After my horrific introduction to Ohio’s “Child Support” Extortion Agency (otherwise known as “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA) and Ohio’s Domestic Relations (aka Family Court system) the looking glass  through which I viewed life was forever altered, and in an unchangeable way.

In truth, it’s really hard to describe. My life at that point simply became surreal. As a person I existed, but as only a shell of what I formerly was.  My ‘life’ was monotonous and very mundane, and I had only one goal each day as I dreadfully rolled out of bed (or wherever I found myself sleeping)–put one foot before the other.

The reality and “awakening” of being dragged into the nightmare of playing the part of an unwilling participant in the double-feature horror show otherwise known as Ohio’s “Child Support” Enforcement Agency and Ohio’s Domestic and Juvenile Relations (aka “Family”) court system can only be best described by me as told in the forthcoming.

You’ve lived your life as if were for 20, 30, 40 or so years. During that time, you’ve acquired and formed your morals, norms and mores, and developed your own healthy concept of what life is both in your own personal sense, as well as that of being a United States citizen who “has Constitutional rights.” Rights that can in no way be abridged or infringed upon as you (and society as a whole) agree that they are both God-given and inalienable.

Then one day, you’re served with a civil action and thereby are introduced to Ohio’s CSEA and in many cases “Family Court.” If you were “fortunate” enough to have retained counsel, your initial shock is somewhat minimized. But only in a minuscule way and just because someone else can speak for you. That, as you’re slumped in your chair and merely existing at that point in a quasi-conscious state whereby you ponder ever so deeply how it is that your view of reality itself could have been so utterly faltered as it was, and is. “My God” only begins to describe your profound shock and your equally extensive unbelief.

I can think of no greater shock or disillusionment than that moment at which you realize that “I’m an American, this can’t happen to me” has absolutely no meaning. And to such an extent that not only does it ring hollow, said statement is sadly quite comical within the “Family Court” theater. However, that makes perfect sense when one grasps the finality of the statement, “the ‘best interest’ of the child trumps all.”

In short, you’ve just been introduced to a parallel universe that in most cases only comes to existence at a specific point in time; the birth of your first and absolutely precious child. Although that parallel universe comes to existence at that very moment, it never collides with your sense of reality until in the case of fathers, the mother of your child determines that she know longer wants you not only in hers but more importantly, your child’s life. However, said parallelism exists as such and so close, that the line of separation defining both worlds is unidentifiable. Moreover, it is never, nor can it be breached until said collision occurs. And that very destructive collision is always only one thought away.

It’s at that very moment, when she unilaterally decides that “you’re out”, and although unknown to you at the time, the said parallel universe replaces your aforementioned sense of reality, and in a very emotionally violent manner. And the incredibly turbulent, life-altering and increasingly destructive impact of those two worlds colliding will be felt by you for the first time, when you realize either via your attorney, or the Court or CESA through an order, that you’ll lose EVERYTHING you’ve spent a lifetime building. But most importantly, you’ll lose unfettered access to your children, as well as your God-given right to parent them. Now, the court and the mother of your child will decide if, when and how you’ll see or talk to your children.

And that, and for those who don’t know, is so the State of Ohio and her 88 County “Child Support” Enforcement Agencies can financially profit on the seemingly never ending destruction that will rain down upon you and yours lives for the next 18 to 25 or more years as you’re subjugated and enslaved to a financially unbearable “child-support” order that by its very design, may put you behind bars for years to come.

The absolute worst,  most important, and heart-wrenching part of what I’ve described herein is this; all of that life-altering and utterly horrendous destruction that’s experienced by the father will also be experienced and felt ( but in a magnitude that’s exponential in nature) by the innocent and precious children involved. Those very children whom the State of Ohio, the Courts, and Ohio’s CSEAs claim to be only acting ‘in the best interests of’, and who have no say in the matter, and didn’t ask that their world be turned upside-down in the very hateful and self-centered manner whereby just that will be done.

And for what purpose is such ugly decimation and destruction heaped upon not only you, but more importantly your children? Simply because you made a choice to become a father. And it’s for that reason, coupled with the fact that I too grew up without a father that I have this inexplicable compulsion to expose the unconscionable double-featured horror show that’s euphemistically known as Ohio’s “Family Court”system and it’s increasing punitive financial arm called the Ohio “Child Support” Enforcement Agency (CSEA).

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  1. Matthew Roger Day says:

    what can i do to get involved? i have been getting raped and purged by this system for years. i would like more info to see how i might be able to receive help as i am currently battling child support to lower my payments. i am ordered to pay almost 800 per month for 2 children and have been making my payments for years but continue to get further and further behind. please help!!!

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      You start with, “what can I do to get involved,” then proceed into “wanting more info to receive how you might be able to receive help,” and finally, you end with “please help!!!”

      My response? Please don’t take this personally as I don’t mean to offend you, but that’s precisely why things don’t change.

      As much as I hate platitudes, I’ll still say it, “If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I’d be rich.” I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands say the exact same thing; “what can I do to get involved, I need help!”

      I can count on one hand how many have gotten involve, and that’s why things are as they are. To elaborate; if people would stop with “I need help” and instead say (and mean) “I want to help,” we’d be well on our way to fixing this very broken system that in truth cares nothing about, “the best interests of the children.”

      The only way you’ll get help is to help yourself, and I don’t mean that sarcastically. You help yourself by getting involved and helping others and thereby getting others involved who’ll do the same. Do you see my point?

      Now, if you truly want to help, consider the following. I’m currently in the process of working with another organization and other individuals to start a national organization that we hope to exceed membership levels in excess of six figures. Are you interested?


      Tony Fantetti

  2. OHDadX says:

    Count me in…

    Hamilton County CSEA and Court of Domestic Relations = Domestic Terrorists

    Merriam-webster.com: Definition of Terrorism: The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

    Webster–dictionary.com: Domestic Terrorist (Noun) Terrorism practiced in your own country against your own people

    Legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com: Domestic Terrorism (Noun) The calculated use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.

    Wikipedia.org: acts of domestic terrorism as set forth in the USA Patriot Act include: …”(B) appear to be intended— (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;…”

    • Tim says:

      I take a copy of the legal definitions of extortion and racketeering to court with me everytime i go. I took a copy of Common Sense with me one time just to say that it made an appearance in the court once. Playing a game where the deck is so heavily stacked against you isn’t much fun. Keep fighting them every way you can.

      • Tony Fantetti says:

        “”Playing a game where the deck is so heavily stacked against you isn’t much fun. Keep fighting them every way you can.””

        I would agree with that Tim. The fastest way back to sanity is to ACCEPT the fact that the court is totally biased against you. Fighting that reality only makes life more depressing and more stressful.

  3. PD says:

    Dear Mr. Fantetti,

    I too have been victimized by the CSEA. I would very much like for you to email me back so I can share with you my personal experience with this organization. More importantly I need to speak with you about some related issues that also deal with the “Department of Job and Family Services” for you to help me pass along to fathersandfamilies.org and the NCPForce blogspot.

    I have an upcoming case set for July 13, 2011. More than that I have vital information and public documents that will help put this “system” in context. I also have some important details related to your website and the other websites that need to be brought to the public’s attention.

    I am a network engineer that has been working in IT for 10 years now. I have worked in some compacity on the design and management of a local ISP located where I live for the last 3 years. In other words, I have been the engineer for a global Autonomous System (AS) and through performing my required job duties have inadvertantly uncovered some very alarming issues.

    I hope that you are able to receive this message.



    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Please email me at tony.fantetti(atsymbol)ocffr(dot)org, and if you would, include a phone number that I can contact you at.

      Tony Fantetti

    • Tim says:

      Please share. Anyone who has had to deal with this system needs all the ammo they can get before they have to face the reaper.

  4. Shane Carucci says:

    This guy makes perfect sense and being pro active is what needs to be done, we all have horror stories that are on the same parallel, i too am naive to the workings of this system and what it takes to fight the good fight as i am a blue collar earner and not a lawyer, or according to the system a “dead beat dad” since i cannot make 100% percent of the monthly death sentence they have obliged me with, in the best interest of my son, or his mother. Ive had my son for 1 month(and still had to pay her) and it does not cost what i pay monthly to take care of my child, that is a FACT! and if there are two parents why am i ordered to pay 100% of what these unrealistic agencies say it costs to raise this child, two parents equals 50% each where i come from. But not to CSEA. Ive recently been sentenced to 5 days in jail for being 67% on payments during a purge hearing, this jail sentence will decrease my family’s total monthly earnings as i am part time employed due to this fabulous economy we are in, and it will jeopardize my fiances full time employment as she will have to take time off since i am our daughters primary care taker. I BEG YOU FATHERS TO STAND UP, GET A SPINE AND DO SOMETHING, ASK FOR HELP AND THEN BE PRO ACTIVE!!!!!!!!

  5. Glenn Hardin says:

    I recently left my girlfriend over an unhealthy relationship. we have a 3 year old together and since i have left she has only let me see her 1 time. my story sometimes seems like it belongs on the springer show and i want to take her to court to get custody but i need some serious legal advise and counsel. please help me, it seems like my whole life is crashing down and my ex is not letting me see my amazing child, i dont know what to do

  6. jessie says:

    Don’t count me out because I am a woman. CSEA is screwing me over as well. I have legal custody of my children, yet am the obilgor, ordered 767.00 current support plus 200 towards arrears. No matter how many times I call and bring in copies of the decree it never changes. The same judge that gave me custody back also just charged me in contempt for non support and ordered me to 90 days in jail (30 is the max for first time). non support when i have LEGAL CUSTODY…wth is going on here…a whole lot of corruption

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      If you get this message, would you please email me at tony.fantetti(atsymbol)ocffr(dot)org?

      I used to say the only thing worse than being a noncustodial dad, was being a noncustodial mom. Based on your comment, it sounds like in your case at least that custodial moms should be included in that…



  7. Alayna Herrin says:

    What about all the legitimately dead beat dads out there? My daughter’s father is ordered to pay a mere 47 dollars a week which he hasn’t for years. Nothing has ever been done to him about it; no wage garnishment, no jail time, nothing. I didn’t even have a chance to say my peace in court in person. The most I was able to do was send a letter to the magistrate and who knows if it was even read. Maybe the lack of interest and enforcement is due to it being an out of state case but I can sure tell you that for me those agencies haven’t done jack to help my daughter. I’m a full time student, I work, I take care of my house and child, and do the right thing. All I ever asked was that he, the person who had a hand in creating her, help support her. The man can’t even bring himself to purchase a card from the dollar store once a year for her. I WISH they would throw him in jail but it feels like no one cares that he’s in violation and has been in violation for years. I don’t know how your experiences are so negative since they seem at least from my perspective to let fathers get away with doing nothing.

  8. Shannon Blevins says:

    I too am wondering why this system is so lopsided. I have a beautiful, inside and out, 10 year old daughter. I had her when I was 18 and honestly not ready to take on such a huge challenge but I made my bed and had to lie in it. Her father and I were together until she was 2. At that time I made the decision to leave him. We were not married. He became abusive and started using drugs. I am not trying to bash him here, whether you believe me or not. While we were together I was the one, at the ripe old age of 18, working and going to school full time. He dropped out of high school and had an accident which left him with a broken femur and the inability to work for a little while.
    When I decided that my daughter and I had finally had enough, I packed up our things and moved back in with my parents. He then demanded a paternity test and when it came back 99.999999% that she was his, he finally started caring. Or at least calling her his daughter. After the paternity test, I decided that it was only “fair” and “right” for him to help support her. At the time, I didn’t have a job and he did. We went to court and he was ordered to pay $42.50 a week. That’s it. Not thousands of dollars a month. Fast forward 7 yrs later and here we are. He’s made one, count them, ONE child support payment. He comes and gets her every other weekend and we rotate holidays. Yes, still. Even without financial support from him, he still sees her. Only because I believe that the greatest influence in a daughter’s life is her father.
    Every few months I am being drug back to court for a contempt hearing. Never once has any of these hearings been because I’ve requested it. Every court date I hear the same thing. “Mr. Williams, if you don’t pay support we will enforce jail time.” He must have at least a 30 year jail sentence on the shelf.
    Now comes the lopsided part. My brother, a hard working, wonderful, admirable, loving and devoted father of 5, has 1 child from a previous marriage. He does everything he can to make sure that my niece is well taken care of. He was laid off from his job, fell behind some 600 dollars in child support, which is only 2 months. Yes, his ex wife receives 300 a month in support for ONE child. CSEA was quick to jump on him and throw him in jail even though he was solely providing for his other 4 children.
    So please, tell me if you can, why this is? I don’t want thousands of dollars to help take care of my child. She sure would love to be able to play volleyball or soccer or softball or any other kind of sport or activity but isn’t able to do so since every penny I earn is used to pay my mortgage, school supplies, school clothes, food and other neccessities. So because he says he “can’t afford” 42 dollars a week, I’m the bad guy in this situation? I don’t think so!

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Congratulations on making the decision to bring your daughter into the world when you were only 18, a time in life when most of us aren’t always 100% ready to support and raise children.

      Next, I truly admire you for the following statement, especially in light of the fact that it appears from what you wrote that your daughter’s father is indeed a deadbeat;
      “Yes, still. Even without financial support from him, he still sees her. Only because I believe that the greatest influence in a daughter’s life is her father.”

      I sincerely thank you for being such a wonderful mother. Our country desperately needs more single moms like you who put the best interests of their children above their own. You are doing your daughter a great service by being selfless as you are by not withholding visitation out of vindictiveness to punish him.

      You also asked “So because he says he “can’t afford” 42 dollars a week, I’m the bad guy in this situation? I don’t think so!” I couldn’t agree with you more Shannon. The bad guy in your situation is that financial deadbeat who’s without the necessary morals that cause most fathers to be there not only financially for their children, but also (and more importantly in my humble opinion) emotionally as well.

      And unfortunately, from what you’ve said, it sounds like the State of Ohio doesn’t care, and you asked for my opinion as to why, when you juxtaposed your situation with that of your brothers. One possibility for the differential treatment could be that your brother’s ex is receiving some type of public assistance; welfare, Medicaid, food stamps etc. And if that’s indeed the case, his support order would be considered a “TANF” (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) case.

      TANF cases always involve some sort of public assistance that the mother receives, and it’s those cases specifically that the State of Ohio (and all other states) earn their child support “profit” on. The reason being that the non-TANF cases do not qualify for the federal incentive match that to date has paid the state of Ohio probably upwards of a billion dollars since that match was introduced.

      If you aren’t receiving any form of public assistance, then your case is not a TANF case, and to state it bluntly (and truthfully) the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) therefore couldn’t care less about you or your daughter simply because they aren’t profiting off of your case.

      With that having been said, the CSEAs focus their resources (case workers, CSEA prosecutors, etc) almost exclusively on the TANF cases because it’s those that “pay” the state of Ohio and pay it dearly in form of a profit through that federal incentive match.

      If you don’t mind my asking nor mind answering, are you receiving any type of public assistance for your daughter?


      Tony Fantetti

  9. Shannon Blevins says:

    First, thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I re read what I wrote and was hoping I didn’t come off as, excuse my language, but “bitchy”.

    My daughter does receive medicaid. I’m a very proud person and the fact that she does receive medicaid is not something I’m sincerely proud of. But being as I’m the only one who seems to take any interest in her health, this is what I have to do for the time being.

    I should also mention that he has since re married and has had another child. His child is the reason I don’t feel the need to push the issue. I have an amazing family who would never hesitate to help me out in any way they could. He doesn’t have that same support system in place. Which is actually his choice since he once was a great manipulator, or at least the drugs were. His other daughter deserves just as much, if not more than our daughter does from him.

    Sorry for the rambling. I know you have more important issues to worry about than to listen to me. Thank you for your time!

  10. Steve Wright says:

    Tony, I have been in court for 8 years and finally got custody, but it doesn’t end there. I have had to have my son’s name corrected, the name of the my ex’s daughter’s name corrected that I adopted, etc. I have been through two trials, won them both, one court of appeals and now having to go to court of appeals again. My story is shortly stated on a website called Everrribbon.com listed under directory “It’s only Wright”, because I need help in paying for attorney I have had for eight years and trying to get a book out there to help other Fathers. Please help…Please and thank you….Steve

  11. Steve Wright says:

    Tony, I apologize it is Everribbon.com, I misspelled it, then type in, It’s only Wright. I read you story and blogs and am impressed to see there is someone out there, besides me, that fights for other fathers. I have help several fathers in advice with the experience I have had the last eight years. It hurts to see fathers give up when they so want to see their kids. It is tough when you, yourself hit potholes, and try to help someone else. We are human though, and if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

    • Tomohito says:

      you are only entiadtled to receive what is in your court orrdeed child supadport docaduadment. If he has other sources of income now you can try to hire a lawyer and get that amount amended. If he just got out your kids are no longer covadered under medadical either

  12. Steve Wright says:

    Were you able to access the website on Everribbon.com?

  13. Steve Wright says:

    Tony, I have an interesting question, if a mother changes the name of a child, without the Father knowing of it and it goes through court and it is changed because the mother lied, is it not perjury or fraud. If she did it not with one child, but two, is it not suspicious. That is what happened, both children, one biological and one adopted. I found out and took it to court because the mother lied in court and both name changes were vacated, yet no accountability on the mother. If it was a Father doing this, he would be in jail. Yes, I am the same one who sent you the website, it has been a struggle.


    • Tony Fantetti says:

      If she lied under oath, then it’s perjury, but good luck getting your county’s prosecutor’s office to care. You can call them, but their response is likely to be something along the lines of, “we’ll take a look” and you’ll never hear from them again. And I agree by the way, a father would be jailed in a New York minute. But that’s the double standard we’re forced to live under.

      • Steve Wright says:

        I contacted the prosecutor last year and he advised me to go through the probate court. I did and it resulted in perjury, so now I have sent a package to the prosecutor’s office, containing evidence involving fraud and perjury. I told him, I did what you asked now here is the results. I said, if we don’t hold those accountable, then we are encouraging what they do.

  14. Bandon says:

    I need help. My child support has been raised higher than I can live on and my x wife is relocating my children to Florida. The courts have granted her permission to do so. She has no work history, no education, no living arrangements and even worse she has no family or support there. She has a family history of mental illness and shows serious signs of schizophrenia. I am so scared for my children and the courts will not help. What should I do?

    • Steve Wright says:

      Who has custody?…and is there schedule “B” involved? As far as child support, is it court being ordered to raise it, you can talk to CSEA and appeal.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Given that the courts have “green-lighted” your ex’s decision to relocate, there’s little you can do, unless you can retain counsel to fight that decision. With that having been said, I’d get in contact with the Florida Department of Children and Families (after she moves) and not only make them aware of the situation, but to also assert your “rights” as a father.

      If your ex gets in any type of situation where the State of Florida has to step in and take custody of the children, it’s not likely that they’ll make any effort to locate and contact you, so you’ll need to make yourself known to them. Although admittedly, that may be difficult unless they have an open case that involves your ex and your children.

      Therefore, it’s a situation that you’ll need to find a way to monitor both regularly and closely. Which court, and specifically which judge granted their authorization for her to move your children away from you and on what grounds?


      Tony Fantetti

    • Tim says:

      I have a daughter that i only saw 7 times, all before she turned 4 years old, because her mother constantly moved and didn’t tell me about it. The few times i did see her i was known only as “her friend Tim”(brainwashed at an early age). She gave no notice and nothing was ever done to her.
      There are so many ugly things i could tell, but i’ll refrain for now. My wife can’t wait until the next meeting of csea reps in Columbus. She has witnessed, and heard, how little these people really care about kids. She was told by my caseworker “i only handle the financial aspect” when we told them about neglect.

  15. Carl Pyles says:

    I would love the opportunity to speak with you about my case and get your thoughts on how I should proceed. It’s a long story, so in short. After I divorced, in which I have one child I pay support in the amount of approx. $600/month, I met a leech on society, before I was able to realize, she got pregnant. I was ordered to pay her approx $1200/ month. After several court cases and several thousands in legal fees, I was able to get it reduced to $600/month and have a $4,300 overpayment. I even got another magistrate to reduce payments by $30/week to repay me. Now a year after the $600/ month judgement, she requested a review by CSEA. They have again raised my support to $1200/month on the second child. That’s a total of approx $1,800/ month. As stated before, I would like the opportunity to speak to you more in depth about this as I’m ready to fight this to the Supreme Court if necessary. By the way, I’ve also been to court several times to try to increase the amount of time I get to spend with my son, no such luck there either. The magistrate thinks my 2 year old son should be at daycare versus spending time with his father. Thanks for the read and hope to hear from you soon.

  16. Jordan says:

    I’m happy to see that you and many others are fighting for Dad’s rights so they can be the Daddy’s their children need and be able to enjoy their wonderful children. I didn’t even know anyone was fighting for dads rights… Like I said I’m so pleased to hear there are people out there for them. Dads need help! Our system in Ohio is so unfair!

    Before I go on let me give you a brief history of who I am: I am a happily married woman with 5 kids.. All 5 of our kids are mine and my husbands. We don’t have any children outside of our marriage. So we have never had any experience with the dreadful system.. Over the years we have heard many horror stories though!

    With that being said I have 2 issues I would like to discuss:
    1st I do have a brother who has been completely abused by the system in Darke County!
    His story goes like this; he met a woman online dated for about 6 weeks they got married (his first marriage) They both were in their 30’s. 1 month later she was pregnant (1st child for both) and 2 weeks after that she left him and moved in with her parents. She didn’t have anything to do with him during the pregnancy.. She didn’t tell him when the baby was born..She called 2 days later and he went to the hospital to see her and his daughter.. Happy man! for a second.. The visit in the hospital was the only one she would let him have… When he called to check on the baby she wouldn’t talk to him.. When he went to visit his daughter she wouldn’t let him and called the police. Police advised he would be arrested if he attempted to see the child again, he needed to go through the court for visitation… Baby was not even a week old..
    He got an attorney in that county to file visitation.. Then he received divorce papers and child support! Child support ordered very quickly! Thousands of $ later and few meeting with the magistrate and almost a year later he was able to see his baby at a visitation house supervised. WHAT? WHY? Still don’t know! Then the divorce was granted! He is now happily married and him and his new wife have 2 children together. Still spending thousands and fighting for visitation for his 1st born child and she is about to turn 4!

    He is going completely crazy! He loves her so much and wants to spend time with her and there is no reason he shouldn’t be able to see her. He pays his child support and attorney fees…Things do get put on hold sometimes while he tries to get more money for the attorney…He has a hard time paying the attorney fees all the time..He is doing the best he can but this has been a long dragged out process and very costly..

    She has never been able to come to a family event and his family is not allowed to go to the visitation house to see her. So I have a niece I don’t know. Her mom is keeping a whole side of a family away from her.. Because her mom is doing this the child is missing out on a lot of love and happiness..
    This case has never been heard by a judge..NEVER! The attorney has made a few request for the judge to hear this case but all has been declined. He feels like he’s fighting a losing battle but will not give up on her! SO SAD for the child, the dad, siblings, and the entire family! There is no way this can be legal or should be legal!

    2nd: I have been looking for a dads right organization that I can get involved in to help these men and children! I don’t know if this is a men only organization but I’m a woman that would love to help with men’s rights and the rights of their children! Moms and the courts do not have the right to decide that a dad cannot be a daddy. It really upsets me that so many woman say support your children but all they want is financial support. That says to me they don’t care enough about the children to let them have both parents! The men are good enough to lie down with and make a baby but not good enough to be part of the babies life? Give me a baby and you pay for the baby and don’t come around the baby…

    I would love to see this system change! And I would like to be a part of that change!
    Thanks for your time, J

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Darke county and Gracie Ratliff’s CSEA are in my opinion near the top of Ohio’s “Most Despicable” list. That aside, it strikes me as odd that your brother was granted supervised visitation only, and why his current attorney has never filed objections to the magistrate’s decisions in order to get before a judge either via written or oral arguments. In most counties (granted local rules of court vary) motions are heard fist by a magistrate and then when a decision is rendered, under the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, objections to them are then ruled upon by a judge.

      Although I’ve sat in Judge Jonathan Hine’s courtroom and have zero respect for the man after I saw how he conducted himself. And a big problem with Darke County in my humble opinion is that the “good ole boy network” is very much in play. So unfortunately, justice and the ‘best interest of the child’ is not something I’d expect to fine in Hine’s courtroom if he were to hear a motion.

      The following questions need to be asked of your brother’s attorney, because I read through Darke County’s Local Rules of Court, and supervised visitation is not what’s normally ordered according to those. However, reality may be a very different story.
      1. Why was supervised visitation ordered?
      2. Why weren’t objections filed to the temporary orders.

      I’d also be curious as to the name of your brother’s attorney. Personally, I recommend Thomas Eagle out of Warren County Ohio. He’s fantastic, and I use him myself. Again, the good ole boy network will come into play to some extent with regard to rulings, but based on what you’ve said above, I don’t think your brother can do too much worse in terms of visitation.

      This makes no sense to me Jordan; “The attorney has made a few request for the judge to hear this case but all has been declined.” Under Ohio law (The Rules of Civil Procedure) your brother is entitled to file “Objections to the Magistrate’s Decision.” Again, if that’s done, the judge MUST rule on those. He may do so via written arguments (in other words a hearing a may not be granted) however written arguments would then be submitted and a ruling issued. From there, it would be the appeals court.



  17. Jordan says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read and reply above. We feel the same way about that county and how the court operates “good old boy” rulings. I believe this is why she moved there to have the baby. My brother is not from there! The judge did make a written decision that upholds the magistrates decision. He has never been before the judge and he thought he might get somewhere with the him. He has not had any high hopes after seeing how they conduct business. And after what you have said I would have to agree it wouldn’t do him much good.
    So if he has the right to the court of appeals I wonder why the attorney has not done that he just keeps going in front of the same magistrater everytime same person. This is his 2nd or 3rd attorney and none has ever been able to tell him why supervised visitation! I know at first it was because she was breast feeding and he lives 2 hours away and the baby couldn’t be gone over night from mom!? WHAT? WOW! They are crazy… I did tell you i’m a mother of 5 kids right! We all know this is crazy!

    Now the court of appeals.. Is that another location? Another judge? Better chances of getting anything done? Does it cost more?

    I will give him the attorney’s information that you listed and I will ask him for his current attorneys name and I will e-mail it to you! If you don’t mind I can have him call you and he can give you all information about the case…such as names and dates and you can view a lot of the documents online.

    Thanks for your time it has been a real tuff journey! And I really would like to do anything I can to help your organization. If there is anything I can do please let me know.
    Thanks again, J

    • Steve Wright says:


      May I also say something? I went from visitation to supervised visitation to shared parenting and now to full custody. Tell your brother do not, I mean do not give up. I am curious of why supervised visitation. Unless the child is in harms way, I thought they had to give visitation. I had a fabricated domestic violence on me and for a month I was on supervised visitation (it has since been expunged). It was so embarrassing, Easter basket taken to the courtroom. I will never forget it. I fought the fight and now have custody. If you go to Everribbon.com and type in “It’s only Wright”, it tells my story. If I can be of any help or encouragement for your brother, let me know. Tony is awesome, I just wanted to know if I could be of any help, that is all.


  18. Charles says:

    looking for a good family law attorney in Cincinnati.

  19. Maurice Skiffey says:

    Tony, I am not sure how deeply you go into helping fathers, but I have a doozy for you. I am writing in support for Maurice Skiffey. Please email one of us back.

  20. Maurice Skiffey says:

    I need help and some guidance. Please email me

  21. Roentgenman says:

    Hey Tony, I stumbled on your page while I was doing research for a Athens County CSEA hearing I was attending. Tell me what you think. I have been called to a hearing with the magistrate in Athens county to dispute $47,000 in arrears that I supposedly owe. Here’s where it get interesting. I divorced this woman in 1995 while I was in the military and stationed in Kentucky, she was awarded $390.00 in child support and the order was for military DFAS only. I got out of the military in 1998 and continued to pay child support through money order mailed certified return receipt to her parents as she was no where to be found and refused to disclose her and my daughters location. It took five years and a friend in the FBI to locate her where I had a letter sent through her attorney to enforce visitation. When I finally got my daughter for a visitation her social skills and other behavior suggested molestation by one of her numerous “Uncles” and when I brought this to my ex’s attention I was blown off. Child support continued to be paid by money order sent to her parents until 2001 where I contacted the Harden county CSEA in regards to paying child support where I was told that my ex would have to submit paperwork through them to the courts in KY for it to be handled which she never did. I grew tired of sending MO and she reluctantly gave me her checking account info so I could set up a direct deposit per pay check of $180.00. By this time I had moved to Ohio to be closer to my daughter where my ex made it almost impossible to see her. I resided in the state of Ohio for almost 10 years and my daughter turned 18 and graduated in 2008 but I continued to allow the direct deposit as I was assured by my ex that my daughter was getting the full amount to attend school. During the entire time my insurance covered my daughter as I was working for a community hospital the entire time and I also paid for her braces and any prescriptions or copays. My relationship with my ex cooled and she provided letters stating that I wasn’t in arrears for a bankruptcy and when I purchased a home in 2003 and 2005 respectively. During this time my ex had also remarried and divorced giving up custody of their child to the father. Fast forward to June 2011, I’ve been recalled to the military and we are stationed at Ft Bliss and we have a house fire where my wife posts on social media about it and how we lost pretty much everything to include important paperwork. A few months later I am called into my commanders office where he informs me that I am being punished for back child support in the amount of $47,000 dollars and that I am the worst kind of person. In total shock and in defense I provide over 300 documents (they survived the fire unbeknownst to my ex) where the military finance and legal side with me and refute the claim and not garnish my check but I am informed that I will have to prove my case to Ohio CSEA. I send them copies of all my documents very organized and highlighted including the letters the ex signed saying that I was not in arrears or have ever been in the years 2003 and 2005. I contact a Susan D. and Steve S. to plead my case and explain the situation and they are receptive and say they will investigate and question my ex. I ask how all this started and they tell me that she came into their office and submitted a statement saying she had no recollection of receiving child support since I let the military in 1998 a total of 10 years worth. Months go by and I get a call from a Mike G. saying that he was no investigating the case and couldn’t make sense of my paperwork and that there would have to be a hearing for me to plead my case. In the meantime my ex is called in and signs another statement after be told that I had supplied documentation to refute her claim and it’s pretty much the same story, “she cannot recall receiving child support”. Now by this time I’m dealing with a Keith W. in the Athens CSEA where I find out all my documentation has been lost by Mike G. and they can’t find my file. Concerned about my chance of coming through this I retain an attorney in the Athens area, Lou H. who after 3 phone calls and 4 emails goes through my $1,000.00 retainer and is requesting another $1,500.00 and can’t guarantee I will be successful or that the $1,500.00 will be all that’s required. I fire Lou and call Keith to inform him of this and my concerns. He is sympathetic and says that his only concern from my point of view is that the magistrate will consider all my payments as a gift since they didn’t go through any state agency but with my letters and the ex stating in emails and letters that the payments were considered child support and that she never petitioned any state agency that I was in arrears before my child was emancipated to include court documents I should be okay. Your thoughts? My hearing is 09:30 the 22 May and I have to drive form Conway SC.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      What you said right here is the problem; ” He is sympathetic and says that his only concern from my point of view is that the magistrate will consider all my payments as a gift since they didn’t go through any state agency.” Unfortunately, under Ohio law, any “child support” payments not made through the CSEA are considered gifts. My feeling is that the State did that intentionally no so the mother can double collect, but so the State can “earn” their profit on yours and every father’s (and noncustodial mother’s) payments. I suppose any payments made prior to 3-22-2001 that could be proven might be considered valid since that’s prior to the effective date, however that’s a question for a competent attorney as I’m offering only my opinion.

      Ohio law reads as follows:

      3121.45 Payments deemed to be gifts.
      Any payment of money by the person responsible for the support payments under a support order to the person entitled to receive the support payments that is not made to the office of child support, or to the child support enforcement agency administering the support order under sections 3125.27 to 3125.30 of the Revised Code, shall not be considered a payment of support under the support order and, unless the payment is made to discharge an obligation other than support, shall be deemed to be a gift.
      Effective Date: 03-22-2001

      • Roentgenman says:

        So even though they said it was her responsibility to register and that the original order did not state any further employer other that DFAS? She also stated that the payments to her checking account (the direct deposits) were child support to a court when her accounts were frozen. So any monies received when the only obligation is child support can be considered a gift even though the obligation has not been met and the monies are equal or greater than the obligation. It puts the ball in her court if they feel they were denied fees. She did not follow there instructions and I was following the instructions of the state of KY.

  22. Roentgenman says:

    If the original support order does not require me to pay to a state agency (any state agency) only that the amount be paid to her through DFAS am I subject to that regulation?

  23. Richard D. Willis says:

    How can I help. I need help and I want to help. Please

  24. Marcus G. says:

    Great Job…if there is anything I can do to Help you… (Content edited out for violating the OCCFFR Blog’s no-advertising policy)

    Please read the description to this video and pass it on. Grassroots is not just for politics. And Ladies, through my investigations with women..they are victims too. Especially if the man has money and he has kept you from most everything. These are the most dangerous of all perpetrators of being habitual offenders!

    I have documented proof.

    Gog Bless you all who commented on this site. It makes a father like me who the system tried to ruin me and take me from my children’s lives…!
    Guess what System!!

    I’m still here…and I have sand in my feet and you can’t stop me NOW!!!

    This grassroots is going viral!!!

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Please know that I was forced to edit out your last name, as well as the advertising you included in your post. Despite the fact that I’ve not posted User Guidelines, there are a few that users must abide by, and one is that advertising is not allowed.

      The reason advertising is not allowed is because the idea of profiting off of the pain and misery of others, and despite the fact that expenses are associated with this, doesn’t sit well with me. I therefore do appreciate you taking the time to comment, but regrettably, I was forced to edit it for the reasons stated.


      Tony Fantetti

  25. OHLovingFather1 says:

    Something has to be done. All of us loving and caring fathers need to unite as one to combat the poisonous epidemic corruption of the “commie” Ohio CSEA’s. I am in definitely!!

    I thought Montgomery County CSEA had to be the “rectal cavity” all 88 Ohio CSEA’s combined.. Been getting shafted by them for a little over a decade and a half.. I am a disabled veteran on SSDI and waiting on the VA 7 years now, on the disposition of my appeal. Recently, I finally paid off all my arrears. They told me that they would release the garnishment, on 60% of my SSDI payment and until then I would have the money refunded to me. They told me this process takes approximately 6-8 weeks for the SSA to receive/release the attachment. I find out recently that they decided to hold ALL these funds (even I have a ZERO balance). They evaded any questions as to “Why” they were holding the funds. In fact, they ignored my question for an explanation all together.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      Who is “they” in regards to holding the funds? And are you saying that you’re still being garnished for an arrears that’s now paid in full?


      • OHLovingFather1 says:

        “they” is Montgomery County CSEA. They refunded the first month (minus the service fee) for the first month, after the arrears have been paid in full. Now out of the blue, they have decided to put a “hold on all funds” and are evading on giving me an explanation for such action. Yes, that is correct. In addition, there are even “credits” to indicate an over-payment on support. Montgomery County CSEA has a hold on this too. With again, no explanation. However, they did say I would not see the over-payment reimbursed that is the “credits”. I would only see the “funds on hold”. With again, no explanation as to “why” or “when” they will be released.

        • OHLovingFather1 says:

          Sorry, Tony – for the book I wrote..
          The short answer to your questions is –

          a. “they” is “Montgomery County CSEA”; and

          b. Yes, my arrears are paid in full. Yes, they are still garnishing my SSDI

          • Tony Fantetti says:

            Is your case information available online? The first thing I’d do is request in writing by certified mail (so they can’t deny receiving it) a full audit of your account. I’d address it to Robert Gruhl ,Executive Director Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Agency, and add a line at the bottom, cc: by email to tony.fantetti(atsymbol)ocffr(dot)org and send me a copy of the request.

            Please understand that I’ve been lied to over the years, and by many people. That said, I have no idea if what your telling me is the truth or not, but if it is, I may be able to engage them on your behalf, however you’d have to sign a release so that they can discuss your case with me.


  26. OHLovingFather1 says:

    I can understand that, Tony. I can assure you that I am not lying to you. There is more information to this case, which I will communicate via email with you – providing this is ok? My issue has been that I do not understand why they are “holding funds” when an arrears order has been paid in full?! I do not see any reason for the MC CSEA to put “funds on hold” with a ZERO balance (no arrears). By the way, MC CSEA did send a release of the garnishment and it was received by the SSA. I do have access to the ODJFS (CSEA) online portal.

    • OHLovingFather1 says:

      Apologies for “breaking thread” here. I did not realize I hit the wrong option by posting a “new” comment. Thought I hit “reply”.

    • Tony Fantetti says:

      Sure, email is fine, I didn’t mean to imply that we continue discussing your case here. I don’t understand why they are either, and that’s what I want to know also. Send me an email if you haven’t already.

  27. Chelsie says:

    I have a friend in Dayton, Ohio who really got screwed out of being in his sons life. They were engaged for months, she got pregnant. They were engaged throughout the entire pregnancy, he was there for her during labor and delivery. When the hospital came around with birth certificate info the babies mother would not let him sign the birth certificate, did not put his name down as father, and kicked him out of their lives. His son is now 7 months old and he has only seen him a handful of times. As of now he has no rights to the baby. He is not rich, but he has a steady job and owns his own house, but can not afford a high priced attorney but feels legal aid would take so long and possibly not the greatest attorneys because they have so many cases. I believe what he is going through is wrong! A father would never get away with doing this to a mother! My question to you is; do you know of any father advocacy lawyers that do pro-bono cases or possibly sliding scale? My friend is missing out on so many important moments in his sons life. Please tell me there is someone out there that can help him. I will be patiently awaiting your email response.

  28. Tony Fantetti says:


    Unfortunately I know of no attorneys who would assist as either pro-bono or a sliding scale. I don’t believe that Legal Aid will not offer any assistance either. If you find that’s NOT the case, then please tell me.


    Tony Fantetti

  29. Greg A. Clark says:

    I would like to join your Council to help get the discriminatory laws against fathers abolished. I was a stay at home dad who had his children taken away because Greene Co. Courts stated that the kids would be better off with their mother. This has caused a level of anger and hatred inside of me that shows no signs of ever letting up. If you could respond and tell me how I can join in this fight against fathers, I would be very grateful. I will fight for this cause until change comes because I do not want my boy to ever go through what I have been through. Thanks, Greg

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Who is the presiding judge in your case?


      Tony Fantetti

      • Greg A. Clark says:

        Hi Tony, thanks for responding. Judge Hurley was the judge, but Magistrate Martin was the one we had. My divorce was final last November. I think I was not aggressive enough and I just took my lawyer’s word for too much. I would like to find out more about your Council and if you need help, and what can be done about changing these outdated laws.. Thanks, Greg

  30. Rabecca Sanderson says:

    First off I am a mother of three but I am discriminated against. I don’t wish to put my whole entire situation on her but I need help it’s urgent. Long story short I back in October of 2012 I found severe bruising on my oldest son I freaked out my boyfriend at the time was watching my three sons I called children’s services in summit county ohio immediately and they have blamed me for the abuse and since then I can’t get my boys back my heart was placed in a blender I will never be the same. The magistrate has been biased against me I have never been able to give my side of the story and I barely get to see my boys…

  31. Theresa Whysong says:

    My son’s ex girlfriend is having his first child anyday now and her family has found an adoptive family without his permission and convinced her to put the baby up for adoption. He met with them yesterday and informed them he wants full custody of his child. They are fighting him on this and intend to take his daughter back to Georgia. I need help with resources of anyone who can help him keep his daughter here in Ohio.

  32. ronnie says:

    if a father pays child support (he’s not behind)and the mother wont let him see his child, what can he do

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      If a court ordered visitation schedule exists, then the father could file a motion for contempt to have the mother held accountable for refusing visitation. Whether or not he is behind in child support or even pays child support is irrelevant as visitation and child support are NOT related, so visitation is not dependent on child support. If a court orders a parenting/visitation schedule and the mother interferes with or prevents the father from seeing the child(ren), that’s a violation of the court ordered visitation schedule. If a visitation schedule is in place then it must be followed. The mother (or custodial parent) is not authorized to dictate when the father can or can’t see his child(ren) when a visitation schedule has been ordered. If no visitation order is in place, then he must file a motion with the court to get “visitation” rights.

      Tony Fantetti

      Tony Fantetti

  33. Tiffany Wright says:

    I do not know if this will be read but I had to comment with my situation. ‘Y husband is an amazing father to seven biological children and two children that aren’t his but he claims and takes care of. He recently had a contempt charge filed against him over arrearages that occurred over 10 years ago. He makes payments and his tax return is intercepted every year to go to child support. He does everything he can to stay current and to make payments but the amount never seems to go down, he found guilty today and sentenced to 120 days in county jail UNLESS he become current with support by December 2nd which is impossible. He provides for his children to the best of abilities and never lets any of them go with out but that is overlooked. I don’t know what to do. He is our sole provider and his children need him, four months is an awful long time to be away from his children. How is he suppose to make payments behind bars or to care for his children at all? I am at a complete loss as to what to do next to avoid this.

    • Tony Fantetti says:


      Your story is sadly a very common one, and is a prime example of how “child support” destroys so many lives, and often times it’s innocent children who pay the price. It’s terrible that your children will be deprived of their father for four months, for a situation that our husband has done his best to resolve. You’re only option would be to file objections with the judge assuming it’s a magistrate that ordered it AND the objections are filed within 10 days of the ruling being recorded. A motion for reconsideration could also be filed as well.


      Tony Fantetti

  34. FamilyLaw_Ohio says:

    Good Morning,

    My husband just had a recent Child Support recalculation and the amount was around 1000/month because he make 90% of their combined income. The mother is on Title 20, and only makes about 12000/year. I recently started a business and I am not taking in much money. My husband and I have two children together, and we may have to move if the Court orders us to pay this amount. How is this Just? My Children (and I) will suffer because of this Order.

    We have already had the amount adjusted for Health Insurance, and dependents. Do my Children (born to the marriage) have cause of action?

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