Moria Weir of the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency is in Contempt of Court

I’ve blogged repeatedly about my ongoing “child support” overpayment that was nearly $7,500 give or take a few hundred.

To briefly explain;  the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) continues to deduct my “child support” obligation from my every paycheck despite me being nearly $7,500 overpaid in my obligation. I’m not even going to delve into how my overpayment mysteriously shrank by about $1,000 according to them.

That said, I called the Hamilton County CSEA last year and asked the caseworker why they keep seizing funds from me for “child support” while I’m overpaid nearly $7,500. I was told, “it’s because there’s a court order that says we must deduct your “child support” from your wages.”

Keeping that in mind, understand that without fail and like clockwork over the past 7 years, whenever the court ordered that my “child support” obligation be raised, the Hamilton County CSEA would IMMEDIATELY notify my employer that they must begin withholding the new higher amount from my paycheck, and that failure to do so would be contempt of court.

Well, that same court has now ordered the Hamilton County CSEA to lower my “child support” obligation (and to keep deducting that lower amount until my overpayment is zero)  to begin refunding my overpayment. Of course the hundreds of dollars in fees I paid to the CSEA as their “customer” will never be refunded to me, and that is one of the penalties I pay for paying my child support on time and as ordered.

Now, as I said, whenever my obligation was raised in the past, the Hamilton County CSEA quickly responded by ordering my employer to begin withholding the new higher amount, and that was reflected within one at most two pay cycles.

Well, here it is going on two months since the court ordered my money to be refunded (through a lower than normal monthly “child support” obligation) and do you think that they’ve contacted my employer and provided them with a new (lower) wage deduction order yet? The answer to that is a very emphatic NO!

And why is that, is the Hamilton County CSEA incompetent? Absolutely. Do they dislike me? Without a doubt, and to a much higher degree than they are incompetent. So are they singling me out and intentionally not lowering my “child support” obligation because they dislike me? Absolutely not.

Then what is it you ask? My answer to you ” a business.” To elaborate, the Hamilton County CSEA is a business who’s sole motive is NOT “the best interest of the children” as they falsely proclaim, but rather to “earn” a profit (through “child support” collections) at the expense of our children.

You don’t believe me? Then why do they routinely incarcerate fathers who’ve lost their jobs through no fault of their own in the worst economy since the Great Depression? Why do they suspend the drivers license of a father who’s trying desperately to become gainfully employed and yet MUST HAVE a valid driver’s license to become employed? Why do they suspend a father’s drivers license and thereby prevent him from driving so he can “visit” his children?

Why do they wrongfully and illegally seize the tax returns of fathers like myself who’ll go bankrupt and into foreclosure as I did. That, while I sat in my unheated (I couldn’t afford it) home in the dead of a brutal Midwest winter with my daughter Maria, who would look me square in the eyes and ask me through the fog of her breath (“inside” the house) “Daddy, why’s it always cold over here?”

Oh, and did I mention that Maria and I wore hats, gloves and coats INSIDE the house during the winter months in a futile effort to stay warm? Was Maria, who was shivering and cold inside my house, having her “best interests” served by the Hamilton County CSEA by having to dress as explained while we buried ourselves under layers and layers of blankets and sleeping bags during most of the time she was “visiting” me on my weekends?

Now, back to the Hamilton County CSEA’s role as a money making enterprise. Why do they willingly continue to defy a court order and thereby be in contempt of court by not lowering my monthly “child support” obligation as they were ordered to by a Hamilton County Judge? Is it because it’s in Maria’s best interest for them to continue taking money from me that they shouldn’t, and that I would otherwise be spending on her?

Of course not, as I explained, they couldn’t care less about my daughter or any other child who’s unfortunate enough to be victimized by the CSEA’s greed and profiteering at the expense of our children. Their motive then? It will cost the CSEA much needed monies in these terrible economic times, and they cannot afford to lose it as they, like everyone else, are struggling immensely with their budget amid the current economic crisis.

Allow me to elaborate; the Hamilton County CSEA, whose Director is Moria Weir, and the Section Chief Dan Cade is a business who like any other business has a sole motive which is to earn a profit.

The Hamilton County CSEA as well as all of Ohio’s 88 County CSEAs has directives that are in part dictated by Kim Newsom Bridges of the Ohio CSEA Director’s Association (OCDA). Under Ms. Newsom Bridges’ guidance, the CSEAs learn for instance how to seize the most money allowable under federal law (65% of net income) of a father’s paycheck for his “child support” obligation; even if that means that he and his children (like my daughter and I) go without heat in their home during Ohio’s brutally cold winters, or he’s driven into bankruptcy, homelessness etc.

Trust me when I say Ms. Newsom Bridges’ agencies couldn’t care less about the father, or the children of the father, who’s forced to live on $25 or less per week, and who therefore is forced to garbage pick (as I did with my daughter) to put food on the table. They care about one thing, and only thing only: “profit margins.”

I remember an email I got from an Ohio father years ago, it was very short and paraphrased, it said: “I haven’t seen or talked to my daughter in over two years because her mother won’t let me and I can’t afford an attorney because after the CSEA deducts my child support from my paycheck, I’m only left with a dollar per week to live on. PLEASE help me see my daughter, I miss love and miss her!!!

Did you get it??? “Get what” you ask? That father didn’t care about the $1 per week he was left with to live on after Ohio’s CSEA deducted his “child support” from his net pay; ALL that father cared about and petitioned me for, was assistance in seeing his precious beloved daughter whom he dearly loved, and obviously missed equally as much.

Not coincidentally, Ms. Newsom Bridges is also the President of the National Child Support Enforcement Agency (NCSEA) which  went bankrupt but still functions. My question is this; is that bankruptcy a testament to Ms. Newsom Bridges leadership?

It’s really important to understand just how deep this CSEA profiteering (at the expense of our children) goes. Ms. Newsom Bridges who at one time only had a role in Ohio, has expanded that role nationally in her dire efforts to save the Title IV profits. Those are the profits the CSEAs “earn” on our “child support” payments and that are paid to them by the Federal Government using “our” Social Security payroll taxes. By the way; ask any politician for the account number of the Social Security Trust Fund…It doesn’t exist.

Additionally, it appears that Ms Newsom Bridges is becoming more and more involved with politics as she advocates on behalf of the CSEA in the political theater. She’s looking more and more like a lobbyist to me. What I’d like to know is how her travel expenses as well as her expense accounts are funded, but I’ll save that for another day.

Back to my point, and I apologize for that lengthy sidetrack, however it is relevant because one needs a minimal understanding of the structure of the agencies that drive this profiteering, and that are for the most part under the direction of Kim Newsom Bridges in her various positions.

The Hamilton County CSEA will not lower my “child support” obligation as they were ordered because it would cut into their much needed Title IV profits as they’d be collecting fewer support dollars from me. And considering that they are in business to earn a profit in the worst economy since the Great Depression, EVERY dollar counts as you, I and everyone else knows.

But I’m only one person you say, could it really cost them that much in lost profits to lower your support obligation as the court ordered? Absolutely, when you consider this; imagine the tens of thousands of cases in Hamilton County alone. Now, consider the hundreds of thousands of “child support” cases in the State of Ohio; if the CSEA drags it’s feet on all court orders that mandate lowering a monthly child support obligation while quickly processing all court orders that raise an obligor’s monthly obligation, try to imagine on statewide basis how much money that would put in Ohio’s coffers.

To Ms. Moria Weir of the Hamilton County CSEA, I’m putting you on notice. A Contempt of Court and a court order goes two ways; just as the CSEA can file motion to have an obligor held in contempt for failing to pay child support, I as an obligor can file a motion to have you personally held in contempt for failing to obey a court order by not lowering my support obligation.

That said Ms. Weir, you will lower my monthly “child support” obligation as the court ordered nearly two months ago, or I will instruct my attorney to file a motion to have you and Mr. Dan Cade held in contempt. You, and contrary to what to you may think, are not above the law nor the courts Ms. Weir.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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2 Responses to Moria Weir of the Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency is in Contempt of Court

  1. Stephen Moore says:

    I too have problems with the HCJFS/CSEA,I will start by saying my child support order went into effect 9/30/1998. I was always caught up on payments, as the payments were deducted directly from my paycheck. September 2005 I lost my job and for the first time I was in the rear on child support. I reported the loss of my job to the CSEA, and was told I have to file a motion with the court to lower my obligation. I had 2 other children that lived with me and a household to maintain. I tried failing the motion but based on my prior year’s income, I made too much money to wave the fee ($150.00). I know some may say “$150.00 that’s it”, but to a family of four with little to no income $150.00 is everything. I finally was able to find another job June 2006; I didn’t report my new employment to the CSEA because I was snowed under by other bills. When I filled my 2006 income tax return I knew for a fact that my arrearage would be paid and the balance would return to zero. I called the CSEA to give them my new job info in January 2007, as I already expected the arrearage was deducted from my income tax return. Due to an overzealous CSEA agent the arrearage was also deducted from my bank accounts, and both accounts froze. When I called CSEA I was told that I should have reported my new employment immediately. I was able to get reimbursed for their mistake only took about 4 months. Fast forward to 2009 and I’m still paying, but now every year I get the pleasure to overpay by $654.20. I called the CSEA and I was fed the biggest bowl of B.S. I was told because I get paid every week that the payments were calculated to equal out to said amount. After a hour of a frustrating phone conversation, I asked the CSEA agent a simple question using simple numbers. If the amount to be paid is set to 1000 per year and I pay 2000 in one year how am I not over paying?” Her response “I will send you a payment history” then she hung-up. WOW……! Tony how is your battle with the CSEA Gangsters

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      You asks, “how is my battle with the CSEA Gangsters?”(Thank you by the way.) And my response is, “one that I’ll continue to fight on behalf of others, and even after I exit that morally an institutionally corrupt Den of Thieves in Ohio. ODJFS’s ring of thievery is commonly known as Ohio’s “Child Support” Extortion (aka Enforcement) Agency.

      Despite me currently being more than $5,000 overpaid, I’m also simultaneously “in arrears” with regard to the CSEA “processing fee.”

      To explain, they took their 2% processing fee off of the nearly $7,000 I was overpaid, and now they also want that same 2% “profit” from me as my money is returned to me at a laughable rate of a $125.00 per month.

      My “child support” order is reduced by court order until the full $7,000 is paid back to me, and over the course of about six years. However, the CSEA Chief Dan Cade has advised me that I need to “pay them their 2% processing fee each month, and if I don’t, I’ll be in arrears.” Say it isn’t so Dan, really???

      That’s beyond laughable, and I hope at some point they file a motion to hold me in contempt, because I’m never paying them to get “my” money back.

      Unfortunately, I’m way behind on the site, but eventually, I’ll be posting the letters between my attorney, Ms. Gloria Weir and Dan Cade.

      More than two months had passed between the time that the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court ordered that my monthly “child support” obligation be reduced by $125.00 per month until my overage was zero, and Ms. Weir “decided” to modify my order as the court instructed.

      Therefore, I pointed out to my attorney that Ms. Weir (and thereby the CSEA) was in contempt, and instructed him to advise Ms. Weir of the same, and that if she didn’t modify my order per the court’s instruction, then we’d be filing a motion to have the CSEA (more specifically Ms. Weir) held in contempt.

      He sent the letter, although (and notwithstanding him being a terrific attorney), he was a little too professional and soft-handed for my tastes. Not surprisingly,Ms. Weir immediately complied.

      Not willingly off course, but rather only in the face of being held in contempt. I’ll be blogging about that in the future and will upload the letters for yours, and everyone else’s humor.

      A court ordered “child support” order goes both ways; the obligor can be held in contempt for not paying as ordered, and the CSEA can be held in contempt for not withholding the correct amount. Additionally, in a contempt hearing, anyone found in contempt can be (and often is) ordered to pay the opposing litigant’s attorney’s fees.

      Another reason I need to Blog about that, is because it’s a powerful legal weapon that noncustodial moms and dads can both use against the CSEAs to force them to withhold the proper court-ordered amount of “child support” through employer issued wage deduction orders.

      Until you exit the CSEA Den of Thieves yourself Stephen, it’s best not to own any assets whereby liens can be attached; cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, homes, etc, as well as to not have any checking, savings, investment or other financial accounts with your Social Security number on them.

      Tony Fantetti
      Ohio Council for Fathers Rights