Ohio Removes Web Pages after We’ve Linked to them

Please note that I’ve linked to various web pages on the State of Ohio’s web sites in many posts I’ve made to this blog.  I’m discovering that Ohio has since removed the specific portions (from their website) that I had referenced and discussed in many blog posts here, and that’s suspicious in  my humble opinion, and here’s why; rather than removing the entire web page itself, and as one might do when they’re redesigning their web site for example, the State of Ohio coincidentally only removed that to which I made references to.

For instance, in this post from May 27, 2009 about a cancer-fighting Ohio father being terribly abused by the Ohio “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA), Ohio removed the links (and as I noted in the very lengthy Editor’s Note that I’ve used in this post) after I pointed out the disgusting truth of which they couldn’t deny. That being, “child support” has nothing to do with “the best interest of the children,” but rather everything to do with how Ohio will (and does) use every filthy and disgusting tactic that they can, to bleed “child support” paying mothers and fathers dry in Ohio’s efforts to maximize its profits on “child support” collections.

When it comes down to it, the abusive, contemptuous and hateful tactics that the CSEAs routinely engage in, and whereby they regularly force “child support” paying fathers into bankruptcy, homelessness, incarceration,  and into humiliating and degrading living conditions is bad enough; but what’s indescribably worse, is how the children of those same fathers suffer as my own daughter did and still does.

Many Ohio “child support” paying fathers go without heat during the winter months because they can’t afford to heat their homes, or their utilities are disconnected, and their precious and innocent children suffer as a result.

Many Ohio “child support” paying fathers have had their driver’s licenses suspended by the CSEA after they were laid off from their jobs in the worst economy since the Great Depression, so they can’t drive to see their children, and their precious and innocent children suffer as a result.

Many Ohio “child support” paying fathers have been incarcerated after they were laid off from their jobs in the worst economy since the Great Depression, because they “unwillingly” fell behind in their “child support” obligations. Since their children are the victims of their father’s “crimes” and the mother of the children won’t let the fathers talk to the children while he’s in jail, his children aren’t allowed to see or talk to their loving fathers, and their precious and innocent children suffer as a result.

Many Ohio “child support” paying fathers have been convicted of felonies after have been indicted by the Ohio CSEA after they were laid off from their jobs in the worst economy since the Great Depression, and therefore “unwillingly” fell behind in their “child support” obligations.

After they were released from jail, these same fathers with “child support” obligations couldn’t find a job with the new felony conviction that the CSEAs caused them to now have in their criminal records. With their new (CSEA caused) felony record, coupled with the economy as it is, chances are that they “won’t” find a job, and will for the second time be indicted by the CSEA.

Only this time, their criminal indictment will be under a more serious felony charge that carries more prison time than the first. Even worse, they’ll probably be declared “voluntarily under-employed” by the courts, and their precious and innocent children suffer as a result.

I could go on an on about how the children suffer as a direct result of this madness. But for now, suffice it to say that what I was linking to on Ohio’s web sites for all intents and purposes proved my allegations against Ohio regarding profit being their sole motive for their very hateful “child support” collection tactics. So to hide that fact, they remove web page content on their sites after I’ve linked to them and pointed out the obvious; that they (the State of Ohio) care nothing about the Ohio “child support” paying fathers and the children thereof (whom they purport to be acting only in the “best interest of”), when they financially decimate a father’s life with these unbearable and often times bankrupting (as was mine) “child support” orders. Orders that force many fathers into homeless, and as a result, their children (that Ohio claims to be protecting) may never see them again.

It’s very important to understand what I’m pointing out herein; that being, when you hear the stories of fathers who claim to only have for instance only $50 per week left to support themselves after their weekly “child support” deduction, they are being 100% truthful and forthcoming in saying that.

If you are a minimum wage earning or low wage earning father, and 65% of your weekly net income is being seized by one of Ohio’s CSEAs under the guise of “child support”, it’s easy to prove the absolute truth and reality behind what I’m saying.

For instance, suppose a father earns $10 per hour and works 40 hours per week. That’s a gross weekly pay of $400. Now deduct from that gross pay about 40% for the following: state, local, and federal income tax, union dues, and deductions for medical insurance coverage that the father is almost always required to provide; that’s $400 x .40% = $160. $400 – $160 = $240 per week left after taxes.

Now, using these two CSEA documents Employer Fact Sheet Instructions and the OCDA Multi Order Calculator Flyer you multiply the 65% that the CSEA happily seizes from a father’s net pay (the maximum allowed under federal law as explained in their own documents, and so they can maximize Ohio’s share of the Federal Incentive Match) we have $240 x .65% = $156 deducted out of that father’s pay for “child support.”

So what does Dad have left for himself to pay rent, put gas in his car (assuming he still has one) at nearly $3.25/gallon, buy food, pay for utilities, buy clothes, purchase his necessary medications (insulin for diabetes etc), buy clothes, and most importantly, buy things that he so desperately wants to for his children or himself, or to give them their weekly allowance and lunch food money? Usually next to nothing, but for the sake of argument, let’s continue below.

Let’s see, taking his $240 net weekly pay (from above) and subtracting the 65% seized for “child support” we have $240 – $156 = $84; EIGHTY FOUR DOLLARS is what’s left for this father to support himself. Tell me, please, can “you” live off of $84 per week or $336 per month? You should be able to, according to the State of Ohio, as there are many Ohio father’s “living” off of that and <strong>much</strong> less. Not only couldn’t Ohio care less, they’d take more money (in fact all of it) if they could! Please know and understand that I’m being neither facetious or sarcastic in saying that.

That said, the two aforementioned documents provided by Kim Newsom-Bridges’ Ohio Child Support Directors Association (OCDA) are in reality, are a perfect example of how Ms. Newsom-Bridges’ agency is only acting in the best financial interest of the State of Ohio. To understand that, you must first understand that it’s ultimately her agency’s responsibility to maximize Ohio’s profit off of its annual statewide “child support” collections. Said profit is earned from the Title IV Federal Incentive Match, a match that’s ultimately calculated using the amounts (the higher the amount of “child support” that’s seized as explained, the higher is Ohio’s “profit” she “earns”) in the documents I linked to above.

We hear so often in the media that after a divorce, father’s “live the high life” while the mothers (who in most cases, and statistically speaking divorced him) and  “their” children suffer immensely. Clearly, part of that (about the mother’s lifestyle at least) is not true. That’s a wholesale lie that continues to be “media-fed” to a largely very naive public, and is designed for only one purpose; to demonize fathers and thereby distract the public from the reality that Kim Newsom-Bridges’ Ohio “Child Support” Director’s Association (OCDA) is instructing Ohio’s 88 County “Child Support” Enforcement Agencies (CSEAs) how to force employers to bankrupt fathers and thereby and in some cases force them into homelessness for the sole purpose of maximizing Ohio’s profit that’s earned on it’s annual statewide “child support” collections from the Federal Incentive Match Program under Title IV D E of the Social Security Act.

Although I do want to clarify what I said in the first line of the preceding paragraph. Children are harmed by their father’s financially unbearable “child support” orders where in most cases it’s never proven in court that the father even had the ability to pay in the first place. Children are harmed when their fathers are bankrupted, driven into homelessness by their “child support” order, they’re harmed when their dad loses his job through no fault of his own, and then the State of Ohio (to punish the father) suspends that father’s professional and drivers licenses so he can’t find a job, and because he “couldn’t” pay his “child support” obligation after he lost his last; additionally, they are harmed when their fathers have no license and no money to drive and “visit” their children, the children are harmed when their fathers have no money left to spend as they see fit on their children. I could go on and on, and will in a future post, because the truth must be told.

As Ms. Newsom-(or perhaps Newsance?) Bridges says in the very first paragraph in the linked to “Multi Order Calculator PDF file above”:

“Often times, employees who owe child support have more than 1 case. Or, employees do not earn enough to cover their entire support obligation without exceeding the *Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA). This can be confusing and difficult for employers to calculate!”

Ohh to the dastardly Ms. Newsance-Bridges, “don’t just the darnedest things (such as federal law) get in the way of you seizing a father’s entire paycheck???”

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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3 Responses to Ohio Removes Web Pages after We’ve Linked to them

  1. Charles Kougher says:

    1. You just described my life in its entirety. I and my children have fallen victim to the exact circumstances described above. I work every day to pay $$$ to a child support mother who applied for and received public housing while still in possession of not one but two homes. One of the homes was a premarital asset which the judge allowed her to live in rent and Mortgage pmt free while I had to watch the foreclosures begin. Days before the divorce trial she moved into public housing. 3 bedroom brick with a handyman included for $24.00 per month.
    She was abusive to both me and the children, claimed abuse was given an attorney, and I was left to support the children. When the teen age child became unruly they allowed her to go and live with mother instead of being properly disciplined.
    The attorney that I hired coerced me into signing a Shared parenting agreement with our youngest child whereas I provide all transportation to and from 3o miles away.
    Multiple examples of court order violations and two domestic violence charges reduced to disorderly conduct and a five year protection order. And the court just turns the blind eye. While I work, work, work and pay, pay, pay. Now I am about to lose the family home because it is not affordable and I clearly showed this in Court before they Granted Her some more Child support. I explained how I must leave work to pick up our child when he is sick (during mommas Parenting time) because momma can’t be reached and grandma who is 5 blocks away can’t leave work. UNHEARD. 30 miles each way 17.6 avg. mpg but it was UNHEARD also because the magistrate said in his ruling that I offered no testimony as to travel expense. I live 6 miles from work. Where does the GASOLINE go ????
    I do know that if the tables were turned I would be in the prison when they decided to build a new one it would be built around me.
    Hurray for Mahoning County Ohio Domestic Court and Magistrate Thomas Dawson.

  2. rich says:

    wow a place to speak and be heard.i had a one night stand and found out that i was a dad 2 weeks after she was born,ok.my daughter was born on cocain and amphetamines in which child services were called in and had her mother go to rehab.now fast forward the clock a year,and during that year i payed my child support and housed my daughter and her mother.now here, she met a guy at her job and then got me on domestic,you cant get rights with that hanging over your head and so plead down to disorderly conduct and then filed for custody.which her mother didnt like and she was only clean for a year,so she went and got a ex parte protection order.which the sheriff who gave me the papers said i have to stay away from both of them.went to court and she lied so bad under oath, mind you to make it stick,well it didnt, dismissed! custody in full swing im happy,so she kept my daughter from me and a month to the day i didnt see her i went to the bar,depressed which wasnt a good move on my part and ended up in a car wreck in which i was in critical condition in the trauma unit at st e’s in youngstown.got a severly broken back and torn ligaments in my knee.now i have 2 rods and 10 screws for a spine and live in severe pain everyday of my life and does the court respect that no!if i, a paying father and wasnt behind,i should of had rights to see my daughter ,atleast like 2 hours a week while i was paying my child support,and since i didnt they can kiss my ass!well couldnt return to work in 6 months so my job fired me and i fell behind and now,no license, legal action threats,and contempt charges while on probation for the dui i got in the wreck. which means violation of probation.but i will say and always will that my daughter was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.now live with my parents am unemployed but after 8 months in court i have visitation.oh and the courts dont look down if a child was born on drugs because the mediators said it happens more than i know.this has got to change!

  3. Dee says:

    This is my dealings with CESA

    Child support back then because I was young and dumb. My trouble started back in 2004 after being unemployed for a year I finial moved to Columbus, Ohio to find work so that I take care of my 2 boys that I had by two different mothers. So I contacted child support to give not only my place of employment but also my new address and within two weeks later I received indictment papers on two felony charges for non support. So I got to court they wanted money that I didn’t have of course but the amount was minimal that could be made with the fact that I was working and had a job lined up at Honda making exceptional good money to take of me and the kids. They ended up putting on 5yr probation in Cuyahoga County now I remind you that worked and lived in Columbus, Ohio. the first nightmare started when the probation officer disregarded the judge’s order that I could call in to say I made a payment and wanted me to come to Cleveland every week to see my pay check so she could record the payment made. I couldn’t afford to make this trip being only making so much and I didn’t even have a car back then and the greyhound was expensive and it also made me miss work every week. The end result was she ended up violation me every chance she got because I couldn’t make it. So the next nightmare began when I was brought up on another felony charges this time for my younger son. I didn’t understand because I was working and they both was receiving the support from me so why I am back in court on charges again. The amount I owed him was even less to where they debated was it even a valid charge on me. So I took another plea deal just so I wouldn’t go to jail at least I thought I wouldn’t. So the Third nightmare came when I my job couldn’t take me missing so many days and let me go, but I had applied to attend truck driving school and got accepted thru Columbus WIA program at the time and got my CDL’s for truck driver this Probation Officer whose Name was Mrs. Germane Stroh did everything in her power to stop me from being able to pay or get a job where I could take care of me and my kids. She knows I lived in Columbus and everything and the judge even said it was cool that I could do the truck driving. So then I get a letter from juvenile on whit I haven’t been paying to go to juvenile court in Cuyahoga county.Im working and the judge let the mom send me to jail because she said she wanted me in jail the fact that I was working actually start a new job the Thursday didn’t even matter even when the job told them that I would be working and first check would be in the mail in two weeks. So the case worker and probation officer file right after I came out they filed another Probation violation and that got me 30days because she lied and was mad because I got custody of my oldest son who my first felony was for. Then when that job let me go because I was in jail. I came out and two months later because I couldn’t find a job I was put back in jail and sentenced to 6 month in jail……..so I do the time and then when I get out I come home the day I get out to a why didn’t I pay in 6 month notice where I had to go down to court and I told I had just got out of prison and the case worker knew because she the one who was working with the APA or the Probation dept in Cleveland on my case. So I started making calls to the CESA in Cuyahoga county as to why was I getting these letters and all this come to find out I was never suppose to be indicted in the first place because payments to the children was being made and the case worker who handle my case was saying that she did it because after the back that she knew I didn’t have because you’re the case worker for my first case……since now I have two felonies and trying to get a job is next to impossible, I get child support from the oldest son mom and I’m also on Ohio works first benefits and I also just obtain my associate degree in Information Technology..The doors are still be slam in my face due to the fact that I have these felonies…i am sharing my story because this shouldnt happen to nobody. but my thing is how is having a felony going to get these kids the support they need and only thing I have is a growing arrearages when should be allowed to work. I know somewhere in this my right as a father and a human being was violated.