An Inmate Letter Received on August 4, 2008

To Council,

My name is XXXXX XXXXXXX and this is my second letter I am writing to you concerning my children, and my rights as a father.

I, for the past few years, and in the past, have been paying for my two children, soon to be 15 and 20. I have been in and out of work for the past few years, and my child support has backed up considerably.

Because of work or lack of work I have not seen or talked to my two children for almost ten years. I love and miss them very much.

On several occasions I had gone to their house, or tried to call, “no answer.” I’m incarcerated now for a nine-year-old failure to appear for probation on a non-support charge, and until December.

When I was arrested, I had a steady job and child support and insurance were being taken out of my check. Now that I am incarcerated, I can only pay five dollars per month.

I have no money, no job, and am trying so hard to get my life straight. PLEASE HELP ME!

My case is out of XXXXXX county, Ohio. My case number is XXXXXXXXXX. Please let me know either way if you can or cannot help me – PLEASE!


An Ohio father incarcerated in an Ohio prison

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