If You are an Ohio Resident it is Our Opinon that You Avoid Dayton Attorney Jeremiah Denslow

Beware of this attorney! I personally expressed my concerns to Mr. Denslow regarding how he was advertising his services on his website.

I do not consider myself to be the IAP (Internet Attorney Police) nor do I “look” for websites that I might disagree with. I don’t have the time nor the energy, nor the resources, to take issue with every website I disagree with. Nor do I desire to do so, as I talk (and write) way too much as it is.
However, when I happen upon websites that in my own personal opinion are misleading (unintentional or otherwise) and it relates to family law, and more specifically to fathers, I sometimes act.

In the case of Dayton Ohio attorney Jeremiah Denslow, I expressed some concerns I had regarding his website. His response? Well, no response was his response. As Ms. Gracie Ratliff and Mr. Joel Schinke, Directors of the Darke County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) have discovered, my response to being ignored is rather unconventional and equally unpredictable. I do however think they would agree with my saying that I most assuredly will continue making even more noise until I’ve been pacified.

Moreover, internet rumors have it that since the David Rose case (he was the innocent father who was wrongly incarcerated by the Darke County CSEA) Ms. Ratliff’s and Mr. Schinke’s longtime careers with the State of Ohio are further rumored to have done this; How disturbing. That sounded awful, I certainly hope that nobody was ‘seriously’ injured. Nevertheless, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

If he doesn’t have the time to extend a small amount of professional courtesy by at least replying to my email, then I certainly won’t waste my time in soliciting a more formal explanation from him.

Considering that I believe that incompetent attorneys should be held accountable for their ineptitude, and that exceptional attorneys should be recognized for their excellence; I’ve created a new category on this Blog. It’s titled, “Attorneys: Retain or Refrain?” Not surprisingly, Mr. Denslow is the first candidate for consideration. I don’t want to spoil your surprise, and therefore ruin you anticipation, but I can’t resist saying that Mr. Denslow does not bode well in our analysis.

Moreover, since we are constantly receiving emails asking for attorney referrals throughout the State of Ohio, our new category will hopefully be of invaluable assistance in aiding others with their decisions regarding which attorney to retain. In my personal opinion, I feel that Mr. Denslow’s website is somewhat misleading and therefore confusing regarding child support orders.

As of today, his website contains the following two paragraphs, and quite comically, one right after the other.

Kind of makes me wonder how some people passed the bar. I guess someone has to graduate at the bottom of thier class in law school.

After all, if someone didn’t volunteer to be at the bottom of their class, we could not longer tell the following joke:
Q: What do you call someone who graduated at the bottom of their class in law school?
A: An attorney.

Quoting from Mr. Denslow’s own website it reads:

“If you feel you aren’t receiving enough child support to meet your child’s needs, you should contact Montgomery County family law attorney, Jeremiah Denslow, to assist you in obtaining more financial support.”

..And in the VERY NEXT paragraph it reads:

A paying parent has rights too. The paying parent may be able to decrease the amount of a child support payment if the parent faces unemployment, the loss of a job or a reduction in income. A paying parent may also be able to decrease the child support obligation when the custodial parent’s income increases……
……Should you find yourself in one of these situations, you should immediately contact a family law attorney. An experienced family law lawyer will help you ensure your child support obligation is at a manageable level.

Would you trust the competence of an attorney who advertises that on his website not just in two paragraphs, but in two SUCCESSIVE paragraphs?

Mr. Denslow, I was born at night, but I wasn’t born yesterday. Riddle me this Counselor. Wouldn’t “cha” feel just a wee-bit awkward representing a client in one child support hearing? One, where you “successfully obtained more child support” and thereby drove a father into bankruptcy? Then, your next client waiting for you outside the courtroom is a father seeking a reduction in his child support. Even worse, it was denied because you “couldn’t “”ensure”” your client’s child support obligation was at a manageable level? “This, after the Magistrate found that your Motion to Reduce was not well-taken and was therefore denied?

I suspect the father whose motion was not well-taken won’t be celebrating after that hearing. Nevertheless, you get paid the same amount of money either way, and may even enjoy a fine dinner after cashing the check for services rendered?

Counselor, I’m curious, as to where you derive your definition of “ensure. I have both a Webster and a Blacks dictionary, and I cannot seem to locate a definition of ensure other than it indicates the making certain or inevitable of an outcome. Now, as I said before, you can no more “ensure” that a noncustodial parent’s child support obligation will be at a manageable level, than can the man on the moon. Last time I personally checked, the man on the moon was MIA, so that leaves me with the impression that you only can “ensure” that confusion can be cleared up.

The problem I have with that Counselor is that I don’t trust the opinion of an attorney who advertises his services in nearly a dozen areas of law.
That said maybe the Ohio Supreme Court can adjudicate this issue and therefore eradicate my ignorance and stupidity. Is license #0074784 correct?

Since you won’t advertise this on your website, we’ll advertise it on ours. I wonder why I’m inclined to believe the claims made by the defendant? If you happen to see Mr. Greene anytime in the near future, please tell him I said “hello.” Oh, I almost forgot, and while you’re at it, tell him to “read up” on 42 U.S.C. 1983. Rumor has it that the federal courts are a “wee-bit’ different than the state’s. Just like you, Mr. Greene knows me as well. Albeit, I suspect he’s about as thrilled about knowing me as you are. However, that’s neither here nor there.

You might want to also mention to Mr. Greene that he runs the risk that his name might be joining yours in our new Blog Category. Lastly on the Mr. Greene issue, tell me Counselor, is there any truth whatsoever to the totally unfounded rumor that this was really said to Counselor Greene during the hearing?

To our readers, I would never recommended Mr. Denslow to anyone involved with a Family Law issue, and more specifically, I would advise fathers to stay away from him. Why would you as a father retain an attorney who represents custodial parents seeking more child support from you, the obligor when I suspect that this will be the outcome?

He advertises that he practices law in all of the following areas:

Criminal Law
Traffic Violations
Family Law
Divorce & Dissolution
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Personal Injury
Appeals and Pardons
Judicial Release & Post Conviction

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Jack-of-all trades, master of none?” How can Mr. Denslow possibly be proficient in any of these areas? If you are going to retain a Family Law attorney, I’d retain a lawyer who practices only in Family Law, and one who was recommended by a trusted source..

Would you go to a doctor who specializes in cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, hand surgery, ENT surgery, shoulder surgery, foot surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, transplant surgery, eye surgery, colon surgery, and hip replacement surgery? Why not?

I just named a dozen areas in medicine that are considered “specialties.” Do you know of any doctors who practice in twelve different areas? I don’t. However, if I did, I certainly wouldn’t see him or her. Why then would someone retain an attorney who practices in nearly a dozen areas of law?

Moreover the opinion express by the other letter writer on this website is quite disturbing in and of itself.

Mr. Denslow, please forgive me for not providing you with a phone number to contact me. Unfortunately, our phone was disconnected yesterday for non-payment. As a matter of fact, I’m currently living in a house that was foreclosed on and auctioned off at the sheriff’s sale this past July? Therefore, regarding comments, I have this to say to you.

Have you any idea why? It’s because that my attorney (prior to me firing her for her incompetence) didn’t “ensure” that my child support obligation was at a “manageable level.”

An example of Jeremiah Denslow’s Criminal Appeals “Handywork” in the Appellate Court
Finally Counselor, and as a peace offering from myself to you, I will allow you to write Mr. Greene’s review for our forum. This, considering what he as your adversary plastered all over the internet in the court of appeals, when he metaphorically instructed you in the appellate process in the 2nd District Court of Appeals.

Tony Fantetti

Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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