The Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Agency’s Shameful Albeit Very Public Display of Misandry

If I were to write about the rampant misandry that’s proudly championed by Ohio’s 88 county Child Support Enforcement Agencies (CSEAs), I would go on, and on, and on…

That said, child support ‘enforcement’ and misandry are synonymous, simply assumed, and therefore not worth addressing. It’s a fact, it goes without saying, but in certain situations, the brazen display of male-bashing sometimes deserves to be acknowledged.

Hence, the Montgomery County (Dayton Ohio) Child Support Enforcement Agency deserves a round of applause for their very blatant albeit simultaneously subtle public father-bashing on their website.
(2012 UPDATE: Please note that since this post was written, the Montgomery County CSEA has removed the videos that I referenced in the following link. I suspect that they did so because they didn’t like the inconvenient truth that I pointed out) If you visit this link you can see for yourself why they deserve a “pat-on-the-back” for publicly bashing fathers worldwide via the Internet.

In every video on the aforementioned page, it’s always the father who is either behind on child support, refusing to pay, or attempting to evade establishing paternity. On paternity, are there any videos encouraging mothers to “inform” fathers that they are in fact fathers? Of course not. Nor are there any videos encourage mothers to not engage in paternity fraud, or of fathers who as the victims of paternity fraud have been extorted to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in child support for children where it’s proven through DNA that they didn’t father.

In reality, and as proven by Dr. Stephen Baskerville in his latest release (an eye-opening must-read) “Taken Into Custody,” statistically speaking, non-custodial mothers (NCMs) default on child support payments far more often than do non-custodial fathers (NCFs). That’s an incontrovertible and proven fact, not an opinion. A fact never reported, much less acknowledge by the CSEAs or those in the media.

Why is it that in every video on the Montgomery County CSEA’s website, a father is the “bad” parent? Are there not mothers in Montgomery County who default on child support obligations? Are there not mothers in Montgomery County who are under suspension for failing to pay child support? Are there not fathers in Montgomery County who are being denied their repeated requests to see or merely speak to their children with whom they wish to bond with but are prevented from doing so by maternal gatekeeping? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding and absolute “yes.”

Then why has the Montgomery County CSEA carefully and meticulously constructed their website so as to cast fathers and fatherhood in such a negative light? It’s simple, it’s to divert the public’s attention from the hundreds of millions of dollars in profits that the State of Ohio is making annually from its statewide child support collections.

By detracting the public’s attention from their greed and by proudly and openly promoting misandry, they can continue to decimate the lives of Ohio fathers by bankrupting them, criminalizing them, and driving some to suicide while making a profit off of each and every father’s life that they wantonly and hatefully destroy through Title-IV Social Security funded, federal incentive matches.

Keep in mind that this is the same Ohio “Child Support” Enforcement Agency that not once but twice indicted and convicted of felony nonsupport of a minor child, a poor black father who stopped paying child support on his precious daughter who was tragically killed in an automobile accident. So while that father was grieving and burying his precious child, the Montgomery County “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA) was preparing its felony indictment against this father. That’s beyond disgusting, it’s perverted, diabolical and absolutely devoid of both human and humane qualities.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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5 Responses to The Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Agency’s Shameful Albeit Very Public Display of Misandry

  1. sick of it father says:

    I could not agree more with this post. I am a father who has bent over backwards to support his children in every way. I am in the military and have religiously sent a child support check every month for the last 6 years when my loving ex wife moved the children to Montgomery County, Oh (4 states away from me). 4 years ago the case was bounded to Ohio and child support was adjusted. The CSEA was sent a new order from the court. CSEA decided that even though I had paid $2255 that month, that they would ignore that amount stating that they did not get the new order until mid month at which point they had to start over leaving me with a pro rated balance of $1900 for the month. After calling several times to argue that I had already paid the full month I was told my only recourse was to pay again or go to court. After spending the attorney fees and paying court costs, the judge pulled up my CSEA account and told our lawyers to write a new order stating I did not owe. I was credited the over paid support, however, csea kept the processing fees from their mistake. At the time, my ex wife was living off of child support alone, so guess where she spent that money? That’s right, not on the kids, but on court to fix the csea’s mess. I was angry then, so you can only imagine my anger when I moved to montgomery county and had child support reduced due to a new shared parenting plan only to run into the same situation. Once again I am being told I have to double pay, pay to go to court, or have my license suspended and a child support warrant if I don’t do either of the first 2 options. All of this to fix CSEA’s corrupt system. Either way, the kids end up losing out. So much for the best interest of the kid. No wonder there are so many dead beat dads!

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, but I’d like to point something out as it appears that perhaps even you, as a child support paying father, may have bought into Ohio’s (and the media’s) wholesale lie that fathers (in droves) have defaulted on their child support obligations and that’s simply not true as I noted in my post above.

      You said in the last line of your comment, “No wonder there are so many dead beat dads!” and there aren’t in the “real” sense.

      However, and by doing exactly what Ohio’sChild Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) has done to you, myself, and tens (and perhaps even hundreds) of thousands of other child support paying noncustodial moms and dads, they in turn create what I call a “systematic deadbeat.”

      By that, I mean that Ohio’s CSEAs, in utilizing these immoral accounting tricks (so as to maximize their federal incentive match profits), create in their systems only (but not in reality) these “deadbeats” that like we, have been and continue to be forced into paying what we don’t owe, and more than we did owe.

      In short, it’s “pay up or go to jail.” We both are fortunate enough to be represented by counsel. However, please think for a moment, about the many indigent noncustodial parents who aren’t represented by counsel (because they’re without the money) and also experience an Ohio CSEA “accounting error.” They have only one choice; pay it or go to jail where many of them sit today.

      Then, after they’re indicted, convicted and jailed for Felony Criminal Nonsupport of a Minor Child, it’s likely that they’ll never again be regularly gainfully employed. So what happens next? Despite their inability to obtain employment, they’ll never be able to obtain a downward modification of their monthly child support obligation. That’s because they’ll never have the necessary funds to retain counsel.

      And the end result is this; the CSEA will continue adding up what they “should have” paid, tack interest and penalties on to that, and what may have been a few thousand in arrears balloons into $100,000 or more in the years to come.

      The end result is that they’ll forever be enslaved to the State of Ohio for a “child support” debt that they’ll never obtain the capacity to pay down. And finally, their picture will appear under the caption of “Deadbeat” on wanted posters, where it’ll be falsely claimed that they owe over $100,000 in “back child support.” Sadly, most of them have been minimum wage earners their entire lives, and no one stops to ask themselves, “how does a minimum wage earner end up owing over $100,000 in “child support”?

      How vile, disgusting and reprehensible it is, that so many CSEA employees could rectify such injustices in many of these cases but don’t. What’s worse is they don’t just only choose not to right a wrong, they act as they do with utter contempt and hatred directed at those innocents whose very lives are being destroyed by their indifference and malfeasance. And that, without even a shred of concern with regard to how it’ll affect the child(ren) of that order whereby they falsely proclaim to be acting, “only in the best interest of.”

      Tony Fantetti

  2. Butler's No Better! says:

    Butler County is no better. My husband has 2 support orders for his two children. One thru Butler and one thru Montgomery. Montgomery is bad enough as it is. But now, his ex g-friend – after telling him for 3 yrs that it’s NOT his child – has decided she wants support for their 3.5 yr old son. DNA proved him to be the father. He’s really happy because it’s the only son he has. We are both very excited to see the child and bond with him. WIth his young age, chances are very high that if we begin seeing him now, he’ll never remember not being in our lives. My husband has been ordered to pay $130.79/week which he has done faithfully since the order – on top of the $200/week for his other obligation. This is 50% of his earnings. That makes it tough on both of us, as I too have two children to take care of. We have spent lots of money in filing fees, motions, attorney fees, court costs, etc. to get all of this straightened out. And even tho he’s good enough to collect money from, she refuses to allow him to see his son. Our attorney has sent her a few letters requesting that we settle out of court – but she won’t respond. We are out of money for attorney fees. Seriously – $330/week in support …what CAN we afford? I work full time as well and by the time he pays $1400/mo in support, I feel as if I’m working for free. All we want is to see his son. Both of us. We are great parents. We have a calm, loving home, and the mother is a deadbeat who refuses to get a job, lives off the system, and lives off of her child support…What are we to do? All we want is to have a relationship with an innocent 3 yr old who deserves to know and love his daddy.

  3. Stacey says:

    My ex did time for criminal non support, then when he was released to the Oriana House they let him out to work with Ex felons under the table. I never received the money he made in prison that they took from him for child support. Oriana House rules are you must not associate with felons, yet they released him from there a few hours a day to work for a fake company under the table owned by a felon, guess why? Yep, he had to pay them! I thought the goal would be to obtain real employment so he could pay his child support, guess not. All the system wants is there share, don’t let them fool you, they dont care if you pay to support your kids. They just want there cut!

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      “All the system wants is there share, don’t let them fool you, they dont care if you pay to support your kids.”

      I couldn’t agree with you more Stacey. The single largets motivating factor behind Ohio’s 88 Child Support Enforcement Agencies is not, “the best interest of the children” as they falsely proclaim.

      Rather what motiviates them is Ohio’s best financial interest at the emotional and physical expense (IE living conditions) of the children. That financial interest is served by collecting as much child support as possible on an annual statewide basis, and so as to maximize Ohio’s annual profit through the Federal Government’s (aka us the taxpayers) “Federal Incentive Match.”