Warren County Father with Mental Disorder Jailed for Failing to Pay “Child Support”

Mr. Fantetti I am glad that I have stumbled upon your website. Although i may be a little late. I will go into Warren County court in the morning for a contempt charge. I am expecting to be arrested and serve thirty days in the county jail. I have 4 children and 3 separate orders all totaling up to around $600.00/month which I cannot pay. I am currently filed for social security disability benefits for a mental disorder mainly caused by all the drama of not being able to be there for or see my children. I have not seen my children for Six years now and it takes a great toll as a father. I also have a family here with 3 children that I am the step-father of. I just don’t know what to do in these circumstances if you or anyone can help please let me know I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx Since I will most likely not return in the morning my fiancée can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx.any help or advice is appreciated.

Father in Distress,

I received what’s posted above via email shortly before this father was sentenced to jail because he was unable to meet his “child support” obligation. Before I proceed, it’s imperative that you understand that the State of Ohio claims that jailing this father is “in the best interests” of his children. Really? And I as one who grew up without a father asks this “how exactly is it in a child’s best interest to be separated from their father?” I can personally attest to the fact that it’ll affect you for the rest of your life in many profound ways.

There are numerous things worth discussing regarding this particular father’s dilemma, and they are as follows, but in no particular order:

1. The Ohio CSEA’s claims that they “act only on the best interests of the child.”
2. This father has 3 separate orders with the CSEA.
3. The mental distress that is experienced by fathers who aren’t allowed (or can’t) see their children is incredibly stressful and is very difficult to cope with. So much so, that some fathers commit suicide.

In regards to number one, make no mistake about it; the Warren County CSEA and all of Ohio’s 88 county CSEAs regulary incarcerate fathers who want to, but “can’t” pay their “child support” obligations. So what’s the Ohio CSEAs’ answer to the worst economy since the Great Depression, coupled with Ohio’s incredibly high (higher than the national average) unemployment rate? They happily, and out of nothing more than vengeance and hatred, regularly throw very good and incredibly loving fathers in jail.

Now, please just use your own judgment and seriously think about what I’m going to ask you; how does it help the children, and more importantly, how is it in a child’s best interest when Ohio’s CSEAs incarcerate fathers (and charge many of the same with career-destroying felonies) when a dad wants to, but it “unable” to meet his “child support” obligation? Seriously, does that make any sense to you whatsoever? They help children by jailing their fathers? Huh???

As stated in number two, this father has multiple,multiple (three to be exact) “child support” orders with the CSEA. I have only one, and it’s not just nerve-wracking, it’s absolutely maddening to have to deal with the incompetence of the “caseworkers” as well as the agency itself. For example, I have a $7,000+ overpayment for good reason.

Additionally, and regarding my second to last withholding order, the Hamilton County CSEA sent my employer no less than five different wage deduction notices for the “same” court-mandated deduction order.

So what’s so complicated about deducting “x amount of dollars” from a paycheck? Absolutely nothing. And not coincidentally, the CSEA kept ordering that too much money be deducted from my pay. I therefore can’t even fathom having to deal with those incompetents (assuming you can even reach any of them) for three separate deduction orders.

The mental distress mentioned in number three above can hardly be explained, it simply must be experienced by someone (and I’ve been through it, although thankfully not to the horrific extent as this father) to understand what being separated from your children can do to your mind, your intellect, and your emotional well being.

Until the powers to be (the politicians) change the rules (laws) to stop those (the States through their CSEAs) who are splitting the profits they “earn” from “child support” collections through Title IV (of the Social Security Act) Federal Incentive Incentive Match, we’ll continue to see more fathers being incarcerated. And quite tragically for the children involved, more dads will be committing suicide after having been driven to it by Ohio’s CSEAs through their contemptuously hateful treatment of Ohio fathers.

In Warren County Ohio there exists the the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge. Being the tallest bridge in the State is not its only distinction, there’s a little-known surreptitious use of this bridge that’s much darker in nature; people use it to commit suicide.

To this day, I still think about that heartfelt memorial I saw one day (many years ago) on the bank of the Little Miami River some 239 feet below the bridge. It was solemn, heartbreaking, and very moving. There were no last names, and only two people identified on the plaque fastened to the memorial.

The first person  was being honored, and was the “daddy” who jumped to his death from the bridge. The second person was the clearly heart-broken daughter (I believe she called herself his Princess) who was left behind, and whom erected the memorial to honor her never to be forgotten father. A father who for reasons I don’t know, decided that death was his only option and therefore leapt from Ohio’s tallest bridge to meet it.

Being a father of a daughter myself, I couldn’t imagine taking my own life and thereby leaving her to fatherless and having to face such an ugly (and increasingly uglier) world without the guidance or perspective of a father. However, and thanks only to Ohio’s CSEAs and anti-father “Family Courts,” I do understand the mindset that leads a father to that.

That said, I do not in any way judge that father for doing what he did, and thereby leaving his daughter to deal with the aftermath. However, I cannot help but wonder if he too wasn’t driven to what he did by the Warren County CSEA or Warren County’s “Family Court.” I don’t say that without just cause.

I’ve spoken to many fathers who were suicidal and driven to that mental state by Ohio’s CSEAs and “Family Courts.” I also investigated the suicide of a Warren County father who was going through a divorce and his “way out” was drinking the chemicals used to euthanize animals.

As I’ve said, until one goes through the horrors of being subjugated by Ohio’s CSEAs and “Family Courts” which are both very misandrist in an incredibly abusive and especially ugly way, one can’t even begin to fathom the emotional horrors that noncustodial fathers (and noncustodial mothers) go through in enduring the constant abuse of Ohio’s CSEAs.

When the father who sent me the email above explains that his mental disorder was “mainly caused” by the CSEAs, not only do I believe him, I’ve fortunately experienced the same kind of abusive hell from the Hamilton County CSEA that drove that father to where he is today. I say “fortunately” because I truly mean it as it allows me to empathize with others and thereby help them through the madness.

Thankfully though, and contrary to those broken fathers who did end their own lives, and but by the grace of God, I did come out the other side. However consider what I said in number one above, “The Ohio CSEA’s claims that they “act only on the best interests of the child.””

Now ask yourself if you really believe that the Ohio CSEAs current draconian and abusive”child support” collections efforts are really about “the best interests of the children,” or if they’re truly about Ohio’s child support collections “profits” (through Title IV D Social Security Federal Incentive Match) at the emotional expense of the children.

Incarcerating fathers and abusing them with “statutory weapons of destruction” who’ve only fallen upon hard times and driving others to suicide is “in the best interests of the children?” Has anyone asked any children graveside ( after their fathers killed themselves) if they feel the same way?

Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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6 Responses to Warren County Father with Mental Disorder Jailed for Failing to Pay “Child Support”

  1. Brian says:

    I was just wondering If anyone can help me get my child back? If any attorneys are willing to work for a discounted rate…. or even pro bono….. I am a loving father and I do not have the money to hire an attorney for a deposit of 6 hundred dollars. I am working for a wage of 8.50 and working an average of around 20 hrs. a week I am looking for better employment but my car has recently stopped running…. so my options are limited…. I am ordered to pay 290 a month… my last check ( I am paid bi-weekly ) I was garnished 145 and only received a check for 141… I am trying to get visitation set-up as well as a child support reduction… I have not seen my 3 1/2 yr. old son since march 20th… and it breaks my heart…. and help is appreciated… anyone anywhere plz help… you can reach me at bengalsfan47025@yahoo.com…. thank you very much and god bless

  2. matt says:

    i have a child who was born in california.i live and have child support in greene county but somehow warren co. got the cali. case.several years ago california got very agressive.closed bank accounts, charging interest and sending a bogus court order to my employers.yesterday i received a letter that my drivers licsence was going to be suspended…from cali?i called warren county and they have the money i owe to cali on thier books.i called my employer and sure enough one of my orders is for fresno california.im getting charged twice for the same case.the guy at warren county says he cant help me and when i said “if i was a mom you could”he said dont go there..lol.but its true.the most ironic thing of all is that cali is involved warren county is involved but for 13 years my daughter lives just a stones throw away!!right here in my home town.anyway if there are any lawyers that would like to take this on i would love to put it to fresno and bring to light the abuse of noncustodial parents here in ohio.i can pay but may need a plan.good luck to all and thanks tony for this site i really think more people should care about noncustodial dads.

  3. i have never had to pay child support myself but i am seeing my roomate go through it in warren county and he is on ssi disability and his kids was adopted out years ago and he was never even notified of any kind of a hearing ,warren county is the worse place to have to pay child support they have no compassion and dont care about putting you in jail they dont care if you have money to even live on and they break their necks to go after the dads but not the moms warren county child support is cold hearted and sickening

  4. Byron Cato says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your site and support given to fathers trying to do the right thing!! I’m a divorced father of two boys who went threw the LOVING COURT of WARREN County. Many things have changed since my divorce and child support order(s) was issued. At the time of my divorce I was working with an airline making a decent living, from which I was ordered to pay $1470 a month for both boys. I wish I could say I still have that kind of income, but its been years since. Making a long story short eventually I lost my job and couldn’t of course keep up with my order. With this I moved back to MO to be around my family/ friends for support and the feeling of being loved rather than just a paycheck. Eventually even after making payments (65%) of my paychecks from several different meaning less jobs I fell behind quickly. It wasn’t to much later I got to experience extradition back to Warren County to face an angry judge. With this I hired an attorney ( inherited some money) and paid a lump sum of 37,000 dollars. I sold everything I had to do this. Guess what they want me again. Since then numerous other jobs (again meaning less) at 65% again. This rate doesn’t even meet my order. Even to add insult to injury my eldest is now 19 out on his own and my youngest 14 has been living back here in MO for the last two months. Finally after being totally broke unable to support my child here with me I tried for Food Stamps (still waiting) and called Warren County office this morning asking what I can do to change or modify my order. What help they were (NOT), was told me I’d have to fill out a form along with $75 certified check to get a hearing. Well that’s just perfect as I’m already broke 1st off, 2nd is Warren County has a Warrant for me regarding child support. Which means I’d be arrested and jailed as soon as I take a breath in the court room. Not to mention what would I do with my son back here with me??

    I appreciate any suggestions/ help/ direction in this matter.
    Truly, thanks for your site!!
    A Dad who is trying to do the right thing.

  5. Nfields says:

    How can taking away a person drivers license for nonpayment HELP them earn money ?? So is the rationale of the “system” ! Not to mention How PROBATE COURT IS SUPPOSE TO NOTIFY YOU OF SUPPORT HEARINGS !!! Warren County needs to be investigated for mismanagement and wrong doing at the state level and I suspect when the sitting Governor is not reelected this may occur .

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      Sadly, it doesn't matter who's governor or who's president for that matter. Until men do as women have, form a voting bloc, change will be extremely slow in coming. Additionally, and until the states stop "profiting" off of 'child support', don't look for many changes in those draconian and incredibly punitive measures to punish good and loving fathers who want to, but can't pay their 'child support' obligations.

      Since you mentioned drivers license suspension,you might find this piece interesting.