I Apologize to My Readers for the Long Period of Silence which Sadly Included Father’s Day

Please accept my humble and sincere apology for the long period of silence through which no posts were made to the blog, and likewise I was unable to return phone calls and emails. Although I won’t go into specifics, the last few months have been especially difficult for me. And it’s for that reason, the blog (and I) fell silent.

I debated posting a “Happy Fathers Day” piece, but I couldn’t. It’s not that I didn’t want to or that I didn’t hope it was truly happy and joyous occasion for all dads everywhere, because I did. However, I wasn’t in a position to post, and what I am not is a fake. I am who I am, and pretending to be that which I’m not doesn’t suit me well. Therefore, my ability to write and post a nice article on Father’s Day simply wasn’t there at that time. So although I truly hope that all of you dads reading this had a terrific Father’s Day, I was unable to express such then.

There are a lot of organizations and a lot of people doing what I do, writing about the horrors of “Family Court” and “child support.” However, what many people don’t realize is that I too am a father, I too am human (yes I’m serious), and that I (unlike many out there fighting this madness) do this on my own time, at my own expense, and with limited help that’s as unpredictable as the future. Additionally, I (and unlike many others) am actually living this nightmare myself as a father. Moreover, and unlike those who are paid to write, I’ve spent thousands of my own dollars and expended thousands of hours of my own time to further the cause for fathers and fatherhood and thereby help others. And I do so happily and gladly as I believe we should all share in each others struggles and shoulder one another’s burdens as much as one is able.

But what isn’t there for me is that same support that I’ve provided to so many. I don’t say that to garner sympathy nor to toot my own horn, but rather to point out that as divorced father who didn’t ask for divorce nor ask to be forced to finance the fleecing of my own daughter and to have her ripped out of my life, I too struggle at times.

There have been many times over the years where I’ve wanted to throw the towel in. I get frustrated, very frustrated, that so many fathers are so indifferent about changing and fighting against the horrific “child support” and “Family Court” systems to such an extent I literally want to scream at times. But I digress. If I stop doing what I do, then I’d be no different than those I’m complaining about in previous sentence. Additionally, and without fail, whenever those thoughts of quitting come to mind, a get an email from some mom, dad, wife, girlfriend, media personality and yes even single moms, that convinces me that I simply must once again place my right foot in front of the left; just one more time. And once more after that, and after that, and that…

My challenges have nothing to do with success. I’ve had many successes over the years in fighting against the State of Ohio and “the system.” Please allow me to correct that. God has allowed many successes through me because I’ve willingly and happily made myself a willing vessel for Him to work through. And truth be told, I wholeheartedly believe at least for now, that He put me on this earth at this specific point in history to speak out (unrestrained) about the horrors of the “child support” system, “Family Court”, and “single moms by choice” who do their utmost to falsely portray themselves as victims. Although I must admit that said charade continues to work well, and despite it being the furthest thing from the truth.

So with that having been said, I hope to contact soon those of you who’ve been reaching out to me. Additionally, I’ll do my best to resume normal (at least once a week, as I too must work) blogging whereby I discredit and hollow out those false and destituted cries of victimization by those self serving and self ascribed victims who are otherwise known as “single moms by choice.” Those mothers, who without any moral justification whatsoever, and in many cases out of nothing more than self serving reasons use the strong-arm of the courts to heartlessly and maliciously kick a father out of his child(ren)’s lives so that she can unilaterally seize his children and steal his income (yes, it’s THEFT. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.) through what’s euphemistically known as “child support.”

In closing, I wish to point out (as I nearly always do) that what’s said in the previous paragraph is not directed at single moms are are morally justified as such.


Tony Fantetti
Ohio Council for Fathers Rights

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