Military Father Homeless and Without Money for Food or Gasoline

I don’t generally post these types of emails as it’s indicative of most fathers who pay child support; they are bankrupt, without money to eat or to pay bills and many are homeless due to outrageously high and grossly unjust child support orders.

However, I chose to share this one with our readers because it’s an especially sickening display of how Ohio treats not only fathers, but military fathers as well.

The following was sent from a military installation. What a great way for Ohio to thank one of its own service members. Steal so much of his income that he cannot even afford to see his own children. The same children that Ohio bankrupted him over and caused him to be homeless.

If you are wondering how a military member could be homeless, they need only be in the reserve and not deployed to be without a “military home.” Remember, the State of Ohio only does this because they claim it’s “in the best interest of the children.”

I am a victim of excessive support that has bankrupted me, rendered me homeless, had a car repossessed, unable to afford to visit my kids or them to visit me, had accounts seized and frozen preventing me from paying bills or having any money for food and gasoline, had to quit a few jobs because I could not afford to drive to work and no public transportation was available.

Submitted to us via email.
Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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