Blogging will Resume

To my valued readers,

First and foremost, please accept my sincere and humble apology for having the OCFFR Blog offline for as long as it was. For reasons I’ll explain later, there are certain situations that necessitate doing so.

It’s something that I truly hate to do as I know from the heartfelt feedback I’ve received over the years that many people draw hope, support, and direction from my experiences and those of others that have been written about here over the last ten years. Reaching out to, providing guidance, and helping others is why I do this. And although I’ve been doing this for at least 10 years, not all of my writings are posted as many of my original blog posts from a second website that I’d created more than a decade ago and later removed, were archived by me when I took that site down. I will eventually re-post all of those entries here.

Due to those who have relied on this blog to help them through their own hellish experiences, it’s always with a very heavy heart that I take the blog offline when circumstances require it. Taking the site offline troubles me so much that I think about it daily as I worry about those who need the hope and encouragement found here through my writings, and equally important, those of others who have posted here themselves or sent me emails that I posted with their permission. Please note that I would never post an email that someone sent me unless I have their permission to do so.

While on that subject, there have been some very hateful emails that I’ve also received over the years from some who have disagreed with what I’ve said, and I’ve not posted those without the author’s permission with the exception of perhaps one or two incidents where the sender’s only intent was to troll and harass me. But even in those cases, I still protected the writer’s email address and last name.

I look forward to posting something in the near future and more importantly, look forward to hearing from you as well.


Tony Fantetti

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