steal income from the athlete in those cases.

      You asked, “If you make more why be unwilling to adequately give to your child. Why would someone making 6 figures feel it’s okay to only give their child 200 a month. Those making more money usually don’t hesitate to look to live in nicer neighborhoods or drive nicer cars but make it seem like torture to support their children.” Who says that I or anyone else is “unwilling” to adequately support their child because they don’t want to pay the custodial parent, NOT the child, but the custodial parent excessive amounts of money? How about they be given the right, since it’s their money, to support their child as they see fit?

      Any “child support” should be expense based, not income based, period. And as one who has been ordered to pay over $1,000/mo at times, I can assure you that my child didn’t see any of that money. And that’s the norm, not an aberration. But despite that, I also spent much more to support her via other contributions because I chose to and had to so she was adequately supported. Nonetheless, I had no ability to change her circumstances since I couldn’t dictate how my money was spent.

      I think it’s terrible that you claim some are unwilling to support their children because they earn a higher salary than the noncustodial parent which in your scenario, would be living in poverty and thereby forcing the child(ren) involved to also live in poverty with them.

      You also said, “Those making more money usually don’t hesitate to look to live in nicer neighborhoods or drive nicer cars but make it seem like torture to support their children.” So they shouldn’t live in a nice neighborhood or drive a nice car because you can’t afford to? That sounds like jealousy to me. And in those situations do you know what the moral and right thing to do would be? Give full custody to the opposite parent since they have the means to provide a better life for the child. Do you really believe it’s morally just to force your child to live in poverty with you when the other parent can provide a better lifestyle with more opportunity including a better education? Rather than ask for more child support which would clearly be used to enhance your own lifestyle, why not simply give custody to the other parent? All who I’ve posited that to vehemently reject that option as they are unwilling to give up their “child support” and why is that? It’s because they’re using it to pay their own bills and enhance their own lifestyle no matter how minimal that may be.

      Both parents have basic expenses that includes food, utilities, shelter etc, and those expense would be there whether a child is involved or not. And no person is entitled to another person’s money simply because they produced offspring with them. To each his own. As adults, we should be supporting ourselves and our children. And stealing money, because that’s what it is, from another person and labeling it “child support” doesn’t change the fact that it’s still theft.

      What’s truly fair and morally just is both parents having joint custody 50% of the time where they each pay for the child’s expense while in their care. In such cases, no money should be exchanged. I don’t believe child support is warranted in most cases as no person should be enriched or entitled to another person’s assets simple because they had children together. Again, there are limited cases where “child support” should be awarded, but that should be the exception rather than the rule.

      I implore you to please consider your logic. It’s as simple as this; you believe it to be morally just to take another person’s income merely because you produced offspring together and also because they earn a much higher wage. How does that justify helping yourself to their money? It doesn’t. If you can’t provide adequately for your children and the other parent can and is a fit parent, then you should turn custody over to them. Not doing so forces them to live in poverty when they otherwise wouldn’t have to. I’ve lived that life and it’s not an easy one.

      Lastly, I myself am a custodial parent and my position is that child support in most cases is wrong and I reject it. It’s simply not okay to help yourself to another person’s money no matter how one tries to justify it. And to be clear, I only believe child support is warranted in a limited number of cases, and certainly not those where the noncustodial parent did not agree to nor ask to be a custodial parent. Both parents, assuming both are fit, should have joint custody and the child 50% of the time. In such cases they each would be responsible for the child while in their care. And quite frankly in Ohio, that’s how the cases SHOULD be adjudicated given how the law is written, joint custody should be ordered, but it’s usually not.

  20. Bridget says:

    I am a mother of 2 children & was order in 2005 to pay child support. I have struggled for years with depression and in 2006 my psychiatrist suggested I apply for Social Security & so I did. In 2007 I requested a modification of my child support & it took until Feb. of 2010 to get a court ordered modification. I was approved for S.S.I. in 2007 so the Juvenile Judge modified my payments to $0.00 a month until circumstances changed. Through the years I have received paperwork from CSEA to show proof I was still on SSI. On May 17 2016 I was arrested for 2 charges of criminal non support. I kept telling the police there was a mistake. To make matters worse I was told in Ohio there is no bond for child support cases and they also refused to give me ANY of my medication for my disabilities including lamictal that is dangerous to stop taking immediately. Luckily I have a persistent boyfriend that was able to get a court hearing the next day, otherwise I would have sat in jail for a couple of weeks. I have court tomorrow & the public defender filed a motion for a dismissal based on statute of limitations that she says started on the date of the modification hearing in Feb. 2010 and the fact my payments were $0.00 so I didn’t purposely avoid paying. The prosecutor is saying the statute would have started when my son turned 18 and I am still obligated to pay even though the modification is $0.00. What I dont understand is why I was not charged with a contempt of court after non payment in 30, 60, 90 days. Why didn’t I receive something in the mail or license suspended or anything like that? How can it be legal for the prosecutor not to charge for a contempt and to wait for 26 wks of non payment out of 104 wks to then charge you with a felony? My children are 20 & 25 now so this is an arrears only case. I still cannot work & I am still on SSI.

  21. Dodie says:

    First off I would like to say, I am really sorry for a lot of the father’s & mother’s I have seen post their stories. I also have known a few father’s who did everything they could for their children & who were still ordered to pay ridiculous amounts of child support, forcing them to work 2 & sometimes 3 jobs. I have never agreed with that. My situation is a little different than most on here. I was in a relationship with my ex for 16 years. It was never a good relationship, but I was young & just was not seeing things clearly. I thought it would be most important to do anything I could to stay with the father of my children. When he cheated on me, I could no longer live in denial so we parted ways. That was over 4 years ago. I have never stopped him from seeing his 2 boys. I really feel every child needs to have both parents in their lives. I asked him several times to help financially, but his response was “I am not paying your bills”. He would however bring bags of groceries for the kids. He also would take them to school since I was working & would take them to doctors appointments so that I didn’t have to miss work to do so. Because of that, I didn’t pursue child support. Then I found out that he was letting our youngest miss school because he was crying & not wanting to go. That was when I changed my schedule so that I could take them to school & pick them up. Not long after he also started having exuses as to why he couldn’t take them to appointments so I also had to take over there as well. I found a better job with hours that allow me the flexibility to do anything that needs done with the kids. It also became a battle to get him to help with anything else for the kids as well. I do have a better salary than I did, but we still live paycheck to paycheck. There are times when something comes up (1 of the kids all of a sudden have a split in their shoes & need a new pair, they grow a couple inches & all of a sudden none of their pants fit) & I need a little help getting through to payday. Asking him for anything was always my last resort. When I would ask if he could bring some food for them to get through a couple days, the 1st answer was always “I don’t have it”. Keep in mind that during this time he is taking them out to expensive restraunts, going to water parks, buying them expensive fishing poles. Of course I am happy for them to be able to do these things, but I asked him several times if instead of doing some of these things, if he could buy them some of the things they “needed”. To that he says “I can spend my money any way I want”. The only way he would bring anything for them would be after I was upset, crying, and begging him to please at least bring them enough food for a couple days & I will pay you back when I get paid. I would feel humiliated every time I had to do that which was exactly 3 times. That was when I decided to file for child support. He in turn, filed for shared parenting & said since I make more than him, I would now have to pay him child support. I am not sure why he thought that was the case. When we went to the hearing, I gave them my most recent paystubs & the last 3 years of tax returns. He gave them a 1099 & told them he works for himself so it can’t be taken out of his paycheck. I know the person he works for & know that is not true, but I kept that to myself. I also didn’t mention that I know for sure he also works another job under the table. He was ordered to pay $268 a month. He made the 1st payment, but has not made any since then. He told the kids he could wait a couple months to pay it before he gets in trouble so that is what he is going to do. He also told them that I am taking all his money so he is going to be homeless. This caused me to have to have a conversation with my oldest that he shouldn’t have had to have. And I also showed him the order so that he knew exactly what his dad was ordered to pay. I knew that if I filed child support, he was going to put me through as much as he possibly could which is why I tried for years to get him to just “help” with the kids. I had no intention of trying to take all his money, I just don’t feel I should ever have to be so low on food for them that I am crying & trying to figure out how to feed them & it also would be nice if once in a while I had a little extra money to take them somewhere fun. He has filed an objection to the order on the basis that he has them “half” the time & that he is laid off work for 4 months out of the year because he works for a lawn service. First, he has our oldest on Friday night & the youngest on Friday & Saturday nights. It has been that way for 2 years now & that was what the kids & him had agreed to. I have always let them go with him anytime they ask. He also has a lot of skills for different types of work but chooses to stay with this job. He is the maintence man for the apartments he lives in so he also does not pay rent. He has a roommate so the our youngest has to sleep in his bed & the oldest sleeps on the couch. He was granted shared parenting & technically is supposed to have them a week at a time, every other week, but as of yet has not had them anymore than he has the last 2 years & he can’t because he would not be able to take them to school or pick them up. I feel it is father’s like him who have made child support orders necessary, but it has gotten out of control. I really feel child support should be done case by case with all the facts considered, but unfortunately for the responsible father’s & mother’s, I don’t believe that will ever happen.

  22. Craig Wells says:

    I may be the oddball here but I am the custodial parent (father) of a 15 year old autistic boy. I googled that I wanted information on how to stop receiving child support because his mother is financially unable to pay it and has another 6 year old of which I am not the father. His mother gets him every weekend and does what she can. I hold no grudges against her for the past and do not want her to go to jail over it. Anyway… after clicking on 4 or 5 sites from ODJFS which told me absolutely nothing, I clicked on this one and figured out why it was so. They don’t want me to know. I know there are forms I can fill out to have this done but I don’t know what they are. Can you please give me any information if you can. Thank you!