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Unfortunately, my daughter and I are not immune to the horrors of “Family Court.” That said, I was forced to move 530 miles away from my precious daughter in November of 2008 so as to obtain employment and thereby continue paying “child support.”

Given I’d lost my job in Ohio through no fault of my own and due to the actions of the Court itself, my choice was to accept a job out-of-state, or ultimately be indicted for felony criminal non-support of a minor child in Ohio after my unemployment ran out.

After I moved, I cried regularly because I missed my beloved daughter Maria. However, a felony indictment for criminal non-support and the ensuing felony conviction would have assuredly resulted in my incarceration. That of course would have been “in the best interests” of my daughter to “punish me” with debtors prison.

Unfortunately, where I moved did not have high-speed internet, hence my ability to update my websites and continue my efforts on behalf of Ohio’s fathers and their children was essentially paralyzed for nearly two years. That’s not to say I wasn’t working in the background, I was; however, I was forced (for the most part) to abandon my public efforts to expose the absolute evil (driven by nothing more than Ohio’s greed) that drives the Ohio’s 88 (one per county) Child Support Enforcement Agencies to wrongfully incarcerate and hatefully abuse jobless Ohio fathers for non-payment of their “child-support” obligations in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Ohio’s unemployment rate is nearly 10%. More and more fathers are turning to “garbage picking” to support their children because the State of Ohio has driven off so many jobs through its terrible economic policy. So what’s Ohio’s answer to raise revenue to account for the loss of its tax base? They want to “raise” child support on Ohio fathers in the worst economy that most of us have ever experienced.

Ohio’s reason for trying to raise child support obligations for Ohio’s fathers? The State falsely claims it’s to “keep up with inflation.” That’s a bald faced lie, as child support calculations are based on a father’s wages, which go up as time passes, so cost of living adjustments (COLA) aka “inflation busters” are already built in to “child support” calculations. As a father’s wages rise, so does his “child support” obligations. So Ohio’s argument of “to keep up with inflation” is utter nonsense that’s being driven by the State’s greed.

Ohio wants to raise the “child support” obligations of Ohio’s fathers in this horrible economy ONLY so Ohio can increase it’s statewide child support collections. And for what purpose you may be wondering? For the purpose of helping Ohio children?

How does it help them to suspend their father’s professional and drivers licenses, to incarcerate them, to drive them into foreclosure and homelessness, to bankrupt them via financially devastating and already unbearable child support orders and to force them to pick garbage to put food on the table? Is that really helping Ohio’s children? Of course not, but what it does do is increase the State’s “profit” off it’s child support collections. That’s right, every father must pay a 4% processing fee on each and every support payment.

Assuming that Ohio collects around $500,000,000 annually in “child support” payments statewide, the aforementioned 4% processing fee earns the state about a $20,000,000 profit. Add to that the $200,000,000 or so profit the State “earns” from it’s annual “federal incentive match” by effecting the current witch-hunt where the state demonizes fathers, incarcerates them, ruins their credit, takes away their drivers licenses, suspends their professional licenses (by suspending drivers and professional licenses these same fathers “can’t” work) and separates them from their children (in the “best interest of the children” of course); Ohio is dependent on these hundreds of millions in profits more than ever, as its economy and state wide tax collections are further deteriorating with each passing day.

Ohio’s answer to its depressed economy and ever-shrinking tax base? Further mine the pockets of Ohio’s already financially devastated fathers and do to them what they did to me and countless others: Bankrupt and incarcerate them, force them into homelessness, separate them from their precious children (through incarceration) and thereby forever scar the emotions of those same children that Ohio claims its acting “in the best interest of.”

Don’t be fooled, Ohio couldn’t care less about the best interest of the children of divorced and single Ohio fathers; if she did, she wouldn’t jail a father who lost his job (through no fault of his own) in the worst post-depression economy many have ever seen. Nope, the truth is, Ohio is only concerned with “the best interest” of her finances. And that alone is the only reason Ohio is the only state in the nation right now that’s trying to raise the “child support” obligations of so many unemployed Ohio fathers-to earn a higher “profit” on statewide “child support” collections. Such action is beyond perverted, it’s contemptuous and utterly diabolical and disdainful of the precious and innocent Ohio children themselves. Those same children Ohio purports to protect from their fathers.

I read yet another story on where another Ohio father is going into foreclosure and facing homelessness because he lost his job, has no unemployment compensation and must continue to pay a “child support” obligation that I suspect he can’t get lowered because Ohio courts call an unemployed father “voluntarily underemployed,” and thereby refuse his request to have his support obligation lowered. Really? WHERE ARE THE JOBS IN OHIO? Where are these jobs so many of Ohio’s “voluntarily under-employed” fathers are supposed to be working?

Additionally, how is it “in the best interest” of the child(ren) associated with that father’s support order for him to be unable to pay his mortgage (financially unbearable child support orders play a big part in foreclosures, I know this because I had all three of my homes foreclosed after my child support order was issued) go into foreclosure, and thereby become homeless after the foreclosure? That helps the child(ren) involved in that support order how? By teaching them how their father is to survive in homelessness? Is it in a “child’s best interest” to visit their father in a homeless camp?

Of course not, that’s absolutely ludicrous! Why? Because as soon as a father becomes homeless, he can no longer see his children, Ohio’s courts forbid a homeless father from seeing his children because he doesn’t have a home for them to visit him in!

Did you get that? After the State of Ohio forces a father into homelessness with a financially devastating “child support” order, the children associated with that support order are then forbidden by the Court from seeing their father because it’s “not in their best interest.” Now does it make sense to you? It should, because were told by the State of Ohio that such is indeed in fact “in the best interest of the children.”

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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5 Responses to All Previous Posts will be Restored

  1. lee says:

    unemployed still married wife disabled kids and her live with me warren county ordered me to pay support .neither one of us have ever went to court on this now they have warrant out for me. dont know what to do and cannot afford attorney rite now.then about to be homeless on top of it all. please help!!!

  2. broke says:

    i don’t know I am just so damn sick of this county 2 damn dont know why i just don’t end it think it would be better for it all then the bastards could have another statistic.just don’t know what or where to go

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      Trust me when I say that I know where you’ve been. I understand the hopelessness, confusion, the desire to depart this earth, and the many other (all negative) options that make life a daily grind of merely just trying to find the effort to place one foot before the other. A life where one looks forward to night time, just so you can sleep another 10-12 hours of “life” away, hope you don’t wake up, then get up and relive the misery the next day.

      When your mind is in such a state, it’s hard to find reasons to not end it, but if you don’t make it about you, and instead make it about your wife and kids, life will have more purpose.

      There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of fathers write where you are today, and as one who has been there, I can honesty say, “it will get better.” Your wife and kids, especially your kids, need you. They don’t need an empty shell of a human being, they need a father who’s activiely engaged in their lives.

      I get that suicide may seem to be a “good option” for you, but what about those you’d leave behind? Would it work for them, would it work for your kids? If you are seriously considering you’re exit strategy, then look your children straight in the eyes, and then please consider calling the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.

      There are some very good national father’s rights practioners who are making progress in having laws changed. I think it’s just a matter of time where these fathers, faced with insurmountable “child support” arrears, will be offered a way out other than suicide, where what many fathers condsider, and then follow through with.

      Please, don’t be another statistic, that helps no one. Your children don’t need s atatistic, they need a father to love, nuture and guide them through life. Consider reaching out to the National Suicide Hotline and at least see what they have to offer.

      Have you tried faith, or are you a man of faith? I don’t believe in ramming my beliefs down other’s throats, so I’ll leave you with this; if not for my faith, which pulled me through my horrors alone, I wouldn’t be here today. My “exit strategy” included going to Iraq while the second Gulf War was just heating up, enlisting in infantry, and not ducking when the shooting started.


      Tony Fantetti

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      Call the Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati 513.241.9000

  3. broke says:

    that is my story about warren county still married and live with my kids ,yet having to be on the run cause of their money extorting and bs