Ohio Child Support Lawsuit: ODJFS Accused of Knowingly Over Collecting in Class Action Complaint

Editor’s Note: This is a re-post of blog entry from May 10, 2011

The lawsuit below was filed by Matt Dunlop of Ohio. Ohio’s “child support” system is indeed in disrepute when the State of Ohio not only profits off of broken families, but in fact publicly rejoices in doing so while also simultaneously demonizing good and loving noncustodial (NC) fathers and mothers in the process. Understand that such demonizing is required so the State of Ohio can keep their profiteering hidden from public view.

Said profits to this day continue to be earned by the State, and out of nothing more than the Ohio Department of Jobs and ‘Family Servcies’ (ODFJS) promoting Ohio’s best financial interests above and beyond the genuine best interests of Ohio’s precious children. Even more deplorable and despicable than that, is that such can only be attained at the emotional expense of Ohio’s entirely innocent and very vulnerable children as both interests are mutually exclusive.

When I first learned that Dunlop v ODJFS (L0290829)was in the making and that the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services was to be named as a Defendant, I was far beyond elated. In all truthfulness, my mood immediately elevated as my mind shifted to that of dreamlike state where I was basking in nirvana.

Admittedly, I can be quite lively in my depictions of things at times. But make no mistake, after I learned of the nature of the Complaint, I truly felt as I’ve described.

Even more fulfilling, is seeing “DOES 1 through 300, inclusive, Defendants” listed under ODJFS in the above-referenced complaint, and I eagerly anticipate seeing Kimberly Newsom-Bridges name occupying one of those DOES slots.

Ms. Newsom-Bridges is in my own humble and untrained legal opinion one of the ringleaders in what I refer to as Ohio’s “Legalized Ring of Thievery” that’s otherwise euphemistically known as Ohio’s “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA).

Personally, I prefer to use the acronym Ohio CSEA to described what it really means, as well as what they truly stand for, and that’s the Ohio Child Support Extortion Agency. Rest assured that they will forcefully, and under a very dark color of law, shakedown anyone that they can get their filthy, greedy, “88-county hands” on. Included in said extortion are those innocent victims of paternity fraud whereby it’s proven in Court that said fathers cannot possibly be the parent of the children that they’re ordered to pay “child support” for.

And the CSEA couldn’t care less about the truth in that matter, as they care only about the profit they extract from those “fathers” who are extorted by the Ohio CSEA under the constant threat of arrest, incarceration, liens, bank account/security accounts and asset seizures for “support” for children that aren’t theirs. Don’t forget now, that Ohio’s CSEAs claim that their actions are “in the best interests of the children?” Really??? Just how is seizing the money of someone who’s known to NOT be the father “in the best interest of the children?” Please, do tell? Perhaps I’ll email Ms. Kimberly Newsom-Bridges, Director of the OCDA, President of the NCSEA and ask her?

Back to my state of mind when I was informed of the impending suit, and to continue from where I left off above; I was enamored with a blissful sense of justice for the first time in about seven years when I first learned of MPP’s intent to file the complaint. Those seven years have been a very long and horrific span of time that began after Ohio’s “Child Support” House-of-Horrors opened its doors and forced me in so as to partake in their ongoing freak-show. Said inclusion was effected via the strong arm of the Domestic Relations Court whereby to this day it extracts my continual albeit unwilling participation. You must understand that you can’t just “quit playing,” as to quit, eventually ends in incarceration for those who no longer want to play.

I will forever and very vividly remember the heightened and overwhelming sense of positive emotions I was feeling while participating in discussions and learning for the first time that the complaint was to be filed. I can only begin to describe it from the perspective of one who’s been given another chance at life after having experienced years of very exacting (both emotionally and financially) and monumental continual failures that were not caused by their own actions, but by those associated with, “the system” and with unjust blame for such being placed squarely at the innocent’s feet.

More specifically, failures such as a painful and forced separation from one’s children, bankruptcy, loss of driver’s license, homelessness, loss of employment, ruined credit, being unemployable. Those and other ills that were waylaid upon good and loving fathers (and noncustodial mothers) by Ohio’s “child support” system. Such is done by those who are tasked with the destructive duties of destroying the lives of noncustodial parents (NCPs) in their abusive efforts to bleed those loving parents dry in their efforts to “get blood from a turnip.”

Next, you were wrongfully and very publicly humiliated as a “deadbeat dad” on TV, billboards, pizza boxes and via other very public means, after the State of Ohio and her many CSEA minions destroyed your life, and in turn the lives of your innocent children. That, because those now very confused and frightened little Ohio children had their entire lives and worlds very hatefully and inhumanely turned upside-down as a direct result of those contemptuously willful CSEA and ODJFS actions. Just picture little toddlers pointing at the TV and screaming hysterically, “MOMMY WHY ARE THEY TAKING DADDY AWAY???” as they watched in horror as said terrifying pandemonium played out right before their eyes in the swirl of flashing red and blue lights on the TV in front of them.

That was done so the State of Ohio can “profit” off of the backs of Ohio’s precious and innocent children by using them to shakedown their NCPs and in many cases bankrupting them. That allows Ohio to maximize its “share” of the Federal Government’s Title IV-D Section 451 Federal Incentive Match that we as taxpayers fund through our Social Security payroll tax, and as described in Title IV Part D Section 451 of the Social Security Act.

So what about this civil action lead to my immediate escape into a Utopian dreamworld after I learned of it? It’s simple; justice. This case is proof positive of what I’ve been saying for years, and that being, “Ohio’s increasingly abusive and punitive “child-support” collections efforts have nothing to do with the old worn-out (only in the sense that the the State of Ohio uses it and what they mean by it) phrase, “it’s in the best interests of the children.”

Ohio and her 88 county collection’s agents otherwise known as the “Child Support” Enforcement Agency care nothing about the children they purport to “collect on behalf of” and instead have used those very same children for decades to demonize alleged “deadbeat dads” and thereby distract the public from the following very inconvenient truth; Ohio has “earned” hundreds of millions in dollars in “profits” off of “child support” collections over the years. In truth, I suspect that number is closer to one billion dollars.

The motive behind their decades-long and increasingly hateful and abusive campaign whereby they’ve wrongfully maligned (and ruined) many innocent good and loving noncustodial mothers and fathers, can be easily exposed with Ohio’s own statutes as read here where they state in part in ORC 3119.07:

“(A) Except when the parents have split parental rights and responsibilities, a parent’s child support obligation for a child for whom the parent is the residential parent and legal custodian shall be presumed to be spent on that childand shall not become part of a child support order, and a parent’s child support obligation for a child for whom the parent is not the residential parent and legal custodian shall become part of a child support order.”

Please allow me to elaborate on two things in that statute. First, the word “shall” in a legal sense means “you must,” and it’s important to comprehend what that really means.

For example, the Judges and Magistrates of the Courts as well as all CSEA personnel must assume that every dollar of every “child support” payment made to the custodial parent (CP) is in fact spent on the children of that order.

Said otherwise, and from a legal perspective (and not from one of reality), there is no legal mechanism to think otherwise and therefore said statement is accepted as an incontrovertible fact. Additionally, it would still be so even if the custodial parent were to stand up in open court and declare under oath, “I don’t spend a dime of that money on my children!”

So with all of the aforementioned persons/institutions being instructed by Ohio statute to “think a certain way”, simple logic and reality dictate otherwise; the fact that in most cases, “child support” dollars are NOT spent on the children of that order and are in fact spent by the custodial parent to support their own lifestyle.

And please, don’t comment here and say, “but they have to pay rent or a mortgage, provide clothing for the child, food, pay auto insurance etc etc etc” because so does the noncustodial “child-support” paying parent (aka the Obligor of an order) who in addition to what’s enumerated, must also provide health insurance that is some cases in nearly $1,000/month or more.

I personally have seen many “Child Support Moms” swipe their Ohio e-Quickpay “child support” debit card at the checkout line to purchase beer, cigarettes, liquor, and a host of other items that one could reasonably assume aren’t for a child. Not only that, those same debit cards can be used in bars, restaurants, casinos, strip clubs, to book travel, airfare and anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Next, I read a study a couple of years ago that I unfortunately can’t locate that was undertaken by a third-party without any outward biases. Said study overwhelmingly concluded that no more than 30-35% (and that was considered a generous number) of “child support” payments were in fact spent on the children of the order. The rest of the money was spent to support the CP’s lifestyle.

Also, factor in that there are many known and documented cases where the children of a “child support” order are living with the noncustodial father, and that, while he makes “child support” payments to the custodial mother. Remember, ODJFS clamors that this is “in the best interest of the children.” Really? How?

The point I’m leading up to is this; how can the State of Ohio, ODJFS or Ohio’s CSEAs even begin to claim that they’re acting “in the best interests of the children” in effecting their abusive “child support” collection methods whereby they bankrupt, humiliate and incarcerate good and loving noncustodial mothers and fathers, when in fact they have no idea whatsoever where, or on whom, those “child support” dollars are spent?

Remember, they’re instructed by statute to take the position that the monies (all of it) are in fact spent on the children of the order, when in truth not only do they not know, they don’t even care! All ODJFS cares about is collecting as much money as possible (annually, since the match is based on annual collections) given that the amount of their Federal Incentive Match is directly proportional to their annual statewide “child support” collections. Now do you understand why Ohio regularly over-collects as well as collects from some who don’t even owe?

Moreover, not only does statute “tell them how to think” in regard to money spent, Ohio’s “child support” statutes have no provision whatsoever that even allows the Courts or CSEAs to demand to know where the monies are being spent. Said otherwise, no one save for God and the custodial parent knows, or for that matter is allowed to know, where those “child support” dollars are spent.

Using simple logic, and given that Ohio’s CSEAs claim to only be acting “in the best interest of the children” in their abusive and draconian collections efforts that lead to the filing of the lawsuit, how can they possibly be making such a claim without even knowing where those billions of dollars they’re collecting are being spent?

I’ll answer that; they can’t, they know they can’t, and most importantly they don’t care that they can’t, because they have only one goal and one alone: Maximize Ohio’s annual statewide “child support” collections, and at any cost. That, only so they in turn can maximize Ohio’s share of the Federal Government’s annual Federal Incentive match that’s described in the link above to Title IV Part D Section 451 of the Social Security Act.

If you doubt the claims I’ve made with regard to the reasons regarding how abusive Ohio’s CSEAs have been and continue to be, and you are therefore suspect of me, then ask yourself this; did you even know that the State of Ohio “earns” a profit off of each and every “child support” payment that’s made in Ohio? If not, then why not?

Additionally, the reason I almost always put quotes around the words “child support” is because I do live in a reality where I recognize that a LOT of custodial parents are making a lot of money via “child support” off the backs of their own precious children and not spending even a dime of it on those same children whose very lives have been destroyed by it. That said, I refuse to call “child support” what it’s not-“support for the children.”


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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9 Responses to Ohio Child Support Lawsuit: ODJFS Accused of Knowingly Over Collecting in Class Action Complaint

  1. John Robinson says:

    Child Support Frauds the children and Men :
    I have paid $58,000,00 for a child that i prove though DNA that is not my Child i was orderd to pay when i was 16 years old i had know Legal Garduian at the hearing acorrdint to the STATE of OHIO own LAW legal garduian has to be present . child support refuse to give back my money , now i have ask Child support for 18 years for DNA testing but they refused me : i ask the courst they refused me JUSTICE why VOTE we have know rights

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      I certainly understand and can emphathize with your frustration with both your own situation and voting in general. However, and as I explained in a recent comment to someone else, I’m presently working with others to form a national non-profit organization that will give us all the very voice you seek.

      The website associated with that orgainization is currently under construction and membership recruitment will begin in the near future. Rest assured you’ll have your voice within that organization should you choose to join.

      Additional details will be posted here on the OCFFR Blog.



  2. Heather Squire says:

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am trying to help my dad with his child support. He has paid child support for most of my siblings and my life. We are all in our twenty’s and he is still paying supposable back child support. He paid off one county in 1996 and we moved to Tennessee. In 1997 Hamilton County started taking his taxes and is still taking money from him. We have contacted them sent all the information in to them that we had. My dad case worker or the head supervisor will not call him back. What should our next course of action be? He has had us since 1994 or 1995 and my mom never paid child support but he keeps losing is taxes they have even took is license and garnished his wages from his unemployment check. We have been fighting for years and cannot get anyone there to call him back.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      First and foremost, when it comes to the CSEA, you should correspond by certified mail only. Otherwise, they’re not likely to respond as it’s very common for them to pretend they didn’t get a letter or fax that someone (especially an obligor) sent in.

      That said, I’d start by sending a certified letter to them that request a full audit of his account back to it’s inception. Make sure he signs it, and include his CSEA and sets number. They are required to provide that information to him.

  3. leroy pawlitschek says:

    Nice to see like minds, minn. Is just as bad as they violate there own bullying laws, & fictitously create amounts, not correcting there own mistakes, we need to sue them out of existence, but as you said they don’t recognize the truth as no money is in the truth, the law has become nothing short of LUNACY! & FRAUD!

  4. Tony, I have a question and also a suggestion… First the suggestion… Two other sites may also be interested in this info… KnowYourRights.org and aclu.org (American Civil Liberties Union)… Maybe they can help to at least spread this information further afield and possibly help some of us who’ve been screwed by Ohio out…
    Anyways, as to my question…. I have two separate “Child Support” cases, both for the same child. Her mother got custody by doing a “cheat & Run” game, filing the restraining order and obtaining full custody behind my back… Not only was I not notified of any cases or hearings, but when I filed my paperwork to determine support, EVERYTHING I sent, pay stubs, tax forms, written statememts from multiple people as to my employment and means of living, etc… WAS TOTALLY IGNORED by the CORRUPT courts in Clermont County, OH… I, OF COURSE got totally screwed, and wound up with a support order to pay more per week than I have EVER MADE IN MY LIFE (weekly…)!!! The Court refuses to give me a modification hearing on either case, and has already incarcerated me once for 30 days for getting behind on their extortion payments… I mean CHILD SUPPORT… I now have another warrant for the same crap because I LITERALLY cannot pay these amounts. And I REFUSE to pay them now! My Child was kidnapped (Tried to file a police report but was told to “Shut the fuck up and man up” by the cler.co.sherrif’s ofc.) by a corrupt and crooked man-hating judge and then I was sentenced to pay X amt… Even though I had never made nearly the amount ordered in total, much less as a percentage… My question is this: Is there anything I can do, or is there any active/pending lawsuit I can get in on to get these things set right, or should I just give it all up and blow my brains out after taking as many of these corrupt c********ers as I can with me? Sounds extreme and crazy, right!?! I agree. But I’m not the only person, by FAR, asking this. Let me clarify so I don’t have Uncle Sam’s Domestic Terrorists (NSA, FBI, etc…) kicking down the door of the place I stay: I have NO intentions of harming anyone else over this matter, nor do I have any immediate plans to do something “potentially harmful” to myself. My daughter deserves better than that. But I’m getting Really Frustrated and I’m about at my wits’ end with all this and, well to be honest, I’m getting to the point where I just dont give a damn anymore. If I hit that point, well, who knows? I wont say what Is on my mind…
    Anyways, ANY advice or feedback would be appreciated, especially if you can refer me to any legal services/lawyers that are willing to do a pro bono and have the balls to take on Clermont County Ohio, the MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN THE STATE!!!

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Most organizations such as the ACLU don’t care about our dilemma, and that because ours is not a politically correct cause. the “lack of women’s rights” and the abuse of women (while all domestic violence against men is completely ignored, especially that at the hands of women) are the pressing and earth-shattering the cause-celebres of modern times. Please know that I’m being wholly sarcastic in saying that. And by the way, what your ex did to you as describe in the forthcoming is a common tactic;

      “…filing the restraining order and obtaining full custody behind my back…”

      What I discuss on this blog is not only irrelevant, it’s also “made-up” and non-existent according to the mindless drones at NOW (The National Organization of Witches) and other “women’s rights” groups. And you you noncustodial moms and moms/women who support what I do as well as the cause of father’s rights, please don’t take offense at that. It’s not directed at you, nor does it apply to you. I cherish ladies/women. However, notice the operative words, ladies and women. Most of the beasts who make up now qualify as neither.

      Back to you Charles; please don’t consider suicide as an option, because it’s not. You have a daughter whom I’m sure loves her father, and for you to kill yourself only further punishes your precious and innocent daughter whom I suspect didn’t ask to be thrust into this “family court” madness.

      I completely understand your anger, rage, frustration and can empathize with you. Remember, I’ve walked through much of the same hell myself. However, denying your daughter a father via suicide or “taking those bastards out” does nothing to further the cause or help your daughter. And please understand that I’m not criticizing you nor am I trying to marginalize or invalidate your feelings. I fully understand the repeated, vile, and unwarranted injustices that have driven you to where you are. But killing anyone (yourself included) so as to alleviate and or relieve your rage is not the answer.

      Some of the answers include educating others about this madness, working towards change, and writing your politicians and demanding an end to the “federal incentive match” as that’s the profit that Ohio and all other states “earn” off your “child support” payments, and said match is paid with Social Security dollars; yet another reason Social Security is insolvent.

      What’s happening to you and the tens of millions like you is wholly unjust, but is without legal remedy given the whole system is corrupt. So my advice you is to pray. And I don’t mean to preach to you, nor do I mean to offend you, but you asked for my advice, and I’ve been where you’re at. I’m so in tune to where you at that I fully understand why you threw the following disclaimer out there, as well as just how much it means;

      ” Let me clarify so I don’t have Uncle Sam’s Domestic Terrorists (NSA, FBI, etc…) kicking down the door of the place I stay: I have NO intentions of harming anyone else over this matter, nor do I have any immediate plans to do something “potentially harmful” to myself. “

      I had some “dreams” of my own that I’m sure you could relate to Charles, and had I not turned to God to unload some stress, I can tell you with certitude that I wouldn’t be here right now.

      Unfortunately there are very few lawyers who will assist fathers pro bono. And that’s one reason I hope to one day be rich; so I can afford to help fathers (and noncustodial mothers) who are swimming (or perhaps only treading water) in this hell we call “family court” and “child support.”

      There are some very good national organizations who are making a lot of progress on the legislative front as well as fighting against that false propaganda war that wrongfully casts all fathers as unloving deadbeats who are incapable of parenting their children. However, and despite the tremendous strides made thus far, it’ll be 10-20 years before we see real change with regard to how fathers are not only treated, but merely viewed by the public.

      If you’d like to discuss more on the “faith” front, I’d be happy to. But what I don’t want to do is cram my faith down your throat as that’s not my style. Please note that I did have to edit one word you used. I personally was not offended, however there are children that frequent this site.

      Hang in there Charles. And I mean that sincerely. I’ve walked in your shoes, and I can tell you from experience that eventually, things will improve and life will get better. And never forget that your daughter loves her daddy.


  5. also, please email me the website address that you referred to in your respoto John Robinson August 31, 2011 @ 04:52… thanks CT

  6. sharon lane says:

    I want to help both ways. I have a case now in court b/c ocsea thinks Ishould repay welfare for my first family out of my child support awarded to me from a second family. Funny, they never tried to collect the child support from the first father and he is now deceased. Any ideas on this case? My one son also over paid his child support and OCSEA could care less. I thoroughly agree that child support needs to be paid, but it also has to be fair for all. Using that money for beer and cigarettes should be illegal and punishable. Children need both parents.