Family Annihilator Texas Father Justin Painter Murders his Children

Many years ago I predicted an increase in the number of  “family annihilator” cases where a father murders his own children, and often their mother and usually takes his own life in the process. In some cases however, he will intentionally leave the mother unharmed or slightly wounded so that she can “feel his pain” for the rest of her life.

What drives a man, and especially a father, to commit such an horrific and viscous act? There are a myriad of reasons that drive them, but this I do know; in some cases, and I dare say in the majority of them, it’s the “Family Court’s” and the mother herself.

Before I proceed, I want to be very clear; I DO NOT CONDONE such behavior nor make excuses for it. However after spending 13 years of sheer HELL being told by a judge or magistrate when and how I can communicate with or see my own child, and then being prevented from doing so by the mother, I have personal insight into the years of compounded stress most fathers endure by being forced (court-ordered) out of their children’s lives.

Additionally, I’ve been in contact with over a thousand fathers who all tell the same, and worse stories regarding their own children, and to this day, the “Family Courts” are still very anti-father. They take their children from them, bankrupt them, force them into homelessness, criminalize them, push them to their breaking point and beyond, then dare to refer to them as deadbeats and monsters.

In this case, a father in Texas, Justin Painter, shot and killed his three children, the boyfriend of his ex-wife, and wounded the mother of his children,  Amanda Simpson. Simpson claimed that she warned the judge about him being “unstable” and “suicidal.” Well, not to marginalize her claims, especially in light of the circumstances, but what a mother claims in a divorce proceeding means little to me. Moreover,  I stand by that statement in this case despite the circumstances.

Most fathers and attorneys know it’s a common tactic in divorce cases for mothers to falsely accuse the father of all kinds of horrible and despicable things such as being a child molester, violent, suicidal, drug addict, a drunk and on and on and on. Such tactics are used to garner an upper hand in divorce proceedings and to thereby guarantee the mother full custody of “her” children along with a steady stream of tax free income for up to 25 years through “child support” aka mommy support. “Child support” is state sanctioned theft in most cases and nothing more. I vehemently disagree with the concept of it as well as full custody for the mothers. Any mother who steals the income of a father who didn’t asked nor agree to be kicked out of his child’s life is a THIEF plain and simple.

Going back to Justin Painter. Clearly he did have anger, rage, suicidal and murderous tenancies. Such is obvious from the outcome of his case. But what’s not so obvious is why he did it and when and why his personality changed. He and Simpson married in 2012 and she found him to be a good enough man to have 3 children with, Drake Painter, 4, Caydence Painter, 6 and Odin Painter, 8.

They married in 2012, and given that Oden was 8 years old, they were together for at least 7 years given the divorce was filed in 2017. So Simpson has a relationship with Painter for at least 7 years, had 3 children with him (all of whom carry his name), but suddenly, and out of nowhere, he became unstable and suicidal? Why?

Was Painter just a born psychopath and Simpson never noticed it? Hence the reason they dated for 7+ plus years,  had 3 children together and lived in bliss? Then one day, out of nowhere, he just “snapped”, went mental, became unstable and suicidal and she in turn filed for divorce ?

Or, alternatively, did Simpson, like many mothers,  just decide that marriage wasn’t for her anymore, so she filed for divorce from Painter, took his 3 children away from him, and took nearly all of his disposable income under the guise of “child support” leaving him without his children, no money to support himself, and utterly destitute?

Additionally, did Simpson taunt Painter and use the courts as her personal war hammer, like many mothers do, to figuratively beat on him to make his life a living hell, withhold his children from him, interfere with his contact with them and did she simply drive him not just to insanity, but beyond it, whereby he finally snapped and morphed into an unrecognizable monster and committed these horrific crimes? We don’t know.

But this, I do know; I searched the the Denton County and Tarrant County Texas online court records and could find no criminal arrests for Justin Painter. That doesn’t mean there are none there or elsewhere for that matter, but I found nothing. I know that Simpson was living in a nice middle class home with Painter’s three children and appears to have had custody of them. How was she paying the mortgage or rent assuming she’s not the homeowner, with Painter’s money?

I also know from my own experiences and from those of the many fathers I’ve met in some fashion or another that there are MANY vicious and vindictive women out there who use the “Family Courts” to utterly destroy the lives of many good an loving fathers. They steal those father’s income under the guise of “child support” and live high on the hog while he goes bankrupt, loses access to HIS children, and loses EVERYTHING, including his dignity.

And that, while the mother taunts him, tells him, “you ‘ll never see your children again” and does everything within her power to bring the full force of the “Family Court” system down on him to make his life a true living hell. And that while the fathers are lectured by the courts and issuing nearly every ruling against him.

Many women lie and claim the father’s are abusive, dangerous, etc so as to get restraining orders to prevent the father from seeing his children. They get theatrical in court hearings, cry, and act terrified, all the while pointing at the father while claiming, “he’s a monster, he’s a monster!!” And he never was, until now, and they created it then pretend to be the victim of it.

I have seen it time and again where despicable “mothers” use the courts to beat down a father so badly, and push him so far mentally, all the while interfering with his ability to be a father by denying visitation and preventing him from even speaking to his children, that he snaps and instantly morphs into a dangerous unrecognizable person.

Additionally, many fathers are bankrupted, loss their jobs, have their drivers licenses and professional licenses suspended and are convicted of felonies when they CAN’T pay “child support” after losing their jobs through no fault of their own and perhaps become seriously and can no longer work. During those times of crises, the mothers will continue to harass and taunt them while screaming, “monster, monster!” to anyone who will listen.

After years of that abuse, some fathers do break. And some of those who do, do exactly as Justin Painter did. They murder their children and then take their own lives.

I don’t know what happened between Justin Painter and Amanda Simpson. But this I do know; I don’t believe that Painter just suddenly became unstable after many years and having 3 kids together. I also don’t believe that this was just a case of jealously, as in my opinion it doesn’t explain why he murdered his own children. In cases of jealously, a person will often times murder their exes new lover and perhaps the ex as well, but not the children.

But Painter killed his children. After many years of presumably being a good father, he murdered his own children? I don’t believe that to be a case of mere jealously as it takes much more than that for most people to point a gun at their own child and pull the trigger.

My belief, and I could be wrong, but based on the circumstances, is that Painter was clearly a monster, but he wasn’t always a monster. He was driven to that by one or more persons. That said, Simpson’s claims of his suicidal tenancies also mean nothing to me given the accusation was leveled during divorce proceedings. Assuming it was true, then what suddenly caused him to be so?

Why and what caused a loving father to suddenly commit filicide? This I will say; I believe that the local “Family Court” system and at least one other person had roles in turning Justin Painter into the monster that he became. Lastly,  I don’t believe anything that Amanda Simpson says about him as I’ve seen enough cases where those screaming that there’s a monster in the midst are those who created that monster.

Tony Fantetti
Email: tony.fantetti(at)ocffr(dot)org


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