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A Diabolically Evil “Mother” Locks a Loving Father Out of his Sons Lives

Posted below is an exchange between  a woman named LaTashia, and myself, about her husband who has two sons with an ex that retains full custody of them. This is yet another example that shows just how broken Ohio’s “Child … Continue reading

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Never Give up on Trying to See your Children and be a Father to them

I get it, trust me, I really  do. The stresses of trying to exercise your “visitation” aka parenting time as a noncustodial father (or mother) is no less stressful than a trip to hell and back with Satan tormenting you … Continue reading

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I Apologize to My Readers for the Long Period of Silence which Sadly Included Father’s Day

Please accept my humble and sincere apology for the long period of silence through which no posts were made to the blog, and likewise I was unable to return phone calls and emails. Although I won’t go into specifics, the … Continue reading

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Single Super Mom Struggles Morally with Child Support and Visitation

Some comments are so moving and compelling that I move them to the front page of the Blog. That, because I believe it’s imperative that as many as possible understand the moral dilemma that’s often faced by the many good … Continue reading

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Three Child Support Moms (CSMs) Attempt to Defend the Indefensible – Themselves

First and foremost I wish to state that yes, I do recognize that there are many legitimate situations where child support is warranted, especially in the case of the true deadbeat parents (not just dads, but also moms) who like … Continue reading

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Only One Person Can Help Everyone Overcome “The System”

The exchange posted below is one between myself and a father who recently commented here on the Blog. I feel it’s imperative to repost it here because until noncustodial parents (NCPs) begin to very carefully intellectualize, comprehend, and finally, act Continue reading Continue reading

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