To Mr. Kevin Eslinger why I Removed your Comment

Mr. Eslinger,

In the 12 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve deleted only two comments on this blog. I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own money, and put thousands of hours of my own time into helping others free of charge.

Of all the comments I’ve seen in that time, the first line in yours was the most reprehensible and offensive to myself and those who have posted here, and clearly demonstrated to me that you read very little of what’s here.

Ironically, if I understood what I thought your point to be about others not getting involved, I agree with that. But starting your comments by calling everyone what you did has no place here.

When a father sucks on the barrel of a gun and blows his brains and the back of his head all over the ceiling and walls behind him, or hurls himself off a bridge to end his life because of what Ohio’s “child support” and “Family” Court system drove him to, his last words or what he felt or thought won’t be described here by the words you chose to use.

The reason Ohio’s “Family Court/Child Support” juggernaut continues on;  chewing up and spitting out the now decimated lives of countless thousands of fathers and their children, is because of the mere fact that fathers refuse to get involved.

That said, I’ve not deleted your comment but rather moved it into moderation so as to give myself some time to rethink posting it after I’ve edited it myself.

I’ve had fathers email me, and post on this very blog, about their intent to end their lives after said email or comment. I’ve also investigated some suicides in the past by fathers, driven to such by the system. So it’s those men, those fathers who children lost, that I personally thought about after I read the first sentence in your comment.

Truth be told, my initial reaction was to immediately ban you from this site. However, I reconsidered and instead removed your comment for now.

Tony Fantetti
email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org

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One Response to To Mr. Kevin Eslinger why I Removed your Comment

  1. Patty Cross says:

    Mr. Fantetti,
    As a divorced woman I am a firm believer in father’s rights. Was commended by the judge for the way we handled our divorce with our son who has grown up to be a fine young man in his last year of law school. The point is I know Mr K and better than that I know what he has, is,and the lasting affects his children have gone through. You think that letter disturbed you? You should see what he puts those poor kids through. I feel so bad for them. If he did commit suicide it would be murder/ suicide that is how disturbing this individual is, but he has rights as a father. The mother has cerebral palsy and he abuses her and teaches the children to every chance he gets. So your instinct is correct.
    BTW I had a friend many years ago named Bob Salada who started a father’s rights organization, one of the first of it’s kind and he passed away a year ago, so on Bob’s behalf I want to thank you for the fairness that you are trying to get decent fathers out there who actually want to pay their child support and help to continue to raise their children in the best way possible with their former spouse. It can be done if the adults come to the room.

    Patty Cross

    ps if you don’t want to post this I understand but you may contact me by email if you like.