The Athens County CSEA wants to “Serve You” Better

I’m unwilling to waste the required time to point out every stupid Ohio “Child Support” Enforcement Agency’s (CSEA) website I stumble upon. However, after I happened upon the Athens County Ohio CSEA’s website, I couldn’t refrain from pointing out the absolute stupidity in it’s design, comments and the lack of intelligence behind it.

Quite frankly, I find it moronic. I say that because whoever designed it is at least twice as stupid as they think fathers are. Am I behaving unprofessionally in writing this? I think not, and if others think I am, please know that I’m unapologetic for this one as the CSEAs are fair game, and I’m just not in the mood for such childish lies right now.

From their homepage, here’s moronic statement number one:

“The agency’s goal is to ensure that all children are supported financially by both parents.”

Is that so Mr. Randall L. Galbraith, Director, Athens County CSEA? Do tell sir, because we both know that not only isn’t there “anything” you can do to “ensure” that the custodial parent (the mother in 84% of cases nationwide) spends any money (and thereby financially supports) on the child. Did you get that??? You nor your agency even knows how, where, or on whom “child support” dollars are spent. Only the custodial mother and God (but no one else) knows where or how dad’s money is spent.

Ohio’s statutes state in part in ORC 3119.07

“(A) Except when the parents have split parental rights and responsibilities, a parent’s child support obligation for a child for whom the parent is the residential parent and legal custodian shall be presumed to be spent on that childand shall not become part of a child support order, and a parent’s child support obligation for a child for whom the parent is not the residential parent and legal custodian shall become part of a child support order.”

Please allow me to translate that for you Mr. Randall; it means that neither you, nor the court, nor the judge, nor the father nor “anyone” for that matter knows where the mother spends “her” “child support” dollars. Additionally, those monies aren’t audited nor is she even required under Ohio law to spend that money on the child. She can spend it in a bar, on clothes,or to buy herself clothes/jewelery, at a casino, on illicit drugs and anywhere Mastercard is taken if she’s using the Ohio e-QuickPay Debit MasterCard®  to “steal” money from the father of her children. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right Mr. Randall.

Now, that said sir, I implore you to please explain to our readers how you as the Director of the Athens County CSEA can“ensure” that custodial mothers financially support their children, because Ohio law “doesn’t” require nor provide for it. You won’t and you can’t because you’re not only lying in making such a claim, you assume that those who read that garbage on your website are half as stupid as those who put it there, and that’s not the case.

Also from the Athens County CSEA website is this quote, the last sentence of which is utter nonsense:

“Children benefit when both parents work together to take care of their children’s emotional and financial needs, even when the parents are not married to one another. Children have the right to support from both parents. They do not lose this right even if their parents divorce or never marry.

First, allow me to point out that I agree with the majority of that statement; however, it’s what I’ve put in bold that’s nothing but lying filth to put it mildly. Not only that, Mr. Randall’s agency couldn’t care less if a mother won’t allow the children to see or talk to their father. His agency couldn’t care less if she’s actively engaging in parental alienation syndrome, and they couldn’t care less if the mother won’t allow the father to emotionally support his children. The following is on the homepage of the Athens County CSEA’s website:

“Services NOT provided by CSEA: *Visitation Issues *Custody Issues”

The CSEAs don’t care about children who can’t see their father (when the custodial mother won’t allow it) because CSEAs are in business to “ensure” that they earn a profit off of each and every “child support” payment that they steal from fathers at the emotional expense of the children.

The children of divorced, or of parents who never wed, (just like the father involved) have absolutelyno rights whatsoever, PERIOD. It’s the custodial mother (or custodial father in a few cases) who solely possesses all “rights” as they pertain to the children of those parents. If I had any “rights” Mr. Randall, then in your infinite wisdom and brilliance, please explain to me why after spending over $5,000 in legal fees to have my daughter’s mother held in contempt after refusing my “visitation” “rights” after I drove nearly 600 miles, why was she not found to be in contempt? I’ll tell you why sir, because I as a non-custodial father have no rights and my daughter has less.

Foolish statement number three from Mr. Randall’s agency’s website:

“Be involved with your child support case.”
“Tell us when you move, get a new job or have any other major changes in your life.”
“Complete and updated information helps us serve you better.”

Is that so Mr. Randall? Just exactly how do you serve fathers not just “better,” but at all? By stealing up to 65% of their net weekly income so your agency can earn a profit through his “child support” payments while he lives under a bridge because your agency drove him into homelessness, or he freezes in his house in winter because he has no money to heat it because he’s left with less than $50 per week (after your agency steals his “child support” payment that’s “presumed” to be spent on the child as mom uses her “child support” debit card to pay her nightly bar tab), or your agency had dad thrown in jail after charging him with a felony because he lost his job through no fault of his own in the worst economy since the Great Depression after the CSEA refused to lower his weekly “child support” obligation.

Truth be told, you and your website utterly disgust me Mr. Randall. I find it utterly vulgar and incredibly offensive that your agency puts the stinking filthy trash that is does on its website. The most offensive of all, is that the agency you direct is nothing more than a legalized extortion ring that makes the Mafia look like a bunch of church-going choir boys.

Put bluntly Mr. Randall, the CSEA literally steals from one party (the father in 84% of cases) and gives to another party (the mother) in a transaction (a payroll theft) whereby the CSEA “earns” a profit on. Said profit as you probably know funds part of Ohio’s General Fund among other things. So with this theft going on, you have the unmitigated gall to put the crap that you do on the CSEAs website, and pretend that fathers are “customers” or “clients” with whom you “serve?”What exactly are you serving, thievery?

Even worse, and much more insulting is that you probably believe that fathers like me read your garbage and think to ourselves, “oh really? I’m a “customer” of the CSEA and I should “notify the CSEA” of “major changes” in my life (like lottery winnings, inheritances etc) so your agency can label it as “child support” and steal it from me?

You know what I think I may start doing Mr. Randall to assist fathers in evading the legalized theft that the CSEAs routinely engage in? I might just start blogging about how they can hide income and assets, just to make a wrong right.

I don’t know you and I’ve never met you, but I can tell you that I pretty much don’t like you, find you repulsive and think you’re utterly despicable on a professinal level. How is that? How can I judge you so harshly having never met you sir? It’s simple; I’m a moral and just person who believes in right and wrong, and I know what you do for a living. You may not be judged in this life for what you practice Mr. Randall, but rest assured that you will be judge in the next. And all those fathers whose lives (and their precious and innocent children’s lives) have been destroyed by the CSEAs (such as the Athens County CSEA) will be avenged after true and righteous justice is delivered on their behalf.

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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One Response to The Athens County CSEA wants to “Serve You” Better

  1. Tami McEowen says:

    Oh my goodness. I am a mother who relinquished custody of my son to his father due to the fact at the time of our divorce I had no job or no home to provide for my son. I had full faith that my ex husband would always look after the best interest of my son and that he knows in his heart that I am a good mother and that my children always came first. Shortly after our divorce my ex husband and my son moved to Denver Co. I called every day and would go months without getting to talk to my son. The first year I did get Christmas visitation as our divorce agreed but time summer visitation came along my ex decided he didnt want to pay his 50% airfare so I had to pay 100% to get my son for summer visitation last year. This past spring my son was suppose to come for visitation and my ex didnt send him and now summer is around the corner and he wont answer the phone or respond to my emails requesting dates for summer visitation so I can get the tickets purchased. I know in my heart that my ex husband will not send my son this summer either and my heart hurts. I decided to do research on filing contempt of order and this is the first article I came across and it doesnt sound too promising that I will get my visitation. My ex husbands actions ARE NOT for the best interest of my son. What kind of person keeps their child from the opposing parent? I have 3 daughters from a previous father, and when I moved away from the Columbus area I was the one who drove to Columbus every weekend so my daughters could see their father. On his birthday, fathers day, and other holidays I dialed the number and gave the phone to my girls to speak with their father. I never received child support from this man but I made sure I did what I could to keep an active relationship going between my daugters and their father. That is the responsibility of a parent, to make sure their childrens needs are met. No matter who pays child support, who has custody, or where one lives. Children need both parents. My daughters needed their father as my son needs his mother. And now I am being denied any communication or visitation with my son. After reading your article, I fear that… I have… well, I’m afraid I may never get to see my son again.