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It is said that, “in the end times, what is right will seem wrong, and what is wrong will seem right.” That having been said, I firmly believe that in many situations, “child support” is morally wrong (unless it’s agreed to by both parties) as it’s nothing more than the immoral theft of another’s money. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right.

No noncustodial parent (NCP) be they a noncustodial mom or dad, should ever be forced to finance the fleecing of their own child(ren) if they haven’t willingly, by words or by actions, walked away from their children. And that’s all child support is in many cases; the financial fleecing of another, as those monies are usually used as “ex” (ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend) support and that’s wrong.

Again, I reiterate; unless the noncustodial parent is a willing deadbeat (dead broke doesn’t equate to deadbeat), then stealing “child support” from them via the strong-arm of the court is immoral and wrong in my humble opinion.


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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2 Responses to Why Didn’t My Comment Post to the Blog?

  1. prm614 says:

    Here’s one for you… a disturbing story that is still
    playing out in an Ashland County Ohio case .
    In this divorce case there have been MANY problems but the child
    support issue is one of great disturbance. Plaintiff (father) was
    granted temporary custody in March 2006 and the defendant (mother) was
    to pay $50 minimum child support until she showed her financial
    statement. In late 2006 the case went to hearing and continued for
    years. The mother had standard visitation until she allowed their
    child (14 years old) to sleep with and spend the night with his 15
    year old girlfriend. The Court ordered the visitation stayed the same but he was not to
    sleep with his girlfriend. After their baby was born (and the court
    was made aware of the fact) the father checked up on their son while
    he was visiting his mother. The father found the son spending the
    night at his girlfriend’s. It went back to court and visitation was
    reduced to 10 hours every other Saturday and the mother was to be with
    him at all times. There were other things happening during this time
    also. At one point before this happened the two made a settlement
    agreement which they would have shared parenting, no child support and
    arrears waived since they would share costs. For 6 weeks the son
    lived with the mother until the father found out she was not making
    him go to school and he went to get him. This is when the above
    started to happen.
    The settlement agreement never was entered because of other problems.
    The court continued custody to the father. In 2009, the divorce was
    final with full legal custody going to the father. No child support
    was issued because the mother claimed to have a disability and was
    unable to work and receiving county disability in the amount of $115.
    No document nor evidence was introduced just her testimony. The order
    was appealed to the appeals court (09COA018) the appeals court stated
    it should go back to trial court to at least make her pay the minimum
    since there was no evidence of her disability. The trial court stated
    she was receiving means tested benefits so she did not have to pay.
    It went back to appeals (10COA016) and was sent back to the trial
    court. The magistrate then said she should not have to pay because of
    means tested benefits and attached a work sheet. There is now an
    objection and it has been nearly 6 weeks since the objection has been filed and no hearing date has been set. The court has seemed to find ever excuse for her not to pay child support. She testifies she is disabled but her action show otherwise. A little further background on this part is that the mother was charged with welfare fraud in Knox COunty Ohio (09CR04-0036). She claimed the son lived with HER from 2006 to 2009 so she was frauduantly receiving benefits and not receiving county disability. According to evidence in the Knox County case, they had medical documentation stating she could work. There is also a police recorded SHE SIGNED that stated she worked and stated where she worked. Though she testified all through the divorce hearing she was disabled and her doctor wouldn’t let her work. The judge in the divorce court even states in her decision that “the defendant has not worked since May 2005” yet she states that the defendant moved to Kentucky at one point to work. This information was given to Ohio Job and Family Services but they would not do anything about going after child support because the court said she didn’t have to
    pay. There is something seriously wrong with this system and there is
    a definate bias in this case. The court was aware of her fraud and
    yet they seemed to look away from that and were determined to not make
    her pay child support. She entered a diversion program in Knox County
    in which she was to pay over $11,000 back for the thefts. She failed
    to do so and now it is reopened. During the time she owed restitution
    to Job and Family Services she received $1,300 in spousal support
    which they allowed her to have instead of taking it to pay her
    restitution or to make her pay child support. She will be receiving another $4,800 in spousal support this unpcoming year and they are all over that but they would not go
    after any child support for the child. Seems fair?
    I have written everyone I can think of but no one is listening nor
    cares. Something needs to change and justice needs to be served. If
    this was a father instead of a mother doing all this he would have
    been made to pay big amounts, his testimony would not have been enough
    and he would have been jailed.
    To make matters worse, there was court ordered parenting classes and
    she did not take them nor was she held in contempt for not doing so.

  2. leta cecerre says:

    What is wrong, is wrong, not subjective to point-of-view!
    Ohio state’s motto is from the Bible, Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible.”
    I donot believe God accepts this behavior by God’s people.