Blogging about Ohio’s Increasingly Abusive and Deceptive “Child Support” Enforcement Agency

Please accept my humble apology for the excessively lengthy lapse in blogging. Please know that my efforts to expose the heartless and deviant corruption of Ohio’s child support system does and will continue on behalf of all fathers and children.

This is a system, whereby the lives of hundreds of thousands of precious and innocent Ohio children are decimated and callously destroyed. Why? Only so that Ohio can “profit” in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars annually from their Title IV federal incentive matches on its statewide “child support” collections that are funded by your social security tax dollars.

My public efforts have been atypically quiet for the past six months, but privately, I’ve continued to record and document the atrocities of not only the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) but all of Ohio’s 88 county CSEAs. More of these tragic stories (mine included) will be publicly disclosed at the appropriate time.

The heartbreaking and hair-curling tales of horror, describing Ohio’s financial and emotional war that’s continually waged against fathers through the 88 “child support” enforcement agencies continue pouring in daily. The only difference is our ability to intervene as we have in the past.

Sadly, if more of you would only listen then act, we could force change sooner rather than later. As I’ve explained to countless fathers, you “must” learn, understand, and practice the law as veracious and fearless pro se litigants. The Ohio Administrative Code and the Ohio Revised Code are what more fathers must understand and argue to be a force that others fear a courtroom reckoning with.

More of you must step up and file civil suits against those incarnates of the system such as the custody “investigators” and CSEA case workers. This, to exact your righteous vengeance through a civil action from those who’ve wrongfully and unjustly brought great harm upon you and your beloved children through their haughty and arrogant wantonness in their quest to enrich Ohio’s “child support” profit at the expense of our children’s best interests.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

“I grew up without a father. It’s because every child deserves to have a loving father in their life that I’m compelled to do this.”
-Tony Fantetti

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